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Fuck corporate. We’re supposed to try to sell protection plans on certain items which is fine, WHEN I’m on the floor trying to get it on a laptop or printer. When I’m at the register and the only chances I get are to sell them on cheap ass flashdrives or staplers or whatever bullshit customers aren’t going to buy it no matter how I try to sell it. And now our numbers are down and I’ve got to go through all this bullshit training about how we need to focus on bigger goals despite the daily hustle. But I figure they’re barely paying me enough for one job, if they want me to do the job of two people and do them well they better start paying me like two people

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Could I get a scenario where Akaashi and his girlfriend are stargazing together, with lots of fluff pretty please?!

It had been a stressful week consisting of finals and matches between opposing schools, and if you were being honest, you were in dire need of a well-deserving break; you and Akaashi both. He was in compliance with your thoughts, eager to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life for at least the weekend. The drive lead farther and farther out of the city until the trees decorated the sidelines, the sky an open view. You knew exactly what he had in mind. There was a special spot he first took you to shortly after you met, and since then it became a frequent place you occupied.

The air was brisk and fresh, perfect despite the usual December air. You breathed out a sigh of relief, the tension leaving your body with each exhale as you leaned against Akaashi, he in turn wrapping an arm around you. 

“Thank you for taking me out here tonight. I think both of us deserved a break after the week we’ve had.” You admitted, already starting to feel the affects of being away from school and the stress of assignments.

“Mm, it’s not something you have to thank me for, you know that.” His lips were warm against your temple, and you leaned into his touch, craving the warmth. A soft smile graced his lips at your response. Everything you did was cute to him.

“I know, but it’s nice to be thanked for nice gestures.” You were puling him in again with that sincere look in your eyes and he couldn’t help but fall even deeper in love with you. “There’s only one thing that I really want in this life.” You suddenly began, staring clear ahead at the sky dotted with glistening stars.

Akaashi turned to you, leaning on his side to observe you as you spoke. “I want a relationship that lasts for a long time, forever I hope. I’ve always had this feeling with you that what keeps us together is something unbreakable.” You had always been one for aspects of romance and heartfelt sayings, a common trait he shared with you when he said he wanted this to last. “I want our love story to be written in the stars because that is how special you are to me.” 

The words that spilled out from your lips were turned over and over in his mind, analyzing and dissecting their meaning until he could only conclude one thing. Were you saying that…?

“I love you.” It was the most cliche way to admit the emotions that have been brewing in your mind for months, but now there was no way that it could mean anything else.

A feeling of warmth spread across his chest, cheeks set aflame at your admittance. He’d never felt something so unconditional for anyone before you. He could give himself over to you, body and mind. In an instant he was leaning over you, lips pressed against yours in a tender kiss. Your hands came to brush along his cheeks, a ghost of a smile gracing your lips. He didn’t need to say it, you already knew that beneath this sky, he pledged his love for you.

“My heart is yours, darling.”


approaching milford sounds.

i always wanted to see this beautiful place, called the 8th wonder of the world.
but i never thought i could really make it happen.

for a very long time in my life i spent so much money on things that there was none left for travelling. things are so easily available, they offer instant gratification. it always seemed easier and more reasonable to me to buy a little piece of happiness here and there instead of delaying gratification and saving up for travels. but the thing is: things never make you happy for long, they don’t fullfill you. their novelty wears off and you have to replace them with newer, shinier, more contemporary, more expensive things all the time to derive happiness from them. the more you buy, the more the marginal utility of things diminishes - and soon they become clutter, weighing you down.

in our expat years in california we were surrounded by new consumer opportunities and by so many shiny new things, so many new stores, cool brands, cheap clothes, sales and bargains…and i dived right in. knowing no one in this new country, the easiest way to become a part of it was to spend my free/alone time browsing through stores, going shopping. you never look/feel lonely in the mall. but you are. and you’ll stay lonely if this is all you do with your free time.

but california had so much more to offer: the beach, the golden hills, mountains and lakes, national parks, lively cities, festivals, concerts, an amazing food scene, a plethora of cool sport and leisure activities, and so many lovely people.

the newness of all this opened my eyes for this contradiction:
to have or to be - which one do you want to emphasize in your life?

i’m so glad the USA drew us in with its amazing landscapes, natural beauty and cool folks and made us hikers and campers, swimmers and snorkelers, runners and bikers, walkers and skaters, yogis and festival goers.
we enjoyed the beach and the parks and it dawned on us that money is better spent on experiences than on things.

i’ll never forget the roadtrips, daytrips and sometimes peaceful, sometimes exhilarating hikes (angel’s landing, baby!) over which i bonded with my husband, friends and family. our days at the beach and in the cities, just strolling through san francisco’s unique districs and soaking it all in, the amazing festivals and concerts (i still think of coachella, outside lands and the bridge school festival so, so often). i’ll always remember my days at the stanford and berkeley library where i researched for essays, and my english, spanish, swimming, bikram and hip hop classes. these experiences become a part of you. they don’t diminish with time and get scratches but live on in you, they shape you and let you grow.

this slowly but surely makes us shift our priorities, a journey that still continues, a road full of quantum leaps and setbacks that feels so right the more i conciously awaken to it :

we don’t need expensive stuff, we want to see the world and experience what it has to offer! we want to spend quality time with each other, with our loved ones and with the people we meet along our way.

so when we moved back to germany and mieke was on her way we decided to do what we always had dreamed of: take the opportunity to take two months of parental leave together and go see new zealand as a family of three.

we longed to have some cheerful summertime together amidst the cold german winter, to embrace the sun, the sea and nature and show mieke how beautiful this world really is. we yearned for some time together, away from the rush and stress of our daily hustle and bustle, to get into the groove as a new family, to grow closer together and make memories of the magic that dwells in this beginning. the beginning of our family.
we took advantage of this (maybe) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel for two whole months to finally see this dreamland on the other side of the planet we thought we’d never see. NEW ZEALAND.

and all the negotiating, saving, planning and flying was so worth it!
we’ll never forget the amazing time we had as a new family in this wonderful country, all the sublime landscapes we explored together, the lovely people we met and the great time we spent with each other.

granted, this was a time consuming, CO2 heavy and expensive trip, and not everyone can afford this kind of travel. but the beautiful thing about experiences is: 
the happiness you can derive from them isn’t as correlated to money as it is with things. it doesn’t have to get bigger, more expensive and cooler all the time to make you happy. there are so many free hiking trails or interesting cityscapes to marvel at in your surrounding, there are sports to play with friends, street musicians to listen to, intruments to be played, pictures to be painted …you just have to open your eyes and embrace being instead of trying to fill the void or search for happiiness and well-being through having. this doesn’t seem to come as easy as just shopping happiness, but that’s the trick, this is true life. and it is so much more fullfilling!

Stress yourself out with this coloring book about climate change
Coloring books are supposed to calm your nerves and help you unplug from the daily hustle. It might not sound like your typical, meditative coloring book — but it’s also not really supposed to be, says Brian Foo, the 31-year-old data artist and computer scientist behind the project. Foo works with data visualization, and he’s been working on public exhibits related to climate change at the American Museum of Natural History. Read more

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Do you believe in spirits? If so, do you think CHS is haunted?

Yes. But, I wouldn’t quite call Columbine ‘haunted’ per say.    I feel as though there is residual energy in the backdrop of that intense event that took place and that the energy is still there but the daily hustle and bustle of positive activity that goes on regularly there with the flux of students impresses over it and sort of overrides the historical imprint of that event.  It’s like when you cut a tree and you see all the rings in the fabric of the trunk that represent an event of time and growth. ‘The Columbine Event’ would still be a huge, thick dark ring in the fabric of the fiber of that schools being as well as the grounds. However, I don’t feel that earth bound ghosts of the victims or the boys are stuck or damned haunting the school  - though crossed-over spirits can certainly visit when/if they choose to do so. Mind you..I don’t think the boys, or the victims for that matter, want to be in those environs at all.  I know some have mentioned haunting experiences from Eric and Dylan on here specifically of the two messing with locker doors and slamming them, etc.  All I can say to is that level of haunting activity was certainly not my impressions during the time I was  However, I do believe the sort of experience that Devon’s had in 2000 with Dylan in the theater is the type of thing that would happen once in a blue moon. Obviously that is an intelligent spirit visit in which Dylan was responding to his friend Devon. 


Daily Actor Appreciation: Jeremy Renner

b. Jan 7, 1971 in California, USA. (age 43)

For the past 19 years, Renner has played 41 characters in 51 titles, which total to 81 hours of aired television and movies.

He has 4 more titles set to release.


  1. William Brandt - Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
  2. Hawkeye - The Avengers
  3. Aaron Cross - The Bourne Legacy
  4. Hansel - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
  5. Mayor Carmine Polito - American Hustle
  6. Det. Jason Walsh - The Unusuals

Guys, you get aproned Jeremy Renner for the last picture because, even thought here are plenty of pictures of Det. Walsh brandishing a gun, there are pictures of a weaponized every Jeremy Renner character. Also, there’s an episode of The Unusuals where he is topless, if not naked, for the entire episode, but you can see his biceps in the Hawkeye picture, and I’m really amused by the apron.

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