oh darling i wish you were here


hi guys! i’ve been on tumblr since dec 2010 (3 years!), but this is my first follow forever ever!! i started experimenting with photoshop last year and consequently made some friends whom i love dearly (), as well as gained a good number of followers whom i love almost as much. this follow forever is dedicated to all of you; my weekends and holidays lazing behind the computer screen would not have been complete without you :*

these group of people are either my favorite bloggers or closest friends (or both!) in the whole world wide web. most of them are apink + multifandom blogs, with a sprinkle of other fandoms and crackship blogs. there are more wonderful blogs out there, i’m sure of it, but these are all that i can recall at the moment. if you ever need more quality posts on your dash, they’re the people to follow! happy holidays! xoxo, sasha

apink-panda ashineeparadise beastdw b2stfact beastofu beastrising bomiji choreunji doradoratwinkle expfnt famirry fuckyeahminah fybapink fyeahchorong fyeahexopink fyeahjej fyeahpinkfinite fyeahsonnaeun fyeahyoonbomi hhayoung ho-dori hvosung hyerims hyosungie ilhoon itsgirlsday jeonqmal junsenpai ki-guana kikosen kwiyeowo kyungins leejieun manyeo michyeoso minahsday mollayos naeun-son na-joo naeunbells namjooney namnambunny ohdearhayoung pilsuks pinkeupandas pinkeustyle seobatomic sonnaeuns sonta-claus sungnajung wulfans ydjlove yeonnies yogyu yurax zelow

apink screencap meme ; space