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Knowing This Will Help You Create Success

There has been no better time in the history of humanity for us to chase our dreams. The technology we have access to, the information at the tips of our fingers and the lack of severe overt oppression such as slavery means that all of us can achieve whatever we want.

20 years ago there was no SoundCloud or YouTube and people making music in their bedrooms would have no chance of getting discovered by record labels - all of that has changed. There are no more gatekeepers to success, the advent of modern technology has put the power in our hands.

We need to encourage each other to chase our dreams, find success buddies and team up to achieve our goals. Of course, there will be haters along the way who want to stop others from trying because they’ve already given up, but they’re a necessary part of all of our journeys.

There’s no need to just settle for a job, relationship or life we hate - we can create a future we’re proud to live in - the power lies within us, all we have to do is claim it. Let’s take back our power from the TV, school system, the news, friends, family or parents by looking within and asking ourselves the question “what do I want the rest of my life to look like?”

Let’s take responsibility for where we are right now by understanding that we are where we are because of the decisions we have made. Indeed, others may have influenced us, but ultimately we are the ones who chose to act. Now we can make the decision to act in a way that serves our highest good.

There’s nothing holding us back from our success except ourselves, “they” know this and try to distract us from looking within with everything society has to offer - drugs, TV, food etc - prioritising our success above all else will ensure we achieve it.

There’s no time like the present, so go for it.

Peace & positive vibes.

Can someone please make a blog specifically for black people with tattoos

There’s a lot of us who don’t know what colors are appropriate for what tones . And a lot of people who feel that they are just too dark.

I’m sure there’s a tattoo artist out there somewhere that specializes in black skin

Quotes: Tony on BTS

“Not to talk about any other group, but they’re just different. BTS has so much to offer …  People were like ‘Look up BAP, look up EXO, or G-Dragon,’ and all these groups. I checked them all out, and it wasn’t the same for me, you know.”

Rap Mon can rap really good … but the fact that he wears makeup shouldn’t take away from it or the fact that he dances shouldn’t take away from it because that’s his culture.”

“… my favorite track is ‘Hip Hop Lover.’ It’s amazing- the rapping, the hook. I was really amazed.”

“My boy Suga pulled his phone out and said, “Hey I produced this track. Do you wanna listen?” So I heard [‘Let Me Know’] before but when I could hear it in speakers, that was a beast. Suga is amazing. He made that record. He produced the track, the hook, and everything.”

“It will happen eventually, whether I get Jimin to sing a hook or Rap Monster to rap or something. Something will happen in the future.”

“They’re so dedicated, always dancing, always practicing. It’s not all forced- they don’t have to do that. They just want to be good at what they do because they’re going to get so much flak for wearing makeup and for dancing.” 

“When he’s rapping on ‘Hip Hop Lover,’ you hear greatness in Rap Mon.”

“The most talented one of them all, even though they’re all super talented, is Jungkook who is the youngest. He can do all three. He can really rap, he can really sing, he can really dance as you saw in ‘Bulletproof.’” 


“See? Can’t see the rim of a contact, can you?”

Can this ship be called Gravey LOL


{…And even if he had, it’s even possible that his family might hide it from him. Who knows.}

FIGHT! MUSCLE MUSCLE! Also people who think you’re stupid are stupid for thinking that! *Sticks tongue out* BLEH! BATTER OUT!