“The thing is, Saber… I should never have become a hero.”

I am so late with the new episode being uploaded tomorrow but–can I still talk about this??? about how much that line and that smile hurts me? that’s not an Archer smile. That’s the smile of a naive boy heartbroken by his own wish, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

And she knew.

I suspected it before when she expressed disbelief at the start of the episode. But after seeing that look on her face. That pained look of someone who upholds the same ideals, someone who knows how hard it is and that it. can. break. you.

Top it with Rin’s little dream and that even he knew and this is a fucking tragedy. SHIROU, YOU ARE A TRAGEDY AND I HUUUUUUUURT.

…that is all.

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ϟ //idec what scar just make it /huuuuuuuurt/ c: ehehe

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     He was growing more used to Nalya’s touches, but when her fingers trailed over a scar marring his right shoulder, he stiffened, straightened, moved away from her as suddenly and quickly as he had the first time she had touched his bare skin.

      It wasn’t as if she’d never seen his scars or come in contact with them in the several months they had known each other, but she’d never given one any attention until then and he was unused to it. Looking away from her, Link managed an apology to which she replied, “Where did you get it?”

      There wasn’t even any time required to think about it, the answer immediately coming to mind. He remembered the arrow piercing his shoulder when his guard was down, his attention drawn elsewhere. He remembered the blood staining his tunic and the way Navi had yelled for him to look out as more arrows flew in his direction. He remembered fighting through the pain, raising his shield against the attack even when his arm screamed in agony.

      And he remembered staring down at an arrow from his quiver held tightly in his left hand, tears blurring his vision. He remembered pushing it through his flesh with a cry, gritting his teeth, but welcoming the pain.

      But he didn’t tell her any of that, only picked up his undershirt and pulled it on before a lie slipped smoothly from his lips, “Raiders came into Kakariko several years ago and I was being inattentive.” Link offered  her a small smile when he looked at her again. “That is all.”