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( @ceraph-the-dragon) ((You don't mind having multiple threads do you?)) An anthro Husky with blue eyes stood outside the Magic Fang Bath House and looked up at the sign and then at the address on his phone from a picture he had taken of a business card. "Hopefully this is the right place" he muttered to himself as he walked inside and approached the counter. "Hello there" he said happily as he looked around, his tail wagging behind him

((Not at all))
Hello (a busty lamia with purple skin and white hair approached him) Welcome to the bath house. How may i be of servus?

Thank You Jasper

Today, I am so thankful that I have Jasper in my life. He has been coming to work with me instead of Sargent because I don’t quite trust Sargent around children yet. So I took Jasper to work today, just like I do three days a week (I don’t want to over work him, so I leave him at home two days). IT started off relatively normal, I wasn’t feeling 100%, but that’s not unusual after a long week. What is unusual is that I slept almost 10 hours last night. When I head down to the front desk to grab some keys, Jasper tried to drag me out the front door. I completely ignored him and instead went back up to my office, Jasper dragging his feet behind me. Within half an hour, I was dizzy and shaking with a brutal headache and Jasper looking at me like ‘well, I tried to tell you’. I kept working though, a lot of what I was doing was at a desk, so I wasn’t really at a risk of falling or anything and it did little better. But any time I got up, Jasper tried to get me through the front door. It got to the point that every time I turned to head back to my office, Jasper would lie down facing the exit, or try to cut me off from where I was going. I ended up calling it a half day and left at noon. 

This is the look Jasper gave me as soon as I got in the car. He kept looking at me like, ‘see what you made me do? I had to work. That was effort. Now get your ass home so I can go back to bed.’ As I was driving home, my brain kept getting worse and worse. Luckily I didn’t hit the lowest point until I got home. I can’t be happier with Jasper. He is the best dog I could ask for. We have our ups and downs, but he has never failed me. The best part is, I never trained him to do this. He completely trained to do all of his tasks with minimal guidance on my part. Thanks for being awesome, buddy. 

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Kiba with his s/o fluff maybe? I love this blog!

“What kind of dog do you think Kakashi would be?” Kiba’s girlfriend of two years asked as they both sat on the floor. They were leant back against the sofa, their legs stretched out on the rug, a blanket over them and with Akamaru sleeping on ______’s lap in front of the fireplace. Kiba held his chin in thought but then suspiciously looked at his girlfriend.
“Why even ask? I know what answer you’re going to give-”
“A husky!” Kiba rolled his eyes.
“Of course.” ______ laughed quietly, putting her hand over her mouth as she chewed on a marshmallow which she took from the transparent bowl.
“Because he’s husky when he speaks. Eh? Eh? I’m good, aren’t I?” Pulling a pillow from the sofa, he threw it playfully at her face in an attempt to cease the pitiful jokes.
“You suck so much.” Wanting to embarrass him more, she hugged onto his arm, nuzzling his chest in a deliberate overly affectionate manner.
“But you love me!”
“I know what dog you’d be-” This caught her attention. She suddenly sat upright and looked up at him with an ‘innocent’ smile, blinking rapidly. Cocking an eyebrow, one side of Kiba’s smile became much wider for he was trying not to laugh at his own joke. “A cocker spaniel.” ______ beamed brightly, glad her boyfriend had associated such a beautiful and pretty dog with her- “You never leave me the hell alone.”
“And you better believe it!” Kiba proudly chuckled at his girl, putting his arm back around her shoulder as she snuggled back into him. With a softer voice this time, a more serious mood, she whispered out towards the flames of the fireplace, seeing the crimson torch burn the small chunks of wood. “Unless you ask me to … I’ll never l-” He silenced her. His lips on hers. He needed not to hear her say the words she longed to, for he knew them already.
‘I know, ______.’ Lips parting, they looked into one another’s eyes in silence. An orange glow upon their faces.
'I know.’

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