The grass roof.
As the summer rain pushes through the thick yearly ice, these grass huts are revealed.
We are now coming to the end of what has been an incredible time of green hues in every direction, and @66north always on deck to battle the weeks of hectic summer conditions 🇮🇸
#ísland (at Iceland)

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Love it! #Repost from @mary_bankz with @_repostr
Here’s an eye look I did a couple weeks ago.
🔸I took @makeupgeekcosmetics Tiki hut and use that for my transition color.
🔸I then mixed Hashtag from the @shopvioletvoss Holy Grail palette with Morocco from @anastasiabeverlyhills world traveler palette and over lapped that in my crease.
🔸I took my @nyxcosmetics jumbo pencil in milk and blended that all over my lid with my finger.
🔸From there a added a yellow shadow from @sleekmakeup acids palette.
🔸I then blended into my crease some more hashtag and Morocco.
🔸I took a @nyxcosmetics glitter liner gold and put that in my inner corners.
🔸lashes are from @blnkfirst.

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anonymous asked:

Before the events of episode 1, where did Petra used to live? And also, I wanna tell you that you are an amazing person! :)

Hm. Had never really thought about it, but I’m guessing she was one of those types that just made herself little huts wherever she happened to be when the sun went down. She was the ramblin’ type.

Friendly reminder that Ishida Uryuu saw his mother die and his grandfather killed.

Friendly reminder that unlike with Ichigo and grand fisher, Uryuu never got to avenge his grandfather.

Friendly reminder that unlike Ichigo, who had family and friends to support him through his trauma, Uryuu had an estranged father and grew up alone.

Friendly reminder that Uryuu walked into enemy headquarters prepared to die just to protect his friends.

Friendly reminder that Uryuu abandoned his quincy pride and his identity for the sake of the people he loves.

Friendly reminder that despite being the undisputed second lead character of this series, Uryuu received no proper resolution.

Friendly reminder that despite being the character who wanted a place to belong to, despite being the character who deserved a family out of all of them–

Ishida Uryuu ended up overworked and alone.

Friendly reminder that Ishida Uryuu deserved better.


Jackson’s song for Pizza Hut China and game Carrot Fantasy


[INFO] Jackson will endorse Pizza Hut in China. He sang/rapped a song for them. There will be QR Code on tables in Pizza Huts in China. Fans can scan that code to download Jackson’s song.

Kemerdekaan nyatanya adalah hadiah untuk setiap kerja keras yang takkenal takut darah dan mati: keras bagai karang di laut-laut, berani bagai orang-orang yang butuh makan di pagi dan malam.