husky04  asked:

Orange, please

Orange: 6 facts about my home town

  • My hometown is >>>>>>>>
  • okay that’s not actually one of them. 
  • I grew up in the ~horse capital of the world~, the ~heart of the bluegrass,~ etc etc etc, in central Kentucky
  • Not everyone who lives in Kentucky is barefoot and pregnant (though I do go barefoot everywhere I can  for as long as I can each summer)
  • I grew up right next to what is colloquially known as “Mexington.”
  • My home there is about a 5 minute drive from where I used to work every time I was in town. It’s also just a 10 minute drive from about ten hundred horse farms (exaggeration, but only slightly). I’ve done a lot of nannying jobs when I’m in town lately, and both sets of kids live out in the country so I have a looot of cell phone shots of driving on these tiny country roads through horse farms as the fog is lifting and the sun is rising. Ugh it’s so beautiful, I can’t.
  • It’s the perfect size for me tbh - there is a nice relatively big variety of culinary offerings~ and you can find just about anything at one grocery store or another, and there is always SOMETHING of some variety to do, either in town or at a close city (both Cincinnati  and Louisville are about a 1.5 hour drive, give or take traffic and how fast you go), but there’s still this great small-town feel and I regularly saw people I know like, everywhere I go/went.
  • I plan on moving back there some day.