how?? in?? the?? world?? did?? i?? reach?? 500+?? followers?? someone please riddle that for me okay i’m so baffled. considering that i made this account in the beginning of july and it’s only the beginning of october, i’m calling it a personal win that i somehow tricked over 500 of you lovely people to follow me despite my very excessive screaming about anything shadowhunters related. i don’t know why any of you followed me or why any of you choose to stick around but just know that i appreciate everything — the likes and replies on my personal posts, reblogs of my edits, random anons that chat with me about my tags, and everything in between!! you’re all superstars even if i don’t follow you back (though believe me i wish i could follow everyone back) and i really hope you all stay with me for however long i’m trapped on this hell site. i love you and you deserve so much good in this world.

( aka my mutuals who i would follow to the ends of the earth )

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Tear You Apart: Chapter 6

Listen to When We Were on Fire while reading.

“Drifting apart, getting harder to hold you. Days getting dark and the nights are growing cold. Are we burning out?… Take me back to where it was before when we were on fire.

by: @joshhutchersn & @jenniferandjoshua

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{banner was made by me and honestly its my fav thing ever}

i reached 4k followers the other day !!!! after around 5 years on this hellsite. legit the only reason this website is bearable is because of the people i follow. i have met so many incredible people and i seriously wouldnt have stayed this goddamn long if it wasnt for y’all. 

i follow around 200 people and i tried to include everyone. all y’all binches change your urls so often tho so i didnt know who half of you were, but itll explain why some of my mutuals arent on here. so if you arent on here, please dont feel offended. it was not my intention im just a binch w a bad memory and i guarantee i love you 

anyways, thank y’all so much for 4k followers!!! considering i contribute nothing to this fandom this is amazing and i love every single one of you!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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transboy-spidey  asked:

hey, I just made this blog, so can you rec some good blogs? For shadowhunters or anything really. xo

of course i can!!! i’d recommend following anyone in the #thirsty4harrysquad because they’re very thirsty angels and i’m dating all of them Confirmed™: @latinalightwood @softshumjr @haroldbane @alecmagnu @laurenkmyers @highwarlok @parabatr3 @mbanewood @itenoria @nanachiwoo @darkprincemagnusbane @warlocksrune @princemagnusbane @magswoods @vlctoraldertree @melbopo @softsnowyjace @mattlightwood @magnuslightswood @glitternsass

and then there’s those who i just really love seeing on my dash and are also super duper lovely to talk to/interact with Confirmed™: @lapisdyke @doddario @harrys-shums @harryrshum @lukemagnus @downwrlder @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter @alecsplushpillow @f-f-f-fight @abloodneed @borderlineconnor @auclizzy @baneseelie @sarcastilecki @softbanes @autisticperalta @wlws @bilukegarroway @pumpkindaddario @lydiabranwels @izzybabewoods @jezthemadficster @lovelyjace @magnusandalexander @warlocksass @josh-hutchersn @nightfallgoddess @spookysimon @magnusizzy @magnusdarkwood @dearestalec @hoteldumorts @thecassinator @jacessimon @harry-shum @malecwood @bi-magnus @amorverus @malecwings @highwarlockkareena

i apologize if i left anybody out, i mostly just went off the top of my head!!! but there’s still my follow forever that i made last month floating around which you can look at too if you’d like :-) obviously these are mainly shadowhunters blogs/mutuals as well since that’s the majority of the blogs i follow, but thanks for asking!!!