hustle loyalty and respect


Dean - Monk (Master of titties and nunchucks)

Bayley - White Mage (Her hugs can cure anything)

Cesaro - Sheep Viking (Extremely strong, but cuddly)

John Cena - Shovel Knight (Hustle, loyalty, respect, but with a shovel)

Hehee, this was fun to do, so expect more wrestlers+rpg classes in the future!

john cena will probably die in my lifetime and that’s really upset me i can’t live in a world without hustle, loyalty and respect

Exhibit A for why I really don’t care for Roman’s supposed ‘Heel Turn’ against Dean, because this right here is his character dead set and one of the major reasons he’s beloved by fans who have stuck through with him since his Shield days, as opposed to the more recent ones, bless you, who are under the assumption that confidence, swagger and a silent enforcer outlook immediately means he’s suppose to be better as a ‘Bad Guy’.
They’re called ‘Anti-Heroes’ for a reason, and it’s quite a bit of wonderment that Roman, in being just who he is embodies the Hustle, Loyalty and Respect part of John Cena’s creed with far more ease and realism than Cena himself yelling it every night could ever muster.
And that’s something to behold.

What sense would it make for him to go to bitter war against Dean when they’ve been nothing but brothers all along and not just brothers but brothers who fight like brothers even when they understand that there can only be one person at the top? 
These two have stood at the opposite side of the ring against each other, biggest test of friendship they had and they passed with flying colors. 
Hell, he even offered to buy beer if he lost. 

Roman is not a lone wolf. He’s a poor-ass example of one, even more so when his 24 special showcasing his family and what a damn mama’s boy he is, is literally termed ‘Never Alone’.
His loyalty, family values and commitment to those closest to him is a cornerstone of his characterization and I’ll be damned if the WWE bucking under pressure and waning a quick, flashpan solution looks to ruin the character they have built since the Winterstorm edition of RAW by trying to make him more ‘edgy’ and needlessly push him into villain territory by having him do something he would never do.

He’s been nothing but supportive of a brother, holding no grudges for Dean pulling the trigger on him with the only clause being that against one another, they give each other their best without subterfuge. 
He put his body on the line, throwing himself in a fight he knows he can’t win for Dean simply to buy the man time. 
He picked up the contract and handed it to Dean to sign without a shred of misgiving or second thoughts. 
He knows Dean earned this fight and accepts it, and he’s not about to spoil it for his best friend. 
If Dean, footloose ‘lunatic’ Dean Ambrose could preach the same notion last year by saying that he was proud of Roman’s title match at Wrestlemania and looked to find his own way there without getting in Roman’s way, you think the guy who carried Dean on his back after Payback would think any different? 

Does he look like Triple H to you? 

Look at what they’ve done to Seth Rollins’ character, from fiery ‘We are the authors of our own fate!’ revolutionary who was often the first to run into any given situation (Whenever Shield attacked as a unit, Seth always acted as the sighthound at the very front) who had no problem nearly killing himself every PPV to save his friends into a gutless, sniveling coward who hides behind his flunkies and shies away friom ever challenge with no explanation whatsoever. Evil makes you stupid? Evil gives you a complete character makeover?

In no way am I against a heel turn for Roman and even if he does I will continue supporting him, but turning him heel against Dean without reason or rhyme when they’ve set it in stone that it’s simply not in his nature to do so is pretty bad storytelling, period.
I would have happily bought him as Paul Heyman’s Next Big Thing, perhaps even turn him into a shade of his old Leakee self, but he isn’t Leakee anymore just as Dean Ambrose isn’t Jon Moxley anymore. 
They’ve grown past those characters, he’s grown past that character, he’s Roman Reigns now, and Roman Reigns carries a different set of characteristics that defines him. 

Betrayal is not one of those characteristics. 

Your Moment Of Zen: John Cena Elementary School

I have no idea why Robert E. Lee Elementary is being renamed, but John Cena Elementary School seems absolutely perfect. The uniforms would be brightly colored tees, jorts, and a pair of wristbands. The alma mater would be, “The only way to succeed in life is using three things… hustle, loyalty, and respect.”

It’s a much better working title than the one below it, let’s be honest here.

cracked-dot-com-official replied to your post: i really do respect nightcore’s ultima…

for some reason i feel like nightcore is the john cena of music . cna you explain this sense i have

nightcore is a very earnest sensation brought on by very earnest people who truly just want very fast versions of their favorite songs with anime people slideshows over them. john cena, both persona and person, is incredibly earnest. in presentation and actuality, this is part of his appeal, as is nightcore’s

also like john cena, nightcore keeps winning. you boo and demand they stop winning so much, but they just keep doing it. you tune in and still watch john cena win just like you give in and search youtube for a nightcore of your favorite song, whether to hate-listen or truly come to appreciate it.

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