hussie is officially in their universe

  • Homestuck Fandom: This is Calliope! Hussie told us not to spoil her appearance or her backstory to people who aren't caught up, so we waited a week after the update before publishing any art of her!
  • Steven Universe fandom: This is Aquamarine and Topaz! We theorized over them for a while after a few screenshots were leaked, but we kept spoilers to a minimum until the episodes were officially released, then we all started sharing our theories about them!

Wait. Guys. I figured it out.

2016 has been a downward-spiraling shit show, and things just keep getting more bizarre.

Homestucks have been quick to point out the parallels: comets, a corrupt billionaire/tyrant running for president, clowns…

And now today, it has been officially announced that Hiveswap Act 1 will be released in January 2017.

All of 2016 has merely been the prelude for the apocalypse that will come with the release of Hiveswap, when our world will inevitably come to an end and as many of us as possible will have to boot up Sburb to recreate the universe.