IMVU and most of the people who use it just aren’t appealing to me anymore. I never actually thought I would say this but I miss being a ‘noob’ many years ago. Back then nothing mattered, not the way you dressed, nor how 'famous’ you were in a damn virtual universe. It was all about chatting with new people and making friends, and that’s the reason I’m still on IMVU now; to make friends. I feel like I haven’t developed a new real friendship on IMVU for a loooong time. I always end up disappointed or someone just proves to me that they have shitty tendencies which I’m not interested in. Like where is the loyalty people? I’m tired of these fake friendships. Until someone proves to me that real, genuine, loyal people who actually give a shit about their 'friends’ and other human beings exist on IMVU then I don’t wanna knooooooooow.

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*_______* your writing and art is A+++++++, more more more pls (your schedule permitting) Also please give me the courage I need to write the semi-slow-burn intense D/s Roadrat fic that absolutely nobody asked for~ thank you 👍👍👍

huuuuu I am desperate for D/s pls friend pls

/pumps fists yes yes yes