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The Shy Giant

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Inspiration: Imagine John Cena trying to interrupt Colin Cassady from asking you out, but Enzo Amore helps Colin out.

(Photo from Inspiration: @dirtywweimagines)

(Text that was added in their mind that made it into my story: @kinkywwefantasies)

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Description: Big Cass has a massive crush on the reader and he’s always been too shy to come out and say it. He finally gets the guts to say something, but John Cena has other things in mind.

If I get enough hits or responses to this, I will make a 2nd part.

This is my very first fic, don’t be brutal! Here we go! ~

You were still a somewhat new female wrestler that had joined the roster. You didn’t talk to many people, the few you did talk to were amazing friends. It was still pretty early on in the show so you made your way to catering. There you found your friends, the two big trash talkers and mister hustle, loyalty, and respect; Enzo, Big Cass and John Cena.

You smiled brightly and made your way over after getting a plate filled with plenty of food, sitting beside Cass. He looked over at you and smiled widely. “What’s with the big goofy grin, Cass?” You asked.

Cass chuckled softly and Enzo smirked. “He likes a girl with a big appetite, sweetheart.” He said with a nod towards your plate. You blushed lightly, giggling, putting your head down as you began to nibble on your turkey sandwich that you had made.

John noticed all of this and rolled his eyes. He knew Cass had a thing for you, but after hanging around you as long as they were, he also had a thing for you. Seeing Cass being the silent giant and winning your heart little by little, made John rather annoyed. He growled, causing Zo to look his way, seeing the jealousy in Cena’s eyes as he looked at you and Cass.

Zo knew that the two had it bad for you, and he was more for helping his giant friend win your heart. He heard Cass and John say goodbye to you, though he was deep in thought. You had a match tonight, and it was against Becky Lynch. You knew you were the match before Enzo, Cass and Cena had a match against AJ and The Club.

You went out for your match and you felt pretty nervous due to how talented you knew your opponent was.


Enzo and Cass were in their locker room, assuming they were alone, but John was listening outside the door quietly.

“When you thinkin’ about tellin’ y/n about your feelings, big guy?”

Cass laughed and shook his head. “Do you think that tonight after her match, when we make our way to the ring would be a good time?” Zo grinned. “I think that sounds perfect.”

John growled under his breath, trying to think of a way to make sure that plan doesn’t happen. He continued to throw things around in his thoughts but nothing really stuck out so he resorted to the usual method.

After Your Match…

You had lost to Becky, but were still a good sport about it. You gave her hand a shake, raised her hand and shared a tight hug with the Lass Kicker. You stood ringside, hearing John’s music and then you soon saw Enzo speed his way out onto the stage with Cass coming behind him. Zo grinned and pointed at you so you pointed back with a wide smile. You always loved their entrance so when it came to the ‘sing-along,’ you were repeating everything they said. You were surprised when Zo gestured for you to join them in the ring after Cass’ part.

You made your way into the ring, climbing in over the bottom rope as Enzo held it down for you. Cass was standing on the side where your back end had been facing him when you got into the ring, causing him to bite his lip, trying to keep his calm.

Enzo took the microphone and grinned. “This right here, is y/n and she’s a Hottie that isn’t all that naughty.” He smirked when the crowd cheered out their saying. You just stood there, rather confused. You’d been asked to do commentary after your match but didn’t head there instantly. Now here you were in the ring…again.

Zo got the crowd down to a reasonable level of cheers. “My seven foot tall buddy has somethin’ to say to this hottie.” He chuckled, handing the microphone to Cass and walking over to another corner. The Jersey native turned, seeing that Cena was fuming, and that gave Zo all the incentive he needed to stay on his toes.

Cass slowly made his way to stand in front of you as you stood in the middle of the ring. You literally had to tilt your head back and look up at him, being that Cass stood about a foot and a half to two feet taller than you. “Hey y/n.. I know you’re probably wonderin’ why the hell you’re in here when you were asked to do commentary but, ah…Just humor me for a bit, kay?”

You only nodded, scrunching your eyebrows in confusion. You were surprised that he knew, being that no one had said anything and it wasn’t even on the script. Soon, you were putting small pieces together. Maybe he and Zo had asked the writers to add in you doing commentary for their match. Your head was slightly dipped down as you were in thought but that didn’t last too long. Your thoughts were soon interrupted as a large, rough hand cupped your chin and tilted your head upwards.

Your eyes soon softened as you noticed Cass’ own gentle gaze, causing your cheeks to flush scarlet while you remained in place.

“Y/n, I don’t know what it was, but you’ve had this giant wrapped around your tiny little finger since you joined the main roster. We knew each other in NXT, well…Zo knew you in NXT considering I was pretty quiet with you.” He gestured to Enzo, who was grinning as he crossed his arms over his chest.

You laughed a bit, using your hand to gesture for him to continue. Cass rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “What I’m tryin’ to say is-”

Before he could finish, John had grabbed a microphone and interrupted to a torrent of boos. “Can we just get the others out here and have our match, big guy?” He said, smacking his shoulder.

You heard from the opposite corner from John and a snarl coming from Enzo as he made sure nobody heard him when he said, “Back off bozo!” Zo did his dance and made John move away from you and Cass.

You gave out a laugh as you were distracted by this, but soon your laughter stopped immediately as you felt the familiar muscular hand reach to stroke your cheek with his thumb. “As I was sayin’.. I-I like you, y/n… and if you would let me, I’d love to take you out on a date..” He bit his lip, waiting for an answer.

You took the microphone from him, moving it as if you were about to answer. You then threw the microphone aside and, instead of an answer, you caught him off guard by jumping on him. Cass caught you as you wrapped your legs around him and his eyes widened when you smashed your lips against his in a bruising, passionate kiss. It was not only your way of answering, but it was also a way to show him that you’d returned those feelings.

From the moment you joined NXT and had seen him with Enzo, you knew you had a weak spot for the giant. He may have been quiet and shy with you, but that never stopped him from being such a sweetheart to you. He would do the small things that you loved. That included pulling out your chair whenever you sat down with him and Enzo at a table to a huge range of other things.

You soon broke the kiss, having to tear yourself away from him as you didn’t really want to end the kiss. You blushed as you looked at Cass, then to Enzo and John. A smirk played on your lips. “Good luck on your match guys, hope ya’ win.” You gave a wink in Cass’ direction, then waited until he turned to give his ass a quick smack, then a playful squeeze, causing him to tense and flush darkly.

Enzo saw everything, breaking out into a small fit of laughter as they made their way to their corner. Zo helped you out of the ring and you made your way to commentary as AJ’s music soon filled the arena.

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Josh is still putting the finishing touches on the next Utena recap so I will take a moment to talk about another thing that I enjoy.

It is insanely difficult to write for wrestling.

At any given moment, you are dealing with the following characters:

-Wrestlers who are faces (heroes)

-Wrestlers who are heels (villains)

-Wrestlers who are booked as faces but treated by the audience as heels

-Wrestlers who are booked as heels but treated by the audience as faces

-Wrestlers who are miscellaneous

-Interviewers, commentators, managers and assorted mascots, all of whom may be faces or heels

-On-screen authority figures, who may be faces or heels

-Actual authority figures, who may be faces or heels

-The audience, which may be face or heel, depending on what city you’re in, what year it is, and whether the bookers and writers of the show are intentionally antagonizing them or not

You also have comic book levels of backstory and continuity, which (much like in comics) is largely ignored in practice, except when it isn’t; performers who may or may not be able to act, who have a tendency to get injured or suspended for drug use in the middle of important storylines, and may simply refuse to do what you tell them; an audience which cannot even agree about what wrestling is, let alone what is good, but which is the single determinant of your success; and an additional, theoretical audience which stopped watching wrestling in 2003 and which it is your life’s goal to somehow bring back to the fold.

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Dean - Monk (Master of titties and nunchucks)

Bayley - White Mage (Her hugs can cure anything)

Cesaro - Sheep Viking (Extremely strong, but cuddly)

John Cena - Shovel Knight (Hustle, loyalty, respect, but with a shovel)

Hehee, this was fun to do, so expect more wrestlers+rpg classes in the future!

“My name is Paul Heyman and my client Brock Lesnar conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. Which is why, at this moment, my client hereby officially announces his intention to conquer John Cena and take the WWE world heavyweight championship at SummerSlam.

"Now, my client officially acknowledges this divide that permeates through the WWE Universe. There are those who wear their green t-shirts and pump up sneakers, and they scream with great passion their love and adulation for their hero by saying at the top of their lungs ‘let’s go Cena’. And there are those who offer the contrarian opinion and whose mommies don’t tuck them into bed at night and they will say with great fervor and passion ‘Cena sucks!’

"Now, it doesn’t matter to my client which side of the fence you want to ride on. This malpracticing Dr. of Thuganomics is in for the beating of a lifetime. I don’t just stand out there and spew hype and hyperbole. I exploit historical facts to shove my points down your throats. To wit: I offer you what happened the last time my client, Brock Lesnar, zeroed in on someone and decided to give them a beating.

"For years, everybody said I want to be the one to beat the Undertaker and snap the streak. But that wasn’t good enough for Brock Lesnar. At WrestleMania, my client, Brock Lesnar, gave such a violent beating to the Undertaker that Vince McMahon had to ride in the ambulance to the hospital with the Undertaker because even our heartless chairman was concerned for a dead man’s well being and life.

"Oh, John Cena? That same beating awaits you. And please don’t confuse my client with some stereotypical vilain that comes out here and say ‘John, you can escape this beating by giving up your title and laying it down at my feet.’ Brock Lesnar makes you no such offer. John Cena, you can’t escape this beating.

"At SummerSlam, my client, Brock Lesnar, will take John Cena down.

"Brock Lesnar will punch John Cena’s face in.

"John Cena, you are going to be hurt by Brock Lesnar.

"Brock Lesnar is going to injure John Cena.

"Brock Lesnar is going to mangle John Cena.

"And then, and only then, Brock Lesnar is going to F-5 John Cena and strip John Cena of the dignity of being the WWE world heavyweight champion the same way Brock Lesnar stripped the Undertaker of his dignity and exposed the streak as just being a myth; the same myth that Brock Lesnar hears every week on television when John Cena is referred to as being the greatest WWE champion of all time. Fifteen world titles in 10 years… now that sounds like something worth conquering.

"I pledge allegiance to the greatness of the conquerer who stands before me. And to his dominance, for which I stand, one Cenation, under John, now divisible, with no more hustle, loyalty, or respect for all.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I’m the one behind the 1 in 21 and 1, and at SummerSlam, my client, Brock Lesnar, will beat John Cena and become the WWE heavyweight champion of the world.”

Your Moment Of Zen: John Cena Elementary School

I have no idea why Robert E. Lee Elementary is being renamed, but John Cena Elementary School seems absolutely perfect. The uniforms would be brightly colored tees, jorts, and a pair of wristbands. The alma mater would be, “The only way to succeed in life is using three things… hustle, loyalty, and respect.”

It’s a much better working title than the one below it, let’s be honest here.

When I was 14 I was really into john cena and when I would make a post on myspace I would end it with “hustle loyalty respect” I don’t know if there’s anything more embarrassing I can share with you people

john cena will probably die in my lifetime and that’s really upset me i can’t live in a world without hustle, loyalty and respect

Everyone going to RAW and or Smackdown! in London on Monday or Tuesday

Please please please be on the look out for a guy dressed as John Cena. (he looks like this) 

He lost a bet at Mania and he really hates Cena so now has to dress as him. If you spot him PLEASE ask for a photo with him because he has also been told to act with “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect”

Thank you all in advance.