16-year-old Colette Aram was on her way to her boyfriend’s house when she was abducted, raped, and murdered in October of 1983.  When Colette did not arrive safely after the 10 minute walk, her family alerted police and a search was launched immediately.  The next day, Colette’s body was found in a nearby field, naked and posed in an explicit fashion.  Tests would later show that she had been strangled to death.  Despite being featured on the newly launched Crimewatch, and tip-offs submitted in their hundreds, no suspects were arrested and the case remained unsolved for 26 years.

In 2008, Jean-Paul Hutchinson was arrested on a motoring charge, and a DNA swab was taken as standard procedure.  The match proved near identical to that of Collette’s killer - but, at 20 years old, Jean-Paul had not even been alive at the time of the murder.  This chance match gave police what they needed to close the case once and for all, and a week later, Jean-Paul’s father, Paul, was arrested.  Despite damning evidence, including a fingerprint on a letter sent taunting police, 50-year-old Paul pleaded not guilty.  After attempting to pin Colette’s murder on his own dead brother, he eventually admitted his guilt in 2009.  Paul was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of 25 years.  In 2010, he was found unconscious in his cell, and later died of a suspected overdose.


The Molten Diabolic Ibanez Prestige created by Hutchinson Guitars. This is absolutely fantastic!!! <3

“Celebrating the release of ‘Diablo III’ earlier this year, the Molten Diabolic draws its namesake from Blizzard Entertainment’s iconic video game franchise, taking Hutchinson’s original Molten Lava concept and infusing it with a shard of the Black Soulstone. Both the mystical stone and the hand carved lava flow have been illuminated by an incredible LED array recessed into the guitar top.”

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Ohne Titel von Alice Hutchinson
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Near Breary Marsh/Golden Acre Park

Even black history hasn’t given black women their proper place"

Louise Daniel Hutchinson

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Louise Daniel Hutchinson, who gathered, documented and preserved African American history during 13 years as director of research at the Smithsonian Institution’s Anacostia Community Museum in Southeast Washington, died Oct. 12 at her home in the District. She was 86.


Queer books out in January 2015. Know any others?
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