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Orange, please

Orange: 6 facts about my home town

  • My hometown is >>>>>>>>
  • okay that’s not actually one of them. 
  • I grew up in the ~horse capital of the world~, the ~heart of the bluegrass,~ etc etc etc, in central Kentucky
  • Not everyone who lives in Kentucky is barefoot and pregnant (though I do go barefoot everywhere I can  for as long as I can each summer)
  • I grew up right next to what is colloquially known as “Mexington.”
  • My home there is about a 5 minute drive from where I used to work every time I was in town. It’s also just a 10 minute drive from about ten hundred horse farms (exaggeration, but only slightly). I’ve done a lot of nannying jobs when I’m in town lately, and both sets of kids live out in the country so I have a looot of cell phone shots of driving on these tiny country roads through horse farms as the fog is lifting and the sun is rising. Ugh it’s so beautiful, I can’t.
  • It’s the perfect size for me tbh - there is a nice relatively big variety of culinary offerings~ and you can find just about anything at one grocery store or another, and there is always SOMETHING of some variety to do, either in town or at a close city (both Cincinnati  and Louisville are about a 1.5 hour drive, give or take traffic and how fast you go), but there’s still this great small-town feel and I regularly saw people I know like, everywhere I go/went.
  • I plan on moving back there some day.
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Well there’s a lot more force involved- there was a documentary a couple years ago had Ray Lewis tackle a dummy & measured the force- it was equivalent to being hit by a mid-sized car doing 25-30 mph, about twice the force of a rugby tackle

I can get behind that but I’d still rather be tackled by him in their protective gear than Jerome Kaino without any (so long as they follow the same rules as football seems like a free for all on how you tackle people). football looks like it takes a lot of skill but it’s damn repetitive to watch and I’m questioning whether they train with any cardio/lactic exercises since it seems solely atp-cp

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i will do it bb!

ty sweetheart :* i know you have the links :’) just mention that i loved them beyond reason and everyone should read them? xoxo

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i don’t think i should be enabling you t b q h. also i skyped at you a lot tonight in case you were there but invisible but actually you weren’t there :(

check your askbox tbh

husky04 replied to your postcan someone rec fics for me tomorrow?

Have fun with your graduation

thank you!!!