hw: barn


It was so cold (below zero) that the new goat kid had to come in the house for the night. I got a a little hypothermic-ish(?) sitting out there for hours, trying to dry/warm him and give him a chance to bond and nurse his dam. When I finally made it in for the night I was exhausted and cold, she gave birth at the end of a long work shift. My feet were white and numb inside my boots and took an unusual amount of time to change colour in a hot bath. I felt so bad for the new baby having to be parted from her that I wrapped him up and brought him to bed with us. Jr. cuddled him all night in his sleep. Our bigger buckling was in a dog crate in the dining room at this point.

The barn is coming along and the long tedious process of converting our rural property to a farm is finally showing.

March 9, 2017.