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Can I get a fluff cannon how Polnareff, Kakyoin, Jotaro, Josuke & Okuyasu would wake their sleepy s/o up (only cause Horrry Sheeeeit I'm having a hard time getting up for work).

Here ya go Anon!

- He doesn’t mean for his tendency to be loud to startle you but it does, as he bursts through the bedroom door to cheerfully announce that it’s time to get up and if you don’t hurry breakfast will get cold. When you pop up from the bed looking frenzied he apologizes for the rude awakening. He simply wanted to make you breakfast as you had woken up so late the past few days that you’d rushed out of the house without eating. The toast is a little burnt and the eggs are runny but the sentiment is still there

-Very gently he’d rub circles into your back, telling you that you need to get up or else you’ll be late for work. When you finally sit up you can see that he laid out your uniform for you to make things easier and while you get dressed he brews a pot of coffee, making it just the way you like it. He hands your bag to you as you leave, pausing just long enough to exchange an I love you

- He tells you to set an alarm for yourself as it’s not his problem if you can’t wake up. Contrary to that statement if you sleep through it he’ll wake you up, telling you to hurry up and leave already, tossing your bag to you. When you stand on the tips of your toes to kiss his cheek in thanks his tugs his cap down to hide his face and asks you if he hadn’t already told you to hurry the hell up

- He already wakes up before you to make sure that he has enough time to style his hair, so it’s no problem for him to wake you up. He sits next to you on the bed and carefully shakes your shoulder. He’s not loud but he isn’t quiet either when he tells you to get out of bed. You’ll be sleepily brushing your teeth as he chatters excitedly about what he’s going to do today and he’ll happily kiss you goodbye before taking off

- Keicho used to be the one who got him up in the mornings so he might not be the best at waking up on time himself. He’ll be sleeping peacefully before waking up suddenly, nearly falling out of the bed as he calls for you to wake up. The two of you scramble to get everything together, hastily exchanging a goodbye kiss before you run out the door


guess who stayed up super late last night to make a matching GIFset from Heatwave’s PoV

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"I foresee that I will meet a new gem!" pastvisicn


“Um.. yeah!”  Black Star said, looking straight at the Sapphire.  “My name’s Black Star Diopside, what’s your’s?”  The fellow defect seemed friendly, so Black Star had no reason to be apprehensive or nervous around her.


13 June 2017

Honestly just so stressed I can barely sleep now. 4AM hw, slept then overslept and missed class, late to work as always, found out I bombed my math test, laid down and tried not to overthink, rushing to finish up my hw before heading home only to head home to do hw and study but it feels like I’ve gotten nowhere in understanding this shit. & now I gotta deal with a chem exam tomorrow. After this is finals and I don’t know if I’m prepared to take another C or lower as my final grades. Now that there’s a goal to move, it feels like things got 100x harder & especially realizing that I have no ED Plan done and it’s almost my designated “graduation” time before financial aid fucks me over.

A phone date with Hyungwon (ft. Wonho, Shownu) (The original video has been deleted)

hw: Hello! I’m at a cafe in Hongdae, should I show you? (wh: nope. no!!!)
wh+sn: Hello!
hw: The hyungs are so awkward with you hahaha. I was calling to let you know I’m with my hyungs at a cafe, in case you were worried about me. I don’t usually do stuff like this (going out) but I’m doing this after a long time. I’ll call you again when I get home (wh: you’ve changed! you’ve changed!)
hw: Get home safely (wh: booo, booo) and we should come here alone next time (wh: i hate hearing this! booo) I think this place is nice, the terrace looks amazing.
hw: I’ll call you later! Bye!