Coincidentally, last week’s Wasteland Wednesday was one of the OZs, Pak Ho Wong! Thus, this week’s is the other OZ, Nicole Roody! Nicole is a Junior Photography major from Northborough, Massachusetts. She enjoys baking and painting, and has played several games of HvZ, as well as been fairly heavily involved in the club in her time here. Her favorite blaster is either the hammershot or the retaliator. In the face of the zombie apocalypse, her stategy is simple: Don’t do stupid shit, which is just generally good advice.

This week’s Wasteland Wednesday is Pak Ho! Pak Ho is a Sophomore Sociology major from Hong Kong, and he enjoys traveling the world (but who doesn’t), as well as gaming and reading. Since joining HUvZ, he has “captured too many flags and took down mucho peoples,” though his favorite memory is when he survived Night of Terror, and thus the Big Game, because he happened to come late to the mission. His blaster of choice is the Star Wars stormtrooper blaster. When the zombie apocalypse comes (which may be sooner rather than later), he plans on taking control of the local militia, and then create a prosperous dictatorship that spans the entire globe. And then advance into space.

This week’s Wasteland Wednesday is Alyssa Duspiva! Alyssa is a senior journalism major graduating THIS SEMESTER OMG from Ronkonkoma, NY. She enjoys playing video games, writing, and being extremely behind on TV shows (as in, she JUST started Jessica Jones). She’s been a huge help with doing people’s makeup for games and other club activities, as well as making props for the Invitational and a few other events, but her proudest achievement was from last semester’s game, when she tagged two humans in a row using the tap respawns and the boomer special. However, her favorite moment is from her first game in the Spring of 2014, when she walked across the unispan as a human (bold move), attracting two zombies, with more on the way. With two precise shots, she took them down, picked up her darts, and walked away, awesome-style. Her favorite blaster is the stryfe, cause it’s just kickass (to which I agree). When the zombie apocalypse strikes, she’s not gonna try to fight it. She’s just gonna go home and wait it out with her dog and family. Nothing bad can happen when you have a dog with you, right?