hey guys! talking from personal experience, this time of year can be super scary for anybody looking to move into the job world. whether you’re graduating soon and need to look for full time work, looking for summer internships or placements, or just looking to get a part time job to make some money over the summer, a solid cv is crucial. so i’m gonna share some of my tips below, i work in advertising, i’ve worked most of my career in sales, and even though i’m still fresh to the working world i hope i can give you guys some employment tips! 

basic bits

  • ok, so you need to put your contact details at the top of the page, name, phone number, email address, post code and sometimes nationality are all important to get out of the way first 
  • if you have your degree grade, or expected grade, put education at the top. list your grade and the dates you studied at uni, and the grades, dates and subjects that you studied to a high level when you left school. this is less important for part time jobs so i would probably put it below the next section in those circumstances
  • past experience is next. list everywhere you’ve ever worked, whether it was a proper paid job, helping out at local events, tutoring, anything that can give insight into your skills and your character. put a couple bullet points for each job, explaining the tasks you did and what you learnt from them. the most important thing is to emphasise what skills you have and how you’ve proven them in the past. 
  • i put other experience next, generally just volunteering, if you held a responsibility role in your school you can put that here too
  • skills & interests should be another section, talking about your non work related skills (but still relating these back to working). so for me, i talk about my creative hobbies like writing and music, which are important when applying for creative industries like advertising. i also talk about teaching myself arabic and adobe creative suite because languages are useful, design skills are useful, and most crucially taking initiative and embracing opportunities to learn are essential in any job that wants to see you grow

sales tips 

  • other people applying for the same jobs as you will not be handing in a 100% truthful cv. you don’t have to lie, and you shouldn’t ever ever lie on your cv because it’s not worth getting caught out. however, you’d be smart to jazz it up a bit. 
  • every task you’ve undertaken in your life has taught you something, no matter how small. think about every job related thing you’ve ever done and think of a way to make it sound special. 
  • for instance, i manually alphabetically organised a directors business cards during an internship. it was beyond boring. yet, now i talk about being a crucial support for the team, how i took initiative in collating their contacts into a brand new filing system to increase productivity speed. any dumb task can be chatted up. 
  • sales is all about confidence, confidence, confidence. you have to believe you are a great candidate, it’ll come across in your writing 
  • keep it to one page, max 2 if you’ve had a lot of previous roles. nobody wants to read that much. if it’s looking a bit long try reformatting to keep it all looking neat and succinct. 
  • send it as a pdf, not as a word document. keeps it looking professional. 

cover letters

  • now, cover letters can be a real pain. i would suggest writing different ones for each application, even though making a generic one and editing it is easier. it’s worth it to show that you give a shit. 
  • actually, all that really matters is giving a shit. talk about how great you are, and about how much you have to offer that they need in their company. you can phrase it in a non arrogant fashion, but at the end of the day a job application isn’t the place for humility. 
  • talk about the company, talk about why you like it and why you want to be there. if you’re applying to a small company definitely chat about how great you think the business is, because chances are the people who run the company will actually see it. people who have their own company LOVE to hear people talk about loving their company and their idea. 

all that really matters

  • be genuine, be passionate, be enthusiastic about the role, about the company and about yourself.
  • stay calm and focused on your goals, and believe in yourself and your abilities. don’t be afraid of being great, and don’t be afraid of letting people know it. 

i really hope these could be of use to anybody, if there’s any tips you guys need for job huting let me know, i’ve done a lot of it!

One day, when he was 17 years old, Yuuri stumbled into a territory of sea urchins and accidently slammed his tail against some of them.

When he got back home (which took a lot of time since his tail was huting like hell and slightly numb) his mother and sister helped removing the spikes.

It hurt so much Yuuri has to bit downon a sea sponge pillow to not scream- and his eyes were tearing up.

He apologized to the urchins later though. Even thought they couldn’t understand him.

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How would the companions react around a Sole who is very adverse to combat? Instead avoiding confrontation (pretty much at all costs) choosing either to run away or use their charisma to defuse situations, because they're very fearful of guns and getting hurt?

Cait - She found it boring, when they managed to persuade people out of it. When they ran away, it was more annoying. Yet, she couldn’t help but feel special and important protecting them, when their charm and quick legs weren’t enougn.

Codsworth - He absolutely approves, in such world full of violence and gore, it is truly special when someone is trying to avoid combat. Although, he isn’t much fond of running, he sometimes fails to catch up on them.

Curie - It’s one of the main reasons she’s following them in fact, after all, she is mainly a scientist and not a fighter. Not that she wasn’t able to fight. She also provides a lot of useful arguments and feels very cheerful when they actually manage to slip away from violent confrontation thanks to it.

Danse - He disapproaves; while it’s nice to actualy prevent combat like this, you can never be sure; those raiders wanted to kill them before, how can Sole know they won’t try to anyway, even after agreeing they wouldn’t? And running? Why waste a fusion core, when ammunition is still less rare?

Deacon - He is kind of proud of them; it’s his forte to silver-tongue his way out of combat, so seeing Sole do it so expertly, it brings a smile to his face. He doesn’t even mind running away, he even knows of safe routes and ‘backstreets’.

Dogmeat - Dogmeat likes it, even when they’re running. Running with master/mistress is fun.

Hancock - He approves, it’s better to save bullets for actual challanges, like super mutants or deathclaws and he even admires Sole a bit, as they can talk their way out of a fight with raiders. Though, that doesn’t mean he trusts the raiders and doesn’t keep his hand close to his holstered gun.

MacCready - It makes him a bit embarassed, if he’d have to be honest - he used to be part of the Gunners and is probably the best sniper in Boston and he’s running away? He doesn’t care for his reputation much, but dead enemy is best enemy, period.

Nick Valentine - It truly depends. Nick likes when Sole is able to prevent violent confrontations, but having to zigzag like a rabbit as they’re running away, he really isn’t sure how much of this can his coolant take.

Piper - Piper is all about avoiding combat, just sometimes she feels a little embarassed. She once threatened Sole to write an artical called: ‘The Sole Survivor and Reporter run away from a fight against a single raider’.

Preston - Preston is always happy to save bullets and stimpaks, even if it means a little physical excercice. Though, he always feels a little uneasy, worried the people might come looking for them into one of the settlements, huting people there.

Strong - Strong swears that he could smash Sole at times like that. Who runs away from a fight? Who talks to not have a fight?! it just doesn’t make sense to Strong.

X6-88 - Words cannot explain how much X6 hates Sole avoiding combat. Why even bother trying to negotiate with this drug-addicted filth? And running away? He isn’t sure if Sole knows, but everytime they begin to run away, he shoots the enemies down himself, then catches up to them.

Spock Imagine(smut warning)

I was working in the Med Bay with Bones we were already in our 3 year of the 5 year mission and honestly I just wanted to sleep and spend some real time with my boyfriend Spock. In fact he is the best thing that I could ever ask for and sometimes he was so adorable it made me giggle at him. “Hey Y/n why don’t you take the day off?” I looked at Bones in surprise, “Really? Bones You mean that?” “Yes Jim gave Spock the day off.” “Go and spend the day with your boyfriend.” He said pushing me out the door before I could argue with him. I shrugged my shoulders and went to search for Spock when a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. Making me jump and I turned around to see Spock. “Well hello Love.” He whispered seductively, “Um hey Spock.” I hugged his chest blushing. “So they gave us a day off.” “What do say about spending the day with each other the right away?” “Ok then.” He grinned yes that’s right Spock actually grinned. He picked me up bridle style and whispered into my ear once again, “Hang on tight love.” I blushed again and before I even knew it we were in our shared quarters. Sitting me on the bed I was literally blushing so hard. “Alright Spock give me a minute to change.” He nodded his head and waited for me while I went to change in my night gown.  When I walked back into the bedroom Spock was wearing shorts and he was wearing a t shirt. He looked up and smiled and extended his hand. I took it gladly and he brought me to sit on his lap. “Y/n trust me we are going to nice and slow I promise not hurt you.” I smiled at my boyfriend and kissed his lips passionately and when I pulled away his eyes were darker with lust. “Y/n I promise you I’m going to make you feel so good.” “Wait what if someone hears us?” “I made the room sound proof so no one can here you moan but me.” He said whispering into my ear, I grinned at his words and pulled him for another heated kiss. 

He then lowered his mouth and started to kiss my neck and finding my sweet spot and sucking on it. I moaned at the feeling, “Spock…” I moaned again as he continued to kiss my neck. “Y/n I love you so much.” I brought his neck down in for a kiss. He then started to lift up my shirt and slid it off next were my shorts. Till all i was left was in my underwear “Spock I can’t be te only one in my underwear.” I wined and reached for his shirt pulling it off, He chuckled at me. “If you say so love.” He then pulled his shirt off and my eyes widened he was very fit for a male. He then took his shorts off and was left in his boxers. “I thought we start with a little foreplay?” I nodded my head and blushed. Leaning down he started to suck on my breasts and licked my nipples. “Oh Spock.” I groaned at his actions, Trailing his fingers down my body to my underwear he slipped his hands into my panties and I gasped. He started to trail his fingers around my clit. “Spock please stop teasing I moaned.” “Your wish is my command Love.” As soon as he said that he slipped 2 fingers inside of me pumping them in and out fast. I was so focused in pleasure that he already took off my underwear. Grabbing my hips he brought me close to his mouth and kissed my clit. “Oh Spock ugh.” “Does it feel Good Y/n?” He purred sending vibrations through my body. “Oh My Spock I’m so close I’m gonna cum!” “Come for me Y/n.” He said curling his fingers toward my g spot and I came undone before him. My Vision was white and all I star were stars . When I regained my vision I looked at Spock. “Thank you for that Spock.” “If it hurts Y/n please tell me ok?” I nodded my head he slipped himself inside of me, it felt like a lot of knives were slicing my skin. “Y/n Am I huting you ? Would you like me to stop?” I shook my head No, “No of course not Spock I just need a minute.” He pulled me close and started to kiss my neck, then slowly the pain turned into pleasure. “Ok Spock you can move now.” He started to slowly pump back and forth and my moans were getting louder. “Oh please faster Spock.” He obliged and went faster, “Spock I’m close.” I whimpered, “I know I am to love.” “How about we come together?” I nodded my head and both our climaxes came. He slowly pulled out of me and pulled me to his chest. “That was amazing Spock.” I started to get tired and and I fell asleep on his chest, “I love you Y/n so much.”  

Time Skip to the next morning

I woke up and stretched my body and I realized my body was sore and I looked around the room and I blushed. I then realized what me and Spock did last night and I slipped my underwear on and one of Spocks shirts on since it fit me like a dress. Walking to the kitchen area of our shared quarters I decied to make us some breakfast. When a pair of arms wrapped around my waist, “well good morning love.” I turned around to see Spock, “Good morning Handsome.” I kissed his lips, “You know Y/n you look sexy in my clothes.” He whispered into my ear and I blushed. He then leaned real close to my ear and sucked on my ear lobe and whispered again. “But I like them better when they are on the floor.” My eyes widened and I punched his shoulder, “Spock!” He smirked, “What I’m just saying love?” I rolled my eyes and I hugged him, “I love you Y/n never forget that.” I smiled and pecked his lips, “I love you to Spock.” 

The rest of the day you both decided to cuddle because of course Jim and Bones gave you both the day off again. 

Ship War

Yang: *holding her scroll* BLAKE! Blake, come see it!
Blake: What is it, Yang? Is your arm hurting again?
Yang: No… It’s just… They keep arguing.
Blake: Oh… That’s bad…
Sun: ‘Sup, girls?
Yang: It’s the FNDM. They keep arguing over Black Sun and Bumblebee.
Sun: What a bunch of idiots!
Blake: Look, Black Sun people are tagging Bumbleby on their hate post. And… Bumbleby are doing the same. Damn, they are edgier than Adam!
Yang: Why don’t they notice it won’t take them anywhere… Shit, this hating is making the money that RT is paying to make us not worth it. It hurts me…
Blake: Yeah, me too.
Sun: I’m with you, girls. I would love to date Blake, yes. But if you guys got together and were happy, I would bee happy as well!
Yang: Same goes for you! But the fandom doesn’t seem to get it. Monty must be really disappointed…
Blake, Sun and Yang: STOP THIS SHIP WAR!


I’ve changed so much over the past 6 months, I had my worst depressive episode and ended up in the hospital after a manic one (that really changed me, and cutting my hair a year ago), I am basically a new person but I am so afraid to show the new/real(?) me to anyone. I am so afraid of what people will think of me because I’ve changed. Not because they wouldn’t like me, but because I feel like I am not allowed to change my mind or myself? 

I´m young, I’m still figuring stuff out. I’m still finding my voice in the world, my interests, political views, and my artistic views. Perhaps later than others but half my life was/is taken away by mental illness. Let me find myself and my ways. As long as it´s not huting anyone else who cares.

Maybe that’s why I don’t feel like I don’t have any friends, when I know I do, because the old Molly does but the new Molly doesn’t, because they don´t know her?  Maybe that’s also why I don’t feel comfortable in my class anymore. I feel lonelier than ever but I am also happier than ever. I’ve never liked this version or felt this comfortable with myself, I´ve also said that I’ve always been myself, that was a lie I think. I don’t think I am myself now, because how do I know who I am?

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bakugou: alrighty then you’re ‘hute’ which is hot and cute mixed together ^_^ im sorry im lame lolol

Yeah, that was kinda of lame but I’m not judging. Sounds a bit French.

- Bakugou

It was the first time that I saw you. I had never seen anything so…. perfect. I remember thinking that I had to have you or I’d die.

Then you whispered that you love me. And I felt so peaceful and safe. Because I knew that no matter what happened, from that day on, nothing could ever be that bad, because I had you.


I am looking for someone who can beat my love

How do you take your coffee?

This is the fourth part to the Bottoms Up series! Here are the links to the previous parts:

Bottoms Up! 

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UPDATE! I did a part 5! Drinking Games

Original Requests: (Combined a few for this one)

-Can I request a dean x reader insert oneshot where the reader is on a hunt and is undercover as a barista, and the boys walk in and think she’s the monster they’re hunting for so when she tricks the real monster into going outside with her the boys follow and try to attack her, but the monster reveals itself to the boys and in the end the reader kills it and is pissed at the boys for ruining her hunt. Maybe some dean and sassy!reader fluff?? Sorry that it’s super long *covers face and blushes*

-Hey could you do a oneshot of y/n hunting with Sam and Dean but getting seriously injured (like shot or stabbed or something) but they’re a really long way from a hospital and and so Sam and Dean have to comfort her and treat her as best they can?

-Hello! Can i request something where the reader is a bad ass hunter and kind of the female version of Dean especially when it comes to hooking up. There in a bar having some drinks and one of her previous one night stands notices her and she doesn’t remember his name and keeps getting it wrong and stuff. Just something funny, i just need a good laugh and you’re previous storys have always made me smile!

Word Count: 2684

Summary: Dean and Sam run into their favorite drunk hunter again.This time at a coffee shop,


“Triple, Grande, Soy, No Foam Latte.” A business woman barked at you while she had a phone pressed to her ear. “No, Stewart. I said I needed them today. You are replaceable you nit-wit! Get your act together or you’re fired!”

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Luke and Akzeriuth

If you are passionate and tend to rage when this is brought up and Luke is not excused for everything– perhaps you should skip this post.

But otherwise, please proceed with an open mind, and I welcome intelligent conversations because moral values especially in grey areas are very interesting to discuss. In a mature fashion. I don’t like reblogging a lot (since I’m not fond of using tumblr as a conversation tool) so if it is discussed I’ll amend it under the read more.

1) Amended with response to dimensionslip’s post (thanks!)

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+👀 "Oops"

“ … ”

Okay, that was … strange? Why , for god’s sake, was an half naked Wheeler giving him … reactions ?

Damn. It was the perfect combination between hot and cute. He was… chot. Or hute?

“ Wheeler, you… lack of pants. ”

Yeah, acute, very acute, Kaiba.

Suddenly very emotional, because...

…I was just looking into “Blade Runner” again, because I wanted to fire up some spec and discussion on the upcoming SPN episode “Blade Runners” when I once again realized just HOW much they’ve probably been drawing inspiration from that book/movie in terms of heaven and angel society for a LONG time.

Have a short summary from wikipedia:

The film depicts a dystopian Los Angeles in November 2019 in which genetically engineered organic robots called replicantsvisually indistinguishable from adult humans—are manufactured by the powerful Tyrell Corporation as well as by other “mega-corporations” around the world. Their use on Earth is banned and replicants are exclusively used for dangerous, menial or leisure work on off-world colonies. Replicants who defy the ban and return to Earth are hunted down and “retired” by police special operatives known as “Blade Runners”. The plot focuses on a desperate group of recently escaped replicants hiding in Los Angeles and the burnt-out expert Blade Runner, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), who reluctantly agrees to take on one more assignment to hunt them down.

Well, if that ain’t a pretty nice parallel to how all the fallen angels now are hard to distinguish from humans. And how angels relating and getting too close to humans got them yanked back to bible camp, reprogrammed. The most interesting part however is that the replicants get fake memories implanted, start feeling empathy and emotions and some of them don’t even know they are replicants since they are/have become just like humans.

All that info aside (though all those points and parallels def make me hope they’ll be drawing more parallels to the movie and book during the episode, I am not holding my breath for it to be the case, since they often use the titles as simple word plays. Though that still is kind of interesting since then I assume “Blade Runner” might not only refer to angel’s with their angels blades, fighting in a war, huting down one another like a “Blade Runner” and therfore runnign from each other’s blades, but also to Dean’s “mark of Cain”-arc with him “owning” the first blade and hunting down Abbadon), what made me really emotional about the whole things was that I was looking into the book again that the movie from 1982 with Harrison Ford is based on and suddenly was hit over the head with the significance of the title, which is

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” by Philip K. Dick

The title relates to the main character Rick Deckard (the Blade Runner), who has an electric sheep (since having a real pet is a luxury in the world of 2021), but dreams of having a real one. While the story unfolds and he meets Rachael Rose - a replicant who doesn’t know she a replicant - and is ordered to kill her, but can’t not only because he starts having an affair with her, but also bbecause she shows empathy and emotions and he starts having doubts about his mission, a pivotal point is him asking himself whether maybe Rachael (a being not designed to have true emotions, etc.) dreams as well. And more importantly if she may dream of electric sheep the way he dreams of having a real sheep someday.

And well… That in particular just had me thinking about Cas SO MUCH and him getting told by a fellow homeless companion to try counting sheep when he can’t fall asleep. And Cas then asks himself

“What kind of sheep?”