That was everything I wanted! Just (from memory):

  • Randy being responsible and Howard’s costume
  • More Theresa fuck yeah
  • Viceroy’s smug grin
  • Robot emotions
  • Randy’s amnesia is amazing
  • All of Randy’s names for Howard
  • Bash and his cologne
  • HW9GN was actually a thing
  • Ninja!Howard
  • Howard sucking royally as he gives dainty tiptoes down the wreckage
  • Howard destroys the school
  • Howard attempting to use ninja balls
  • Robot humiliation and Howard being an ass
  • Randy’s memory gain and the montage of lessons
  • The sorcerer - almost - winning
  • Howard can’t take the mask off (but Randy can in midair and transform)
  • Randy jumping into a dam without his suit like a badass and saving Howard 
  • His expertise in fighting compared to someone
  • Learning: Defeat (The whole warning screen and everything involved)
  • Viceroy being happy when he sees The Sorcerer lose (!!!)
  • Randy and Howard’s banter at the end and them being adorable dorks

definitely not

i mean hes got bravery down if running blindly into danger can count as bravery but the guy has got twigs for bones. he wouldnt be able to take a hit even with a magic suit helping him out

the nomicon? that would be this thing

and all it is is a professional killjoy.. that might be a little magic

apparently its full of wisdom but all i ever get out of it is a bunch of boring lessons in morals or whatever

being the ninja would be sooo much more fun without it constantly hounding me but it does save my cheese sometimes i guess