Welcome back to Wasteland Wednesday, our spin on Man Crush Monday and/or Woman Crush Wednesday! Seeing as how we are the E-Board who are going to be leading and directing you for the next year, I figured it’d be useful if you know who we were.

Leading all of us is President Casey, a Senior Drama Student from Paxton, Massachusetts, who’s been part of our club since he was a freshman. When not fighting zombies, Casey enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons and Overwatch. Casey began his rise in the club in the Spring of 2014, when he won the Alex Demarest Award for his leadership of the humans, and continued in the fall of that year when he became a moderator of our Big Game of HvZ. His favorite memory comes all the way from the fall semester game his freshman year, when after Midnight Mission, his friend Sky Swanson convinced him and about 10 other humans to go to Dutch Treats, because that’s a good idea, right? Dutch totally isn’t a hangout spot for zombies, right? Yeah, they all died. Except Sky, somehow… Although Casey can often be seen with his beard and mace, his favorite blaster is the Revonix 306, a disc blaster, which means he is very protective of his discs, so if you see any, they’re probably his. When asked for his zombie apocalypse strategy, Casey simply said “Don’t die,” which seems easier said than done, but hey, he’s our leader for a reason.

Second in Command is Courtney Bieda, our Vice President, a Senior Dance and Psychology student from Merrick, New York. She enjoys listening to good music, dancing, wearing fun colors of lipstick, and anything involving cats. Like Casey, she has also been with us since freshman year, and been a zombie the entire time. Seriously. She’s never been a human. She said her weapon of choice was the horde. Thus, she is proclaimed as the Zombie Queen, which won her the Alex Demarest Award in the Fall of 2014. She also leads weekly Zumba classes on Monday Nights in the Fitness Center. She has a lot of favorite moments from this club, as it is very close to her heart, ranging from the club coming together as a family after the games end, to watching the horror on the humans’ faces when they realize they’re not going to survive a mission. Her plan to survive the zombie apocalypse is to scare the zombies away with her sick dance moves, which are very intimidating.

Next up in our roster is Connor Gushue, our Treasurer. Connor is also a senior, and is an accounting major from Carlisle, Massachusetts. Connor likes sleeping, fantasy books, and gaming. Connor was one of the surviving humans of the Fall 2014 game, and then became a moderator in the Spring of 2016 before becoming our treasurer by saying a big number. Connor’s favorite HvZ memory is when he employed the best strategy: hiding, which is hard for someone taller than 6 feet. He hid in a bunch of reeds for an hour and a half until the zombies went away before sneaking back to Nassau/Suffolk. Contrary to Connor’s large size, his favorite blaster is a scout, which is a small-ish single shot blaster. In a real zombie apocalypse, Connor’s plan is to head to an underground bunker in Maine and stockpile food and weapons. Hopefully the zombies don’t find him…

Now we get to a non-senior, our Secretary Carissa Hensyl! Carissa is a Junior Drama and Psychology major from Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Carissa enjoys reading, singing (She’s a member of the Chai Notes group on campus), and exploring new places. We shall see where that curiosity gets her. Before becoming our secretary, she won the trooper award last semester, as she was injured and unable to play, but she still came to missions and took pictures and had fun. Her favorite memory comes from Fall of 2015, when she accidentally shot Sean Byrons, who was a “witch,” setting off a chain reaction in which he began attacking humans from within their ranks. She prefers to protect herself with a hammershot and a nerf sword, allowing for protection at range and up close. Her plan for the apocalypse is simply to avoid crowded areas and stock up on supplies when possible, but maintaining flexibility and adaptability whenever possible.

Sky Swanson, our Head Mod, didn’t send me anything. Shame.

Next up in our Zombie-slaying team is Rachel Kordell, our Public Relations Chair. Rachel is a Senior Film Productions Major with a minor in creative writing from Paramus, New Jersey. She enjoys playing video games (mostly Legend of Zelda), making films, and eating food. Rachel has won several awards in her history with HvZ, including the narrative award for helping with zombie makeup during the Spring 2015 Game and Zombie of the Week for leading the zombie hoard during the Spring 2016 Game. Her favorite HvZ memory is from the Spring 2015 game, when she was the OZ and managed to catch both Sky and Casey, then our President and Vice President, at the same time, even though they knew she was the OZ. Her blaster of choice is the Nerf Rampage. In a real zombie apocalypse, she would try her best to stay stealthy and hide from the zombies for as long as possible.

Rounding out our E-Board is me, Danielle Dishop, our Social Media Chair. I’m a Senior Biology major from Linthicum, Maryland. I like reading YA fantasy books, falling into video game holes from which there is no recovery (Dragon Age, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, etc.), and playing with cats. With my trusty Stryfe and nerf sword, I began my HUvZ journey my freshman year, and grew from there, becoming a moderator in the Spring of 2015, which was also when I started running HUvZ Social Media accounts. My favorite HvZ memory is from that semester, when we straight-up lied to the humans about what they were doing and led them into a trap, which became a very successful and fun mission, now known as The Cage Match. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, my plan would just be to barricade myself in a huge library (preferably with food), and read until death claimed me. Cause let’s face it. I’m not running. I’m too lazy for that.

Events this week!

Don’t forget! We have a meeting tonight at 9PM in Berliner 117! We’re going to be announcing the moderators for this semester, as well as talk about the upcoming ground war, and get our armory for the semester started!

We also have a Ground War this Saturday at 1PM in front of Hofstra Hall! We’re going to be playing a variety of nerf-based gametypes, like doubles, search and destroy, etc., so come out and have a good time!