Croque-Madame Muffin



It was an almost

Almost lovers,

Almost forever.

With their hands almost touching and with their smiles almost reaching their eyes.

An almost when Mike thought about asking Ben out.

An almost as Ben laughed loud at something that Mike said, almost clapping him on the back and letting his hand stay there. Almost.

It was an almost when Ben leaned into a soft kiss, it was just an almost then, because they heard people approached.

‘almost’ Ben whispered as he watched Mike smiling at a blond girl, holding her hand.

‘almost’ Mike whispered as he watched Ben accepting the ring of his husband in front of all their friends. And next to him, his girlfriend turned to him and raised an eyebrow.




Can 4 Idiots Run a Los Angeles Restaurant? #LostAndHungry

Meeting Sorted For the First Time<3

So I met the most incredible, loving, adorable 4 human beings in the world. 

I met Sorted Foods at NYC for the first time and this feeling is just so surreal to me. I went right after class and it takes me about 2 hours to go to the city and I thought I was late to the whole meet up (7-8pm i got there at like 7:45) but I wasnt thankfully.

But anyway.. I have never met people as humble and just human as they are. They were so down to hearth and I loved how relaxed they were.There was like a comfortable vibe with them, even with the whole fan meet up, it felt as if we were talking to a friend. Each person (barry,jamie,ben and mike) had this humbling and loving and just awesome vibe coming off of them.. even with the conversations, they were so engaging and it made me feel awesome.. 

With this whole social media stuff, its hard to be recognized by the mass audience or fans and whenever Ben would reply back at me with a tweet I just go mental. That little recognition makes my day complete. And the fact that I met them in person it just felt like a dream. and Ben replied back with a  picture of the star i gave him made me just giggle like a school girl on the express bus home. (im a loser)

I gave all four of them paper stars to give them good luck and love as they do their #LostandHungry tour around the world and they were so sweet and i just couldnt take it.. they are just adorable..

I couldnt get a pic with Mike but as I was walking to my bus stop, they were in front of me and Mike turned around and I guess he recognized me when I gave him the star and he started talking to me! Him and Barry started to talk to me and even the smallest conversations made me just so happy. 

Even with this whole youtube and this audience they have, Meeting them in person reminded me that they are human and regular people. they would talk to us as if its just a normal conversation, friend to friend and its just awesome…




My outfits of the week inspirited by some of the guys of youtube! From  jimstumblings to sorted food​,  you will love them all!