now im thinking of fahc/hybrid au (bless you @trixielestrange) and mavinseg since I’ve been writing that and all of yall have to deal with more headcanon posts. ((also tagging queen of mavinseg @fahchaus because its your fault ive become interested af in this ship and so i just thought i’d like to share thoughts))

For those who don’t know this au has Cat michael, husky lindsay, parrot meg, and bird (lark) Gavin.

  • since there’s two bird hybrids, feathers constantly end up everywhere. all over the house. it drives Michael crazy. Lindsay likes collecting them and trying to make shit out of them. Mostly it ends up in the trash anyway.
  • Michael is surprisingly really good at pruning their wings though. Meg and Gavin are constantly asking him to do it. Michael complains but he enjoys it and enjoys how soft their feathers are
  • Michael has the most adorable purr in the entire world. Michael adamantly refuses to admit that he purrs. But when he’s curled up next to one of his lovers and they’re running their hand through his hair and he is just content and happy there is definitely a cute rumble from his chest.
  • Lindsay loves being pet behind her ears. She turns to a puddle in their lap when they pet her ear.
  • Gavin hates flying. Sure he can if he needs to/wants to. Like escaping during a bad heist or dragging someone to safety. But he hates it. It makes him anxious and worry. The others are always there to make him feel better about stuff though.
  • Meg meanwhile fucking loves flying and it becomes routine that they all go to the top of Mount Chiliad for picnics/star gazing and Meg will just flying around, feeling nice in the chilled air running beneath her wings
  • Lindsay really isn’t one to growl. But threaten those who she loves and she will growl at you. and if you hear Lindsay’s growl. you aren’t going to be living much longer
  • Gav’s larger wings make for great blankets when cuddling. They’re so soft and warm.

idk this is enough of a dump for now just add on if any of you want. i just recently fell in love again with the fahc hybrid au.

Based From the Awesome padalickingood  RT HYBRID AU

1:cat Michael,bird Gavin,rabbit Ray,lion Jack, ram Geoff,longhorn Ryan

2: husky Lindsay,bird Meg,civet Tina,bear Adam,caribou Barbara, mouse Kerry

3: Bat Jon,badger Matt(axialmatt), dog Caleb,tiger Blaine,squirrel Kdin,

sugar glider Val

4: raven Arryn,dog Miles, deer Aaron, wolf Dan, red panda Monty

actual size


anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your AU. I was wondering if maybe you post a master post of the all the employes so people can write/draw them? Thanks

Big thanks to Pumpkinpiearsonist for letting me use their adorable pixels! ;v;

Achievement hunter:

Jack- Lion

Ray- Rabbit

Geoff- Ram

Ryan- Longhorn

Gavin- Bird (Lark)

Michael- Cat

Lindsay- Red Husky

Caleb- Border Collie

Kdin- Red squirrel

Kerry- mouse

Matt Bragg- Badger

Jeremy Dooley- Chinchilla 

Trevor - Anteater (Northern Tamandua)


Burnie- Bison

Gus- Beaver

Matt- Rooster

Miles- Malamute/Lab mix

Josh- Alligator


Arryn- Raven

Kara- Caracal 

Barbara- Caribou

Ashley- Turkish Angora

Griffon- a White Hawk for hybrid AU, but a bearded vulture for catboy!michael AU

Millie- Piebald deer

Meg- Scarlet macaw

Caiti- Quoll 

Cesar- Bird (motmot)


Brandon- Skunk

Adam Ellis- Bear

Monty- Red panda

Joel- Ferret

JJ- Silver cross fox

Chris- River otter

Patrick- Racoon

Blaine- Horse

(Tiger in catboy!Michael AU


rtaa Jordan- Giraffe

Kyle- Wolverine

Dan- Wolf

Mica - Wolf


Tina - Civet

Markiplier - Mutt (Spitz, collie mix)

Jacksepticeye - Stoat

Rhett- Elk 

Link - Silver Fox

Game grumps and friends

Arin - Striped Hyena

Danny - Alpaca

Ross- Squirrel Monkey

Barry - Asian Black Bear

Suzy - King Cheetah

Holly - Eurasian collard Dove

Kevin - Cat (snowshoe)

Jon - Kakapo