hut dream

smoking a blunt with Sylvia Plath
  • me: this is some good weed huh Sylvia
  • Sylvia Plath: [hits blunt] black blood dances around the witch's hut. i dream of myriad deaths ensconced in poppies. i am the witch. i am the blood. i am sweet death in all its forms.
  • me: ...alright

Dream Daddy commission done for @archangels-in-powerarmor~ Their Dadsona and Craig getting done with an early morning workout at the gym! Thank you for the continued business Dante!! 

I’m gonna be doing a Dream Daddy sale in the next few days or so, hmu!! These images are also going up for free as process packs on my Patreon. PSDs for them that go further in depth will be available for $1 patrons!

anonymous asked:

Headcanons of how Astrid and Hiccup modified their huts after getting together to better suit eachother when they're hanging around?

 - They already have really close huts, so my headcanon is that they modified their huts to spend time together before they were dating.

 - Literally, don’t even tell me that “just friends” Hiccup and Astrid didn’t randomly show up at each others’ houses for no reason. The gang has no sense of personal space. They’re all rude little twats and they love each other.

 - Astrid comes to Hiccup’s hut more. My dream is to witness Astrid Hofferson smoothly climbing a tree, cranking open a window, and rolling in a hut without anyone noticing in thirty seconds. M’babe is glorious.

 - Now, tell me, how creepy is it when you’re sneaking into your friend’s/boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s house, and you just…stop…and you realize a chicken is staring at you.

 - Legit, if Chicken could talk, then she would have a lot to say about Hiccstrid and their sneaking around.

 - IDK is they get intimate or not. On one hand, they’re really close. Like, really really. But perhaps it wouldn’t go past an occasional makeout. I am a young innocent girl, y’all, be ashamed of yourselves (JK, my innocence was ruined when I accidentally read a Harry Potter lemon).        

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Soundtrack by Imogen Heap (contains spoilers)

Not sure if someone has already done something like this @hp-and-the-cc. Thanks a lot to @bounding-heart for creating the Cursed Child playlist on Spotify without which I wouldn’t have been able to do this!

Absolutely love the soundtrack so much that I tried to identify the moments in which Imogen Heap’s songs appear throughout the play. Of course I haven’t seen the show since September so I’m not sure about some songs (the only one I’m 100000% certain is the sad staircase scene lol), feel free to add/correct me ;)

I’m going back to see the play tomorrow so I’ll be able to complete this with more details hopefully!

Part One

First Train Home - Act 1 Scene 1, King’s Cross

The Listening Chair (end)

Cycle Song - Act 1 Scene 4, Transition scene, Spell pratice

Cumulus - Act 1 Scene 8, Dream, Hut-on-the-rock

Wait It Out - Beginning of Act 1 Scene 7, Harry and Ginny Potter’s House, Albus’s Room, Ginny looking through the door

The Walk

Aha! (violin part) - Act 1 Scene 11, The Hogwarts Express, Roof, The Trolley Witch transforms

Aha! (beginning) - Act 1 Scene 13, St Oswald’s Home For Old Witches and Wizards, Chaotic Retirement

Half Life - Act 2 Scene 12, Hogwarts, Staircases, Pining for each other

Part Two



You Know Where To Find Me

Minds Without Fear - Beginning of Act 3 Scene 6, Campaign Room, Hermione threatens Scorpius

Climb to Sakteng (second half) - End of Act 3 Scene 10, Hermione reunites with Rose

The Beast - Act 3 Scene 12, Dream, Godric’s Hollow, Graveyard

Entanglement - Act 4 Scene 3, Godric’s Hollow, 1981

Have You Got It In You - Act 4 Scene 4, Ministry of Magic, Harry’s Office, Dumbledore’s portrait

The Moment I Said It - Act 4 Scene 6, Harry and Ginny Potter’s House, Albus’s Room, Invisible message on a blanket

Climb to Sakteng (first half) - Act 4 Scene 12, Godric’s Hollow,1981

Goodnight and Go - Act 4 Scenes 14-15

Link to the spotify playlist

Vineyard cabin outside of Athens, Greece

Contributed by Christos Zouras:

Making a small wooden hut/house was my dream hobby since I was a child. I wanted a nest that I could go and find nature and the serenity that comes along with it. The place is only one hour outside Athens in an area called Kapandriti. The specific plot looks like you are in the middle of nowhere. We grow a vineyard, an olive grove and a herb garden. We go there on weekends with my wife and little son and we enjoy quality time and work with the soil, as we are detached from any social pressure forces (work, school etc.). We would like to gradually transform the plot to a self sustainable farm with orchard, beehives, chickens, rabbits and goats. Our friends say that it is our family shrine — a magical place suitable for living meditation. My soul calms down there and life problems are viewed within a different angle. I think about our existence and universality that makes all of us being so small but also unique.