Feysand | coffee shop

Rhys meets Feyre in a coffee shop

“One caramel machiato for…” I squint at the name on the cup and roll my eyes. Why Elain actually writes these down is unknown to me “the high lord of night” I call out to the crowd of people waiting for their drinks. A man with a shit eating grin and a man bun smirks as his friend gets up and stalks to the counter as if the world evolved around him.

he rests his elbow on the counter and holds his face up with his hand. and damn do i have to admit, its probably the most hansom face I’ve ever seen. he quirks one finely groomed brow up at me and the corners of his mouth turn up in a cocky ass smirk.

His violet eyes look down at my name tag and flick back up to look me in the eyes. I notice his eyes aren’t just violet but are mixed with specks of silver like starlight. Possibly the most beautiful combination of colours that makes my fingers itch for a brush. But I doubt I could capture the right shade of violet to do him justice.

“Hello Feyre darling” be murmurs and his voice is smooth like honey with a slight huskyness to it. The sound making my insides turn to slush like the ice we sometimes mix in the blenders. “High lord of night? Really?” I ask in a nonchalant tone “I could be” his smirk grows bigger.

I place his drink in front of him and turn around to start making the next drink as the line starts getting longer. Elain was working the till today but of course Nesta was still above getting her hands dirty with being a Batista so she was being ever so helpful in the storage room with her americano .A bitter drink like her. But I was used to it. A family run coffee shop with an alcoholic owner, two unhelpful daughters and one daughter who tried doing everything.

If it wasn’t for me then we probably would have gone down a long time ago and then how would we put food on the table…

“If you hadn’t noticed then we are very busy and I’m not in the mood for your bullcrap” I whirl around to face him again just after pulling one of the many leavers on the coffee machine “okay then I’ll cut the ‘bullcrap’” he chuckled, a low noise coming from the base of his throat.

I send him a quizzical look and his eyes shimmer slightly, I grab the coffee in its takeaway cup and start putting a lid on it when he spurts “go on a date with me” I’m so surprised I almost drop the cup but his hand whips out and wraps around the cup, stopping it from falling.

“Thought you said no more bullcrap” I state and call out the name on the cup. A real name this time. “Its not bullcrap” he challenges. Does he think I’m a joke. Laughing stock. Entertainment for his friends.

I glance over his shoulder but none of his group are paying any attention to us. I turn my back on him again “Why?”

“Because I think your beautiful” he states and this time his cocky tone is replaced with a Moore serious one. I sneak a look over my shoulder and his hands are nervously fidgeting with his cup, his midnight black hair hiding his eyes from me. “I look a mess” and its not a lie. I have coffee spilt down my shirt and apron, my hair is falling out of its bun and I have no makeup on so I look like a bit of a pasty ghost.

“An Eton mess looks like worse but it still tastes amazing” he pured, giving me a seductive wink. My face flared up and I threw myself I into making this drink. I was not expecting that.

He was waiting for me to reply so I simply said “I don’t even know your real name” and turned on the blender. I moved closer to him to hear his reply and he cocked his head to the side “I’ll tell you if you say yes”.

He went quiet again, waiting for my answer. I finished this drink and the next, making him wait and I could tell be knew what I was doing. Seeing how long bye would wait before he gave up, if he really meant it.

Ten minutes went past and he was still waiting there patiently.

“ I Finnish work at four” I said turning my attention fully to him and a smile spread across his face, a genuine smile rather than a smirk “I’ll be there” he said as he picked up his drink.

“Rhysand, my name’s Rhysand” and he said and spun on his heal, sashaying back over to his friends with a smile still on his face.

Secrets Better Revealed

Summery: While attending Vidcon 2015, Dan and Phil (especially Dan) are having a bit trouble keeping their relationship under wraps. While Phil wants it to stay that way, Dan decided to take matters into his own hands.

Word count (chapter 1): 1.7k

tws:unless you count like one or two swear words, none that I can think of!

tags: very fluff. much cute. Also coming out?? (is that even a tag?? idk)

pov: 1st person Dan

author’s note: This is my first fanfiction, so just bear with me ok. I am not the best writer, I just did this for fun. Also this happened forever ago, so I don’t know if she even remembers, but my friend attackonmylife12321 proof read this first chapter a while back and made a few minor changes with wording and phrasing and such, so thanks for that Megan! (you guys should go hop over to her blog when your done reading this little chapter K? K.) Hope you guys enjoy!

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queenofheavens  asked:

Havok wasn’t sure why he was on Olympus in that moment. In fact he had thought he would never see the holy mountain. Though his father was a god, the half elf was not the son of an Olypian. No, was a son of Typhon and often regarded as a being half monster. It sucked, but he had learned to live with it.

As he wondered the halls he found an open door. In the room beyond was a woman undressing, most likely a goddess. “ Might I suggest closing your door next time, Mama.”  He stated trying to keep the huskyness out of his voice. She was very attractive.