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*Night Terrors* Newt x reader

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MOAAH ANGST TO SPARE: Reader holds a very dark past (can be wtv you want) that haunts her every now and then. She has a nightmare rampage for several days but she keeps them abay. One day she wakes up crying and newt races to their room to se what’s going on (he busy working inside his case). She doesnt tell him anything and he respects that but secretly kills him not knowing what this is.

You hold your wand in your shaking hand as you point it at the innocent wizard before you.

“Do it!” Your aunt hisses; her eyes gleaming with a sick and twisted glimmer as she stared at the innocent victim begging you to release them.

“I-I-I can’t…” You reply. Tears in the corners of your eyes as you feel your legs begin to weaken beneath you and your heart fighting with your mind on what to do.

Of course you want your family to love you, but if it means going against what you know to be right, you just aren’t sure if you want it. 

“P-please….” The man looks up to you, his red teary eyes begging you to spare him. You don’t even know who he is. 

“Do it!” Your aunt hissed again, this time louder. You shudder at her yell and as you look in to the man’s eyes, apologizing, you shut your own and with a weary and broken heart shout, “Crucio!”

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