hustle story

and i mean that, also, on a personal level for myself

i spend a lot of time working on stories, and reading other people’s stories

and fuck it, i stubbornly maintain i’m a better writer than half, no MORE of the creators i read on a daily basis

this plot is weak, you can’t write dialog for shit, yadda yadda blah blah

but at the end of the day? yo, they’ve got their shit finished. they produced. they hustled. they put their stories out there.

and there may hundreds more like me, that have better flows and concepts and stories, but if we’re not producing? like, we’re the whack ones, homie. not them.

we have time to pick apart their weaknesses because we’re not on our grind like they are. and we have to understand that. people who are on their grind? they can critique, but you ever notice that unless someone really fucked up, their critique is DIFFERENT from our butthurt noise? there’s a reason for it.

The Bangtan Gal Chapter 31- American Hustle Life Episode 7

Summary- Jennie brushes off the subject about her old group. Jungkook gets jealous when he finds out Jennie and V are working at an Ice Cream shop. Off screen, Jen and Namjoon eat together but are interrupted.

Words- 3,900+

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However do you do it?
You know, talk and make such sense.
Writing stories as you go, sounding intense.

How on earth do you do it?
Walk, fall down and then get up only to walk again,
You make everything look strong, even better than imagination.

Seriously though, how do you do it?
Ask and find all the answers,
Aim to deliver,
Always get by and make enough to smile.

You don’t know how, do you?
You and me, we haven’t got a clue.
We do what we do and here we are,
Hustling, bustling and wishin’ on a star.

My top five dating games

1. Hatoful Boyfriend (Good story, great feels, make you love birds, good plots, great plot twists, shocking and heartbreaking storylines, fit human forms)

2. Hustle Cat ( Great Story, great plot twists and interesting, cute and cool characters, magic, curses and cats)

3. Dandelion wishes brought to you (Interesting and good Characters, great art but story line and game play drag)

4. Magical Diary (Okay Characters, okay story, good gameplay, magic)

5. Always remember me (good story if you stick to it, characters are a bit boring but okay, game play can drag on though)

Do you agree?


Monday, August 11th, 7:13pm

Stone, how the hell do you show up eighteen hours late to pick up your own fucking kid?! What could’ve been so damn important?

AJ was livid that Stone, yet again, showed up several hours late to pick Nina up. Like, why did it always seem like a chore to come spend time with his daughter? 

Why you always on my case about the same ole B.S? Don’t worry about what I’m doing, all that should matter to you is that check in the mail.

Check? Nigga, barely! You late about that shit too so don’t try to act like you out here doing something and making money cause you not! You out there slinging some weak ass reggies on the corners tryna act like you making moves!

See, and you wonder why I don’t wanna fucking deal witcho’ irritating ass! You always tryna put me down and shit like I’m not out here hustling to put food in her mouth and keep you with money in yo pockets!

He was so sick of AJ’s negativity all the damn time. It’s one of the many reasons he doesn’t want to rekindle anything they once had. She use to be down with him through whatever. But what could he expect after leaving her after she had Nina for six months and cheating on her with every chicken that was willing to spread em. 

Deal with me? Are you serious?! Who came to bail yo stupid ass outta jail when them so called “Bae’s, and Nigga’s” of yours left you there to rot? Who’s the one that was down with you when you ain’t have nothing?! That’s right, me! And you see this house? I pay the bills up in here, not yo whack side hustle! I bust my ass everyday at work for me and Nina so you can cut that shit all the way out! 

Knowing she was completely correct, he just starred at her in silence.

Yeah, that’s what I thought…I expect her back on Wednesday, and don’t have none of them ho’s around her either…