Inside the wonderful world of wool

To celebrate Wool Week this year, Campaign for Wool and leading interiors stylist Karina Garrick brought to the public the first wool B&B in London. Situated in De Beauvoir Town, this beautiful townhouse has been transformed into a fun home for wool including a Makers Room and a Shepherd’s Hut. Wonderful interiors, fun and cosy spaces and loads of inspiring colours, patterns and textures.

On Cursed Child and Time Travel

As a disclaimer, I really and truly enjoyed Cursed Child. However, I have spent more time than I would like to admit contemplating how it completely disregarded the rules of time travel previously established in Prisoner of Azkaban.

The time travel in PoA demonstrates a fixed timeline where the events of both the “past” and “future” are happening at the same time and in the same universe. The events of the past cannot be changed by the effects of time travel because they are “fixed” in time. That is how Harry and Hermione are able to “save” Buckbeak. He was never truly killed. The original Harry and Hermione thought he was, but, in fact, the time-turning Harry and Hermione led him away from Hagrid’s hut while no one was looking.

Cursed Child utilizes a dynamic timeline. Here, each trip back in time, each alteration, triggers a chain reaction that alters the state of the current timeline. For example, Hermione saw Albus and Scorpius behaving strangely while dressed as Durmstrang students which caused her to not attend the Yule Ball with Victor Krum which caused her to never realize her feelings for Ron which caused her to remain single and become a bitter Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (which is another discussion for another day). 

Neither of these time travelling methods are “wrong”. You see both of them portrayed in pop culture all the time. What bothers me is the lack of consistency between PoA and Cursed Child, the two examples we have of time travel in the wizarding world. 

If the Cursed Child method was the rule, Harry and Hermione would have been killed by werewolf Lupin the first time around because their time-turning selves would not have howled and distracted him. Or Harry and Sirius would have been kissed by the dementors because the time-turning Harry would not have been there to cast a Patronus. 

Additionally, Hermione had been using the time turner regularly all year in PoA. Would the Ministry of Magic be so stupid as to entrust a 13-year-old student with a device that, if it worked the way it does in Cursed Child, risked changing the fate of the world every time she used it simply because she wanted to take extra classes? Answer: yes, the Ministry probably would be stupid enough, but that’s not the point. 

If the PoA method was the rule, then literally none of the plot of Cursed Child would have happened. The fixed timeline would ensure that any changes to the past would not affect the future. So perhaps Hermione’s suspicion of Albus and Scorpius would have motivated her to attend the Yule Ball with Krum for the purpose of gaining information, and then the rest of the timeline would play out the same way. Any changes that Albus and Scorpius made in the past would only reaffirm the present. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

These are the things that keep me up at night.

Privileged (10/?)

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“Just as the delinquents begin to settle, Murphy wanders back into camp much to the strong opposition of *yn* and Bellamy. A sickness quickly spreads over the camp and it is discovered that the grounders are planning their attack.”

Warnings: Violence, swearing, fluff (you’re welcome)

Notes: Based on 1x10 ‘I Am Become Death’ of The 100.

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“This should be enough to last us of for a while.” 

“At least two weeks.” *yn* agreed as she hauled her game towards the camp. *yn* had joined a few others to gather more supplies to help stock up for winter and the group had thankfully been pretty successful. 

As she began to dump her load into the meat hut she spotted Octavia and Monty talking at the lookout near the fence that was currently in the process of being built. She quickly finished up unloading her game before making her way towards them. 

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And you are? [Closed Rp]


Sechy had no idea where he was. His counter-part Adare had teleported him to someplace while he slept. He was in a forest,He thinks. Near a hut or a cabin or something. His mind was hazy.

He groaned as he stood up,Brushing himself down as he collected himself.
He was still wearing his coat and beanie so his eyes,Ears and wings were hidden but there was nothing he could about his eyes.

He just sighed as he walked up to the cabin,He checked it out first,Looking for sigils or traps that might hurt him in a way before reluctantly knocking,Hoping the person who lived there was in and could help him get back.

Today at pizza hut our store owner got us a new claw machine full of special boys and it reminded me of you

ALEX THESE BOYS ARE IMMENSELY SPECIAL……thank you so much for showing me ;;;; <33