Next time on Dancer x Dancer..!
Gon and Killua undergo rigorous training under dance instructor Bisky..
How will their ballet match up against Hisoka and Illumi’s fantastic flamenco dancing? Will they pass the dancer exam..?!


Hisoka and Illumi have teamed up for the Dancer Exam! Examinees are keeping their distance from this deadly flamenco duo, for the aura of their dance could only be described as… murderous intent…!


“Dance Jail” can be used only against Spiders. While the chain restricts movement, it forces the captured Spider into a tango that shuts off Nen abilities and exhausts physical strength…! Why did Kurapika choose the tango, such an intimate dance, for dealing with the Troupe…? Was it to fuel his rage…? (After escaping Dance Jail once, Chrollo begins to study different dances to be better prepared in the future..)