hussie is perfect

HUSSIE: […] Only problem is, I lost the ring.
HUSSIE: John FUCKING Egbert has it. Doesn’t look like he’s gonna let it go either, the bastard.
HUSSIE: Gotta make a plan. Think, imagination, think. Argh, the one time I really need you!
MEENAH: yo i got boatloads a bling
MEENAH: i could sell you a ring
HUSSIE: You could??? Oh man, perfect. How much?
MEENAH: $2,485,506 pledged of $700,000 goal
HUSSIE: What makes you think I’ve got that kind of dough just lying around?!
MEENAH: thats my price pumpkin skin you want the ring or not
HUSSIE: Alright. Fine. Guess I’ve got no choice but to pony up.
HUSSIE: Just… don’t tell anyone, ok? I kind of promised I would use this money for something else.
—  Andrew Hussie, Openbound part 3

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I'm really not into ship-bashing, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who would be good with whom, but what I absolutely detest is when someone writes a fic with a ship that they like, and they COMPLETELY change a character's personality to make it work. In other words, Karkat is not some shy, soft-spoken, anime schoolgirl. But I suppose the character's personality's don't really matter. It's clear this story is actually just about the smut. Have a nice day.

“It’s clear this story is actually just about the smut" well mr anon sir if u read my faq before sending an ask

you sound personally offended ngl

i dont have karkat screaming every 2 seconds cuz that would get annoying to draw real fast, i dont want him screaming unless something serious is happening that the reader can understand, not a "oh there goes that diddly darn karkat screaming and taking up the entire page again oh u rapscallion u” + it’s not like i have him going desudesu up in this biz, the comic is sadstuck not comedic like the real homestuck too.

and a healthy reminder that authors don’t write and artists dont draw specifically catering to you and they don’t owe you anything you’re the audience no one is forcing you to do anything. they aren’t pets, people who make fics deserve so much more credit?? and to be honest im that way too with fics (only if its like, idk cronus assaulting someone or kakat giggling and wearing all pink) but hey they’re doing something that makes them happy and they want to share it with people. i like reading canon characters too but that’s not going to make me dismiss the fic entirely because they cant 100% mimic hussie or perfect dynamic characters. even HUSSIE gets knocked for his own characters man you just cant keep tumblr people happy like eve r. i dont make fics but dont bust their buns

but nah son im totally fine if you dont wanna read the comic because it wasn’t made for everyone and this is tumblr and that’s okay c:

you dont need to give me attitude tho remember friend youre the one who was too shy and went on anon, not me

hussie probably
  • Hussie: uploads an update called "game over"
  • Hussie: wait for it
  • Homestucks: w E REFUSE
  • Homestuck: tfw rose has no more girlfriend
  • Hussie: everything seems in perfect order
  • Hussie: sips the blood of all dead characters from a cute teacup

stares @ that ‘hussie is problematic post’ ,,,,,ok

yall realize how old some of the shit on there is rght? like yeah hussie isnt perfect nd is on no grounds to be worshiped but he has grown significantly as a person and ntm theres some actual shit on there trying to drag him for the shit his CHARACTERS DO IN COMIC lilke ok

i mean i understand his characters are his control but??? this is like ‘this character has done some AWFUL things so hussie is obviously AWFUL too’

like calm tf down man chill jfc

I just saw a couple of posts about this and it pissed me off, so…

No, not everything about Homestuck is perfect. Hussie has made poor choices in some regards (such as use of the r*tard slur) but as far as I know, he’s always apologized for it and took conscious effort to fix it. Y’know, like the toxic masculinity dialogue between Dirk and Dave? After fans brought it up as an issue?

These are valid complaints and if that turns you off Homestuck, I understand. But if you’re angry about the story taking a direction you don’t find interesting, characters you don’t like getting screentime… Then please shut the fuck up.

Homestuck is the longest work of fiction in the English language. How much have you paid for getting to read it? And don’t bring up the merchandise because no on forced you to buy it. It’s not required to buy the merchandise in order to read the story. Even all the music (which officially should be bought from Bandcamp) can be listened to for free, downloaded for free… 

In other words, you are complaining about this story, which you are reading 100% for free, at the same time as everybody else. You don’t have to pay to read ahead, you only have to wait until Hussie has the energy to continue this story, and you still have the gall to complain about a let’s say Kankri, a character who never had any sort of impact on the story, not getting enough screentime.

You don’t think Hussie cares about his fans? Are you aware that a lot of the plotpoints are a direct reference to his fans (Such as (Vriska) being a reference to the “Eridan is an analogy for Obama” meme). The dancestors save for Meenah and Aranea were never even supposed to be part of the story but the fans wanted to see them. 

As for those saying Hussie don’t care about his own characters… I hate to break it to you, but a story can only have so many main characters. I love Eridan, but he has simply played his part in destroying the matriorb. Is there any plot relevant reason for him to come back? I’m not saying I don’t want him to come back ,but I can understand why he won’t. And yes, the characters die often and it’s understandable why that might induce apathy, but seeing as Hussie has acknowledged this and given his reason why, there is literally no reason for you to bitch about it. 

I rarely say this because I believe in examining things and media you enjoy, but unless there is something that’s relevant and really offensive about Homestuck you don’t like, then just shut up. Going on a crusade saying “Hussie ruined Homestuck!!11!2″ is just embarrassing. 

Besides, make your own story that meets your expectations then. Here is a theme you can use for free that’s suited for webcomics. MS Paint comes with most PCs, and if not it can be downloaded. There are several websites that offer free audio royalty-free. Nothing is stopping you.

Again, I want to emphasise that it’s completely understandable and relevant to bring up prejudice and offenses expressed in the comic (as long as it’s not intended (such as Caliborn being a misogynist; villains are supposed to do villainous things). I encourage that! But keep in mind that Hussie up till this point has listened to the critiques and taken care to apologize both in- and out of the comic. 

What happened on 10/25/14
  • Hussie: *posts upd8*
  • Fandom: Oh haha look at the yaoi I wonder what else is-
  • Hussie: heh.
  • Fandom: Oh no chill guys it's a doomed timeline no one is dead and everything is fine and okay with Homestuck :)
  • Hussie: hmmmmm . . .
  • Hussie: *posts another upd8*
  • Fandom: Oh yay now everything will be okay~
  • Fandom: Well she had it coming . . . no no wait John no . . . JOHN IS GLITCHING NOW THIS IS THE ALPHA OH NO WHY NOOOOOOOOOO
  • Hussie: Perfect.

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Hi there! A younger fan here. My first try at homestuck was hazy, and a bit odd. But here I am now, still catching up and stuff. My submit is mostly about the topic you're posting. You are right. HS isnt for kids. But I know that at my school, a wide majority of kids watch things like Family Guy. Family Guy is inapproriate in general. But my point is that i find it werid that everyones talking about kids reading HS but not talking 'bout them watching FG. Werid.

Actually, it’s funny you mention that! I get super angry if I hear about a kid watching Family Guy. Not to the kid, they don’t know better, but to anyone who is letting their kid watch it. Because yeah, Homestuck is fucked up, but at least it has the common sense to be moderately commentative on it.

Meanwhile, in the first FIVE MINUTES of a Family Guy episode, I counted Racism, Sexism, overall violence and meanspiritedness, Pedophilia as a joke, and just plain abuse. I’ve talked on my personal blog about how much I hate their treatment of Meg. But really, the whole show is fucked up.

But it’s huge, everywhere, undeniable. And we carry Family Guy fabric at JoAnns. And young kids bring it up grinning, quoting lines about how Stewie wants to kill his mother, in front of their mother, while having a bad attitude and snarking at her. I want to burn that fabric every time I see it.

If I had to pick something more dangerous, I’d say it’s Family Guy. It’s on network TV, it’s on Netflix streaming. No one inside the show calls anything they do into question, except as an excuse for a joke.

Of course Homestuck is problematic; and Hussie is too. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the imagination! But if a kid somehow had to choose between watching Family Guy or reading Homestuck, I would hand them Book 1 and a boingo hammer.

If people want a great animated sitcom, there’s waaay better options. For example…