i hate when people are like ‘i love harry potter but harry is my LEAST favourite character in the whole thing hes soo dramatic lol’ like thats fucking cool and ~alternative~ but literally every reason they have for disliking harry actually stems from the fact he was forced to sleep in a damn cupboard and never experienced love for the first 10 years of his life like s .. hut up 

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Ok but on the topic of sunflowers- Adam growing a sunflower house/hut/hideaway thing in the garden and reading out there, or playing with Chip (or one day your own kids) out there

I raise to you:

Imagine Adam with his first born child, sitting in the sunflower house. It’s mid-summer, but surprisingly not too hot outside to enjoy the season. The sunflowers are in bloom. Bright and yellow in front of the two of them. He cradles the baby in his arms, his blue eyes staring down at them but their attention is on the vividly colored flowers surrounding them.

Adam sighs shakily and takes a seat on a stone bench. He opens his mouth and begins singing to the baby, a tune that his mother used to sing to him before she passed away. Adam is completely unaware that you were only a few feet away from the sunflower house and could hear him. You hide behind a bush and listen to him singing.

It warms your heart.

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Naughtiest place you've had sex

That would depend on your definition of naughty and you value judgment. A movie theater? A dressing room in Filene’s Junior’s department? Her parent’s bed? Her husband’s bed? My desk during the day? A file room during the work day? The first floor stairwell at her parent 2nd floor house? A car in a crowded parking lot? In the picture window of her house? In her driveway during the day? In a parking lot in front of a T stop in full view of a subway car? A blow job leaning back on the hood of my car in the parking lot of a Pizza Hut? In her bed in front of her husband? A picnic table threesome on a college campus at twilight? Feel free to judge the “naughtiest” for yourself.

Or is this the best answer of all?


La plus belle âme. C'est ma meilleure amie…elle est ma soeur. Les carnavals pluvieux sont les plus amusants avec vous @sassygirlymermaid!!☁️️💦⚡🎪🎡 i miss you so much man. I’m eating stuffed crust pizza from da hut, thinking of you and our most wonderful adventures. can’t wait to reunite💜💜💜

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Can you draw a man, ideally a black man but you can choose the ethnicity, standing outside a Caribbean police station whilst talking on a mobile phone? Please don't make his eyebrows circles. Eyebrows are not circular. Who taught you to draw? A dentist?

i want everyone to know he sent me this while sat next to me in pizza hut and told me i didnt have to draw it but i did it anyway

so fuk of heres u calling the polis on an 80s phone bc i say “nut” too much can u tell where i gave up

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So dating Naegi and Kirigiri are trying to find a good place to eat... Asahina would bring up a hardy family restaurant with massive portions, Hagakure's recommendation would be an extremely cheap beef/rice bowl hut while Togami and Fukawa's advice would be both romantic and expensive enough to turn them off (Kirigiri can afford it but she's not one to splurge on fine dining). Komaru would probably win out after sending them Naegi Mom's old recipe and suggesting they eat in together. Agreed?

Yeah that sounds about right. Though with the romantic expensive place I feel Kiri wouldn’t mind going if she doesn’t have a concept of money because you know, rich.

Pan Imagine

Requested… and it seems that I write a lot of Pan lol

‘’See Hook, I told you the spell would bring your sister back.”

“Where’s the little lady?”

The King of the Lost Boys chortled, unfazed by the pirates tone, even though they were laced with venom.

“Fraid I can’t just give away her location, you’ll have to find her yourself,”

“Why not? She’ll be no use to you anyway,”

His mocking tone struck a nerve in the Lost Boy, his eyes narrowing.

Pan only laughed, raising his hands up midway,”she’s my lost girl, I can’t let go of her that easily.”

The grinned stayed in place, knowing how you were asleep in the hut you two shared, unaware.

“Well , I ought to be going, someone’s waiting’,” he laughed disappearing before Hook could follow.  Pan appeared in the hidden camp with a snap, making some of the younger lost boys flinch, not used to Pan’s authority.  He strutted to the cabin, grinning from the fear that radiated from the boys.

“Peter?” you whispered, hearing step into the only home that you remembered.

“I’m here, my darling, I’m here. You’re safe,” he opened his arms, awaiting your body to collide with his. You had been persuaded by his pixie dust that you were the mother of the lost boys.

“W-when I w-woke up, you were gone and I couldn’t move,” you spoke into his chest,”I was so scared Peter.”


All that you knew was that you were running and that it was the middle of the night. You blindly sprinted, occasionally tripping on the roots and stumbling into the trees.

Suddenly you were blinded by the light from an infinitely blazing fire, the desperation to get away disappearing.

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I love this blog it is full of the most adorable squishiest fluffiest tiny borbs i have ever seen and my heart jumps up and down like a basketball every time more little rowls appear on my dash, thank you for blessing us with so many smol blobs of joy it amazes me how they just keep appearing??? here is a tribute to you and your infinite rowls YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!!