we gave all time low a surprise and we think it’s safe to say they loved it

AP237.1 // All Time Low // Apr 2008… Look how far ATL have come! #AP30

“Maryland’s entry in the pop-punk sweepstakes has come to testify that like Blink-182 before them, life is one glorious poop joke. No worries, because there’s a legion of fans who think ATL are indeed, the shit.”

mcrswsptv-trash  asked:

Hey Minttt! ^-^ How does one get m&g tickets? Like, I've heard that you have to be an official hustler but idk, is that true?

They aren’t tickets per se, your name just gets put on this list and All time low’s representative comes around an hour before the show and lets you and around 30 others in.

You need to have an official hustler club account and buy pre-sale tickets (this is usually mandatory but not always) form thc website. Then around a week before the show they publish the list of people who got the m&g. If they manage to gather the user data, 30 first ticket buyers will get the m&g. If not, then they put up a sign up sheet that you have 5 days to fill (They ask stuff like have you met them before, are you going with someone, did you buy the pre-sale tickets). They they randomly choose 30 people for m&g and 30 for possible early entry.

anonymous asked:

So I know you've probably gotten 32882742 asks about this already, but, you can only get m&g if you're in the hustler club? Thanks Mint! :)

Yess its hustler club exclusive only