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Hussie’s art style is so weirdly unique to where I haven’t seen one person draw it quite the way he does and it’s weird because it’s so simple
And the other weird thing about that is that when you start/ plan to read homestuck the art style is one of the biggest turn-offs of the comic but as you get to the end you start to just like adore it and I want to see it all the time

Y’all can probably name a few of the old Renaissance masters, but unless you’re a particular sort of history buff, you’re probably not familiar with something called the studio system.

Basically, how it worked is that once you were famous and well-established enough that you could get away with calling yourself a master, you’d make arrangements with young, up-and-coming artists whereby they’d come and help you with your art projects, and in return, you’d let them live at your studio and do art full-time.

Some masters had only a handful of students, while others had dozens; Raphael in particular was famous for having had over fifty students working at his studio at one point, many of whom later became masters in their own right.

So… where am I going with this?

For the past several years, I couldn’t help but notice that a notable number of new webcomic creators and indie game developers seem to have some involvement with Homestuck in their past, whether as an artist, or a composer, or just somebody who once designed a t-shirt for What Pumpkin.

That alone would merely have been peculiar, but then this anecdote started going around about how Toby Fox developed Undertale quite literally while living in Andrew Hussie‘s basement to help out with the Hivebent project, and I couldn’t help but think: this pattern seems awfully familiar.

I guess what I’m saying is that Andrew Hussie is turning into some kind of fucked up present-day Renaissance master. Any day now he’s going to start rocking a Michelangelo beard and painting dicks on church ceilings - just wait.

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The homestuck fans that were teenagers during its heyday are now becoming adults. If they get into the creative scene and start working in popular media, I wonder what kind of shows, movies, and games we'll see in the future that allow us seasoned veterans to identify the creator as a former homestuck without a shadow of a doubt

Yeah, it’s called Steven Universe.

(You probably think I’m just being SU critical, but I’m really not. If you were to draw a map of who’s artistically influenced by whom in Western serial format animation, Andrew Hussie would sit at the centre of a surprisingly large region of that particular Venn diagram. It’s more obvious in some cases than others, but the guy’s way more influential than the raw-numbers popularity of his work would suggest. I’m not entirely sure why.)

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I am feeling ridiculously spoiled and grateful at the moment and i cannot thank you enough! This is absolutely beautiful, bub. You’ve perfectly captured the spirit of Edwards’ recovery after his grievous injury and i can feel the genuine affection and muted fear which Jonathan is experiencing as he waits for Edward to awaken. I’m…amazed.

Your enjoyment of my Scriddler works blows me away dear and i legit can’t work up the words to explain how much xx


I can still see mistakes and I know roxy is more punk than this but this has been overworked so I’m putting it down and leaving it. Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone!