hut dream

The Thatched Hut of Dreaming of an Immortal
early 16th century
Tang Yin, (Chinese, 1470-1523)
Ming dynasty
Handscroll; ink and color on paper
H: 29.6 W: 682.1 cm

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I wish it could be just a nightmare.. But it isn’t. Rafinha is out for the next 6 months and will undergo surgery soon. On those pictures of him leaving the hospital last night you can see how sad he is. This is what really breaks me! I can’t seeing him suffer and losing his beautiful smile. It hurting, I am hurting with him and I wish I could be hurting instead of him. He was just leaving his biggest dream hut God decided that it was the time for a break. Just a simple break! Rafael God wants you to show how strong you are, you can surpass that! I am 100% sure and you will be back better than ever! I believe in you, we believe in you! Stay strong my king, if you need I am here!