hussein ibn ali

“ May Allah shower his mercy on Abbas !

Certainly, he has sacrificed a lot and bore massive atrocities. He kept defending his brother (Imam Hussain (as)) with all his life till he lost both his handy. Instead of his lost handy, Allah the Almighty has granted him two wings in paradise by which he flies in the heavens along with the angels, just as He had granted Janab Jafar ibn Abi Talib (as). Surely, Hazrat Abbas (as) enjoys such eminence and position in front of Allah that all the martyrs will be envious of him on the Day of Judgment.

Imam Ali ibn Hussain (as)

Bihar al-Anwaar vol 44, p. 298

About Muharram

Muharram is an Islamic holy month, and is also the first month of the Islamic calendar. When Muharram falls varies each year, as the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar and follows the cycles of the moon. 

The practicing of Muharram varies amongst Sunnis and Shias. For Sunnis, the month is practices in a celebratory, joyful fashion, and for Shias, this is a month of mourning and sadness. Please remember this difference for when wishing Muslims a “happy new year” as for Shias, although still practiced passionately, is not a ~happy~ month, but a time of sorrowful and respectful remembrance. 

Significance of The 10th day of Muharram, Day of Ashura:

*For Sunnis, this day is of fasting in remembrance of the day that the Prophet Muhammad (swt) had fasted to commemorate Prophet Moses’ liberation of the Jews enslaved in Egypt. 

*For Shias, this is a day of sadness to mourn for the martyr Imam Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (swt), and his followers, who were murdered on this day during the Battle of Karbala/Karbala Massacre. A shrine for Imam Hussein is located in Karbala, Iraq, and many Shias make pilgrimage to the shrine on Ashura. Countries with a predominantly Shia population are Iran (95%) and Iraq (60%).

*In Judaism, the Day of Ashura is equal to Passover, and commemorates the Exodus, as described in the Torah.


انشودة الحسن والحسين

The Nasheed of Al Hassan wal Hussein. 

أنوار أحمد قد . . شعت من القمرين ضاءت من الحسن . . ومن الشهيد حسين بيت النبوة كم . . يزدان بالسبطين طوبى لمن نهلوا . . من ذينك النهرين ما كان للأنسان . . فى الجوف من قلبين لكن حبهما . . نسكنه فى العينين صلى الله عليك الله . . يا سيد الثقلين وكذا على الحسن . . من وحد الصفين وعلى الحسين لواء . . الحق فى الثقلين وعلى الصحابة من . . قد وقروا الحسنين تعداد من صلوا . . لله فى الحرمين