First Wasteland Wednesday of the semester woohoo! This week’s Wasteland Wednesday goes to Ryan Yin! Ryan is a Senior Marketing major and International Business minor from South Brunswick, NJ. He enjoys cars, dancing, and gaming. He has also won the Zombie of the Week award. Ryan’s favorite HvZ memory was helping to plan the invitational because a lot of laughs were had and it ultimately brought him closer to his friends. His favorite weapon setup is a Retaliator and a Hammershot. In the event of a real zombie apocalypse, Ryan’s survival plan would be to get some truck that’s really easy to work on and camp out in Maine. Relatively low population while still abundant in resources.


This week’s Wasteland Wednesday is our new Head Moderator, Tyler Ellis! Tyler is a Junior history major and music minor from Hollis, New Hampshire. He enjoys playing video games, tabletop games. Playing the clarinet and recorder, and participating in Civil War reenactments. Tyler has won both the Alex Demarest award and the Marissa Sarparniss award. His favorite HvZ memory was when he dressed up in a box during this semester’s big game and became the Boxerker. His favorite weapon setup is a hammershot and a sword, because they’re light, quick, and very adaptable. In the event of a real zombie apocalypse, Tyler’s survival plan would be to hide out in Canada because the zombies are too polite to be a threat up there.

Wait a second…

WE’VE GOT ANOTHER WASTELAND WEDNESDAY! This one is for our new Social Media Chair, Elana Schwartz! Elana is a Sophomore Fine Arts Major from Massapequa, NY (WOOOOO LONG ISLAND!). She enjoys archery, ceramics, and watching Yuri!! on Ice more times than she can count. She also won this super cool award called #SkwadGoalz for recruiting over 20 people for Kyle Squad through social media. Elana’s favorite HUvZ memory comes from her first game (Spring 2016) when she got her very first kill as a zombie. Mmmm I love that first taste of blood…anyway! Her weapon of choice is also a hammershot (because you really can’t go wrong with a hammershot). And Elana’s survival plan? Fortify a Walmart. Seriously, they have everything.

Until next semester, friends…

Coincidentally, last week’s Wasteland Wednesday was one of the OZs, Pak Ho Wong! Thus, this week’s is the other OZ, Nicole Roody! Nicole is a Junior Photography major from Northborough, Massachusetts. She enjoys baking and painting, and has played several games of HvZ, as well as been fairly heavily involved in the club in her time here. Her favorite blaster is either the hammershot or the retaliator. In the face of the zombie apocalypse, her stategy is simple: Don’t do stupid shit, which is just generally good advice.