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Cómo reaccionaría 24K cuando su novix les dice "te quiero" y sale corriendo (o lo intenta) porque es muy tímidx?


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Cory, bastante sorprendido por la confesión repentina, vendría a por ti calmadamente y sin darse prisa, preguntándose por dentro si daba tanto miedo como para que tuviera que salir huyendo de esa forma.


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Daeil te perseguiría también, pero de forma más juguetona , solo con ganas de atraparte y comerte a besos para que te avergonzaras aun más.


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“¿Por qué huye de mí…? Ni que no supiera ya que me quiere… Somos novios al fin al cabo… Aish…”


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Sungoh te dejaría estar, y cuando te calmaras y volvieras hacia él te besaría la mejilla y te diría que él también en te quiere, seguramente causando que volvieras a huir.


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“Ya que vas a huir de mí y no me dejarás responderte, te mando un beso desde aquí.”


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“No te vayas _____… yo también… te amo…”


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“Bueno pues… tendré que esperar a que vuelvas…”


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“Yo también te quiero, no te vayas por favor.”

Changsun impediría que te fueras, te tomaría de las manos, y se “confesaría” él también.


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Hongseob sería el que más anonadado se quedaría. Solo sería capaz de ver como te alejabas y reír igual o más avergonzado delo que te habías quedado tú.

reaction: you hitting a VERY long high note → PENTAGON

 Anonymous asked: hi!!! mind if i could get a pentagon reaction to you (an idol) hitting a VERY LONG high note (like 20-30 seconds long)? thx!

thinking about this certain request, it was a bit hard for me to do, as i didn’t think i would get a request like this, but i managed to do it!

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Jin Ho would seriously be surprised at the fact that your vocals could sustain such power. Like, as soon as he heard your voice hit that powerful note, his eyes would grow so big that they could easily fall out of. Him being a main vocalist, he would be proud of you that your vocals could do such great things.

“That high note was freaking BEAUTIFUL! Go (Y/N)!”

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Hui would also be proud of you, similarly to Jin Ho. Hui is also one of PENTAGON’s main vocalists, so I think he would just awe at how you were able to keep your voice stable for such a long time. As a matter of fact, I think he would envy you, because he might not be able to hit long high notes, but he can hit very high notes (like dolphin screaming high notes).

“Man, he/she can hit better high notes than me!”

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Hong Seok wouldn’t seem to feel any jealousy, not that I think he would, I think he would just be your #1 fanboy at the moment. I mean, think about it. Hong Seok cheering you on as you belt that long (asf) high note to encourage your hopes, it would totally be a mood-booster for you and him both.


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E’Dawn, being one to actually make supersonic high notes, though he’s a rapper, would most likely try to make notes higher and longer than yours, since I feel that he could be a just a bit competitive when it comes to things such like this. He would possibly bring in maknae Woo Seok to even help him too, but who knows.

“Oh NO, you’re not hitting notes higher than me.” *insert supersonic high note here*

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Shin Won probably wouldn’t try to beat you, like E’Dawn would, but I think he would simply be excited and jumpy for you. To be honest, at first, I think he would be a bit nervous since he hasn’t seen anyone belt a note that long or that HIGH, so he would feel tense if your voice would crack. But once you hit the note, it automatically assured him that you were a powerful vocalist.

“How did he/she—it’s so long, oh my god—”

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Yeo One would probably try to imitate you and your note at the moment when you hit it, similarly to E’Dawn, but he’s a lead vocalist. I also think Yeo One would automatically admit defeat once he heard your voice, filled with a lot more power, and which had also seemed stable. He definitely knew from that point that you beat him, 110% percent.

“It’s official—(Y/N) can hit better high notes than me.”

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Yan An would probably star struck by the fact that you even attempted to belt a long note like that. Being the Yan Angel that he is, he would probably try to imitate you in private, he probably wouldn’t even make it as obvious as E’Dawn or Yeo One. I think he would just admire you from afar!

“Wah, (Y/N)’s doing his/her thing out there: wooing fans.”

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Yuto would probably be clapping and smiling at you while watching you from backstage, after finishing his own performance with his members. He would probably even be mouthing along to the song you had been singing. Once you got off backstage, the first thing he did as he got close to you and gave you a long hug, while also being immensely proud of you,

“You did amazing, (Y/N), like, REALLY amazing.”

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Kino would probably be dancing along to your high note while trying to keep his composure, because I think he would be visually shuddering from how powerful the belted note was. Not only would be a bit proud of you, he would so jumpy, he’d need to sit down.

*insert shudder here* “THAT. HIGH. NOTE. WAS. AMAZING.”

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Woo Seok just be a shy baby about it. He would seriously be blushing, but also clapping for you and cheering, because when it came to you, he couldn’t hide his feelings, he was pretty much proud of you, enjoyed your singing, and was just overall very happy for you. He would probably even shower you with kisses once after your performance was done.

“You were SO amazing out there, (Y/N!)”

Okeeey so I don’t usually post stuff but a friend of mine asked me to make a true crime tag yourself and I thought tumblr might appreciate it. I have no idea why there’s like 400 typos in it I swear English is my first language wtf. Anyway it’s just a meme it’s not meant to be disrespectful or gross or anything please enjoy my completely unfunny sense of humour. (Also I blatantly stole the d a m a g e d thing from another tag yourself I apologise)