huskies eyes

The light is casted across her face. A glimpse of her blue eyes illuminates as she brushes her hands across her face from the glare. In that moment, I felt something again. In some connection I looked at her for the next hour, amazed. Laughing at the little mannerisms and things she did with her friends, pushing people and knocking over her guy friends. I think I am starting to feel again. The next day I see her and we both cross paths and smile as we say hi simultaneously. Her laugh echoes as I keep walking, I smile as the bliss follows me to class.. The search for this girl continues…

Listen… I have a hc.

Shiro + dogs,, and not just any dogs.

Two huskies with bright blue eyes, and he prides himself on how well he takes care of them. They are SPOILED. He takes them on walks three times a day, and feeds them only the best food money can buy.

And on top of that, when he’s away he hires Keith & Lance to watch his precious pups while he’s away.

I need fan art of this, if it already exists.. SEND ME A LINK PLS

  • Griffin:"What is the heaviest 'babby' to ever be birthed? ... I am 'pregnate', due on Christmas, and the doctors say my babby is very heavy. I think they said he was gonna be 175 pounds. Can I do anything to make my babby smaller? I am really worried about the labor." Bitch you should be!
  • Justin:That's gonna be a wicked labor!
  • Griffin:It's gonna be- You will most certainly die. Your lower section will open up - it will bloom like a flower when you pass that 175 pound man through your lady tubes.
  • ...
  • Griffin:Let's apply some rationale to this, okay?
  • Travis:For a change.
  • Griffin:What could- What the fuck kind of, like, miscommunication has this woman had with her doctor? Like, is there another- Like a metric- Maybe 175 OUNCES? But even that, that's a hefty ass baby right?
  • Justin:And nobody uses numbers like that!
  • ...
  • Justin:Like, how bad have you been at weights your whole life? Like that doesn't immediately, like, 'Woah, did you say 175? That sounds like a hefty person'.

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female, 5'3, chocolate brown hair, blue "husky" eyes, i take interest in meditating n watching tv series such as bobs burgers n the vampire diaries, I want to travel the world n experience culture n nature n i also luv animals; i'm a vegetarian and i have over 30 pets! for a date I would go eat somewhere nice and then go somewhere nice like a field or beach to hang at or somethin to talk about everythin in life. Oh n i really luv drinking coffee n rapping drake verses hehe

omg you sound so adorable n perfect wow!! also i love bobs burgers omg. and having over 30 pets literally sounds like a dream haha!! yeah i’d date u you sound lovely

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"You didn't invite me, so I crashed!" // Welcome to EVTEKA!

&&. @aixyu

it was two am. eunyeon was sleeping like any normal human being on a monday night so why had the woman had the need to visit her so late?it wasn’t like eunyeon had any even to call her in for. “jieun..” her alreadu naturally deep voice came out even deeper and mixed with some huskiness when she spoke, eyes barely open “did i forget about a sleepover or something-” yet she stood to a side, letting the woman come inside as she couldn’t send her out this late, alone. 

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I was reading through your messages and I agree with the theory Frankie may be a pitsky. most common breeds to have blue eyes are huskies and australian shepherds. it is otherwise a side effect of the merle gene. Frankie's eyes are too blue to be the merle gene or even recessive, so I believe, based on what we've seen of her, that she's a pitbull x husky - pitsky with strong pit features.

Oh that’s true i didn’t think of the eye thing and she’s not an aussie shepherd lol  👍 👍