hutch edit


Nick hears his family getting murdered

Is my brother okay? No. Ane, please talk to me. What’s happened with Dylan? Come on tell me. I am sorry, I am so sorry. Ane talk to me, what’s going on? No puedo. Ane talk to me, I need to know what’s happened. Ane I need to know what’s wrong? He is just a baby. What’s the matter with Dylan, where is he? Ane, where is Dyl- A- Ane. Ane talk to me please. *Gun shot*. ANE LISTEN TO ME WHERE IS DYLAN? ANE TALK *another gun shot*

Scratch. Backgrounds edited from Himaruya’s blog. All the little edits and drawings in the background were done with my finger. The scratch animation was done with my tablet.

For something as complicated as this, I always do the heads first. For chibi models like this, getting the heads right is the most important step, in my opinion. Woo…

Still need to put in the additional laughing animation. I didn’t put stick animation under the heads, so I wasn’t sure if the animations would line up.

Up to here it took me 10+ hours because I got distracted here and there, I guess. Everything up to this point is done with my finger–except merging the layers and adding the timestamps to the layers. I found that using a mouse is handy. 

Put legs in. I’m not adding shoes because it would hardly make a difference. 

Added a little radio, hair details, casing, and arms. I was going to animate music notes in there, but because Iceland spins at a faster frame-rate than the rest of the animation, it would have taken way too many layers to keep the animations consistent. I’ve done it before… 

Program: GIMP

Tools: tablet for scratch animation, mouse for layer naming, finger for everything else

Bases: Himaruya’s isometric bases for the backgrounds, little hutch, and sofa (color edited) The scroll, plant, door, lamp, and radio were by me. Hong Kong and Iceland are completely done by me.

61 layers, roughly one whole day on and off