The Wasp Swallower

Isla Anderson

It starts with the leaving of
rooms. Jut-shy. Elbows to hold

and to hold; mosaic // shuttering
the floors and walls like teeth. Pigeon

feet. Ragwort, bright before the horse’s
mouth and it is starving and I cannot stop

the muzzling of it - this // gall. Given on
a palm and not a fist and up the staircase grins

a cutaway where shadows glide like
tongues. Guillotine. Innocuous as static

on the sheets. Aftermath, a jaundice
-clod of petals in my throat, and how

its sleepwalk tinges yellow
from their // seep.

Published in HVTN Vol 2, Issue 1

[she: wild raspberries...]

Sophie Essex

she: wild raspberries in a blue movie / that lilac harvest in the early hours of a sunday mid-month / provocation and all its entitled intensity / de lempicka soft / accidental and four-limbed / when I ask / when I insist / docile when / the slender threads of sex cling delicately / each pine needle loose-leaf / caught / summer rain holding out for the mountain of us / the thrill of the chase / water for drowning / trouble

from HVTN Vol 2, Issue 1. 

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