Next time on Dancer x Dancer..!
Gon and Killua undergo rigorous training under dance instructor Bisky..
How will their ballet match up against Hisoka and Illumi’s fantastic flamenco dancing? Will they pass the dancer exam..?!


“Dance Jail” can be used only against Spiders. While the chain restricts movement, it forces the captured Spider into a tango that shuts off Nen abilities and exhausts physical strength…! Why did Kurapika choose the tango, such an intimate dance, for dealing with the Troupe…? Was it to fuel his rage…? (After escaping Dance Jail once, Chrollo begins to study different dances to be better prepared in the future..)

  • Lance, dancing on the edge of a cliff: hey Huu-unnk, I’m gonna faa-aallโ€จ
  • Hunk: Lance, be careful!โ€จ
  • Lance: *dramatically leans over edge* whooooaa hahahahโ€จ
  • Hunk: Lance, you’re gonna get hurt!โ€จ
  • Lance: aw, what, *baby voice* do you care about me or somethin?โ€จ
  • Hunk, in tears: y-yes,โ€จ
  • Lance: aw, Hunk, chill! I’m a paladin of Voltron! I’m not gonna– *falls*

My last two drawings of Tres leches♡ The top one was my fave to draw jajaja the bottom is funny cause Manny and Maria are doing sexy stuff just to make Joaquin blush oops :^> Very cute draw the squad from@croxovergoddess ~ ♡

Tres leches is love♡


Gunnar’s House Huus og Heim Arkitektur

From the architect:

The house is built in a residential area in the forest in Os i Østerdalen. The client wanted to preserve as much of the site’s natural character as possible and build a house of wood, based on the traditional 6 “timber frame construction. On the basis of some fixed constraints, such as the level and size of the basement, the terrain falling to the south and that the developer wanted proximity to the forest, the building cantilevers beyond the foundation of both gable walls.

Images and text via Huus og Heim Arkitektur