Just made it to GIGTANK!!!

Well, HUTGRIP made it to the awesome GigTank! I’m Bobi and I just arrived yesterday here in Chattanooga, TN. The place looks amazing, the Co.Lab is a very exciting and creative open space.
Well, I made it, but my bag didn’t, so I’m waiting for it now. The people are great and very welcoming. Everybody is excited about the summer long program, which starts officially on Monday.

So… wait, what is GIGTANK?

GigTank is the world’s only accelerator on a living fiber network. It’s based in the Gig City - Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is absolutely living in the future. The city’s 170,000 businesses and homes are connected to one another by a $300 million, one-gigabit fiber infrastructure. It’s the smartest and fastest grid in the Western Hemisphere.

HUTGRIP is one of the startups that got selected to participate in the program. Other than the actual startups there are many amazing specialists and mentors coming here for the Summer.

The place is great for HutGrip as we’re very much depending on the super-fast and reliable internet infrastructure. Well, the whole Internet Of Things domain heavily relies on the Internet and of course on a bunch of other stuff. There has been a lot lately on the MQTT messaging protocol. Here is a nice piece telling the story of how it came to be: “REST is for sleeping. MQTT is for mobile”. Other than this we have all these hardware components that are doing very good on Kickstarter. Hopefully they will streamline the adoption of all these new technologies and protocols. Check out for example the Arduino compatible Spark Core, they’ve made about $250 000 and they have just started their campaign. In HutGrip we’re looking more into the Software that would help people deal with all the data that is soon going to be available. The onegigabit fiber infrastructure is already setting the scene for so many new applications of these kind! Check out what’s coming next week:

If you’re around, do come and say Hi!