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Shit the ask with crona made me think about springtrap and Vincent are kinda like crona and Ragnarok, fuck now my brain is probably gonna somehow come up with a Souleater x the fright au??? Why the fuck does my brain come up with shitty aus???

I remember I watched Soul Eater, but never finished because I press the wrong chapter and spoil myself the last episode.

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★ for Springtrap

★ - sad headcanon

Springtrap hair is one side long and the other short, this is because one day, in the time he was trapped in the secret room with Purple Guy, the spirit touch a nerve of the bun, making him have a panic attack and pull his long hair while he was trembling. Vincent got angry at him and slap him to make it come back to his sence, Spring rip part of his hair by the surprise and the purple spirit took the chance to tell him that he is unstable and only he can help him, he can make sure he is safe from everything, even themself.