+Dandy & Aesthetic Quotes I like.<3+

Mainly coming from the adaptation of Dorian by Will Self but still…x3

“Excusez-moi,il faut toujours que je me regarde dans une glace quand quelqu'un m'accuse de me conduire mal. La mauvaise conscience est tellement narcissique.”

Translation:“I beg you pardon, I always need to look at myslef in a mirror when someone accuse me for doing something bad. Bad consciousness about ourselfs is so narcissic.”

[…]Dorian était l'un de ces êtres insolites qui transforment en réalité les fictions qu'ils ne sont incapable d'écrire (bien plus divertissants que ces poseurs qui écrivent des fictions quils n'osent pas réaliser)[…]“

Translation:[…]Dorian was one of those unusual people that turns into reality fictions that he would not be able to write (a way more entertaining than those poseurs who write fictions that they would never make come true)[…]

’‘Oh, mais je t`assure Baz, que je vénère mon corps comme un sanctuaire. Seulement c'est un sanctuaire qui n'admet que des cérémonies orgiaques exigeant l'usage de drogues psychothropes.”

Translation:“Oh, but I swear you Baz, I do worship my body as a sanctuary. However, it’s a sanctuary that admits only orgiac ceremonies that needs the use of psychadelic drugs.”

-Dorian by Will Self (Sorry, I have the french version of the book, so my translations might be major crap for the one that possess it in english…)

“Ainsi ses tendances vers l'artifice, ses besoins d'excentricité, n'étaient-ils pas, en somme des résultats d'études spécieuses, de raffinements quasi extra-terrestres, de spéculations quasi-théologiques; c'était, au fond, des transports, des élans vers un univers inconnu, vers une béatitude lointaine, désirable comme celle que nous promettent les Écritures.”

Rebours by Huysman

The secret lies in knowing how to proceed, how to concentrate deeply enough to produce the hallucination and succeed in substituting the dream reality for the reality itself.

Artifice, besides, seemed to Des Esseintes the final distinctive mark of man’s genius.

—  Huysmans, Against Nature
But he was done with those extravagances in which he had once gloried. Today, he was filled with a contempt for those juvenile displays, the singular apparel, the appointments of his bizarre chambers. He contented himself with planning, for his own pleasure, and no longer for the astonishment of others, an interior that should be comfortable although embellished in a rare style; with building a curious, calm retreat to serve the needs of his future solitude.
—  Huysmans, Against Nature