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Reasons Why || Klaroline

#25daysofklaroline Day 23 - Smut Day

I’m still a chicken when it comes to writing smut, and I’m afraid this is as close as it gets. But hey, any excuse to watch good episodes of HIMYM again, right? Inspired by “The Naked Man,” this is established KC setting themselves up for various sexytimes. NSFW, though everything is mostly implied.

Klaus fumbled with his keys, tired of the day and just wanting to be at home with Caroline and a glass of his favorite scotch. He knew working for the family company would drain his spirit in favor of a paycheck, but that knowledge didn’t lessen his bad mood. “I’m home,” he called out as he entered their apartment, placing his briefcase down and loosening his tie without raising his head.

“Hello, love.”

He looked up at the teasing tone in Caroline’s voice, shocked to find her completely naked and posed suggestively on the couch.

“And to what to do I owe the pleasure,” he asked, quickly shrugging out of his jacket as he strode toward her.

She immediately went for his belt as he made quick work of his shirt. “Testing a theory,” she shrugged. Klaus might have asked what that meant had Caroline not teased him with kisses along his stomach as she pulled his belt through their loops. 

He got a little distracted from his question.

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