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♡♡There's Something about Mary♡♡

Chapter 31: Closure

Negan and Mary ( Rick’s daughter ) slowburn.

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It was three days since Negan left, Mary became hopelessly eager to see him and smell his scent, she missed his smile, hazel eyes, husky voice and the way he touches her! Mary hoped he’ll be back and whenever she heard footsteps on her porch or set of knocks on her door , her heart skip a beat, she just bolts there and find out that it’s only her dad or one of her friends.
She spent most of her time holed up in her room, crying. Till she decided the next morning she’ll go out and find him. She argued with Rick about going out but he finally submitted, Rick offered he goes with her or at least send someone but she refused.
Mary packed stuff that she’d need , took a car and drove towards the gates.

“Open the gate Aaron! ”
“Um…Mary I can go with you , you know! ”
“No , I gotta do this by myself! Don’t worry I’ll keep in touch, I took a walkie-talkie with me.”
Aaron nodded and opened the gates for her.
Mary decided to drive to the Sanctuary, her first stop, he’s definitely in the Sanctuary or so she hoped.
She drove on the road leading to the Sanctuary, through the vast woods, for four hours, she looked left and right hoping to see him wandering around but there was no sign of him, just few walkers stumbling here and there. Finally The Sanctuary became in sight, her chest clenched as she approached the gates. The two guards recognized her and opened them for her.
Mary got out of the car and headed inside, looking for Negan, but Simon blocked her way .
“Heyyy!!! Missed us kiddo??? ”
He smiled at her then added “Where’s Negan? Or did he forget about us?”
Mary’s eyes widened and whispered “He’s not here??”
“What? What’s going on Mary?”
“It’s. .. Negan is not here??”
“Uh.. thought he’s in Alexandria with you!!!”
“He left , three days ago, there’s no sign of him Simon!” Mary was breathless and her tears rolling down her face.
“Woah, what happened? ” Simon became concerned, Negan was never the kind of men who back off or surrender!
“I… we fought… he .. he broke Lucille , then he became different! ”
“Damn it! That bat meant a lot to him, I wonder why?” Simon patted at her back “look , he’ll be back! It must be hard and stressful for him , you know, expecting a baby and leaving the Sanctuary, a lot of changes, he must be overwhelmed! ”

“Simon where else could he be?? He won’t be in The Hilltop nor The Kingdom! Could you please radio the saviors in the outposts?” Mary was getting desperate.
“Sure thing Mary but if he was there I would be the first one to know! ”
Simon took his radio and talked to the leaders of the outpost and all of them denied that Negan came to them.
Mary could feel her heart dipping in her stomach.
“Where? Where would he go??? Where would. ..”
Mary suddenly cut herself off, she remembered something! Without saying a word she ran to her car and Simon was behind her yelling “what?? What’s going on?!”
“I’ll explain later Simon, I gotta go!!! I think I know where he is!”
Mary drove as fast as could to the lake house, the one she talked about to Negan, the one Negan was supposed to go to when she planned his escape . Later She told him how she always wanted a house like that, he must be there, she thought!
Mary drove for almost half an hour in a dusty road leading to the house. She stopped the car then she ran inside.
“Negan, Negan. … are you here? Negan?!”
She started fetching the rooms, one after the other.

“I thought you’ll never come?”
Negan ’s husky voice blurted from behind her, she quickly turned around to see him coming out of the basement, he seemed exhausted , his eyes were reddened. The sad look on his face is what broke Mary’s heart. She couldn’t hold her tears as she whispered “Negan! ”.
“I thought I’ll never see you again! ”
“I waited for you!!!!”
Mary extended her hand to him, and cupped his cheek . Negan slightly leaned his head on her palm then kissed it, and inhaled her sweet odour . Negan, too, let his tears flow as he gently placed his hand on her neck, then he took few steps forward and whispered.
“I’m sorry, I never meant to fucking yell at you or to hurt you…I ….”
Mary cut him off placing her finger on his lips .
“I know, it’s ok! It’s just, you scared me, you weren’t ok , you lost that…. Lucille! I know she meant a lot to you !”
“losing the bat wasn’t what made me sink in darkness that day, I … I lived Lucille ’s death again. .. I don’t know! ”

“Negan you’re traumatized, you couldn’t get over Lucille ’s death, you left her body in that hospital and you just couldn’t deal with it!”
Mary looked softly at him.
“Mary baby I’m sorry, I already set Lu..the bat on fire, it’s over, what happened that day won’t fucking happen again! I’m sorry!!! it’ll be fine!”
Negan pulled Mary to him but she softly pushed back.
“No Negan, it won’t! It won’t be fine!!! This has to end!”
Negan looked at Mary in panic
“What do you mean, you didn’t drive all the way here to tell me you’re fucking dumping me , are you? !”
“No!!! I meant this thing with Lucille, you won’t rest unless you had … you had some sort of a closure! When I had to shoot my mom! It wasn’t easy but it had to be done ,it was over, and we burried her! You need to go back to that hospital and bury Lucille ’s remains! That way , you’ll get over her and she’ll rest in peace! ”
Negan’s eyes watered again.
“Why I never thought of that , I’m a fucking idiot! I should. …”
“You were scared and shocked at that time Negan what happened wasn’t easy and you just tried to survive! When the baseball bat broke into two halves, it brought your repressed feelings into the surface, I should have known better, I was so unnecessarly harsh on you!!!!”

Negan shook his head then pulled her closer to him, he ran his hands down her arms, backing her up against the wall, right where he wanted her. Mary shivered ad Negan’s hot breath hit her face, he slid one of his hands down her thigh then it ended on her ass. She squirmed, her nipples hardened as his lips traced down her jaw then he nipped at her neck, bumps rose all over her skin. Negan roughly whispered “Babygirl I missed you!”.
She moaned , “I missed you more Daddy!”
Mary could feel her panties already soaking when his erection was pushed into her .
Negan pulled her shirt off then slipped her jeans down her legs , leaving her in her lace panties and matching bra. Mary pulled him closer , their lips fused in a fevered kiss. She moaned again in his mouth as he rocked into her, his hands tracing every inch of her body, he unclasped her bra and she did the same to the button of his jeans, taking the zipper down. His cock was finally free of its confinements. Negan stared at Mary with lust, he shakily played with the hem of her panties with his fingertips then slid it down, he grabbed at her thighs , parted them then he held her up, while she tightly wrapped her legs around him . He gently slid his cock between the inner folds of her drenched aching pussy. She cried out in pleasure, Negan ’s face was already nuzzled into her neck , he thrust fast and hard making Mary dig her nails into his shoulders .
They both gasped with each thrust he made, they eventually became drenched in sweat till they both cum at the same time.

Mary and Negan sat on the ground, panting. After they pulled themselves together, Negan zipped his pants while Mary get dressed .
“Negan we need to go there !!! You still remember where that hospital is?”
Negan stopped what he was doing and stared at her in confusion.
“You’re not saying we’re going to the hospital where Lucille died?”
“Uhh… I already said that!”
“No you didn’t and yeah your idea is great that’s why I’m going by myself! ”
“No you’re not! I’m not letting you go alone, I’ll watch your back, you’ll need me!”
Negan cupped both of Mary ’s cheeks .

“Baby I don’t need to remind you every five seconds that you’re pregnant! Plus the hospital is almost three or four days away ! It’d be a long dangerous fucking ride!”

“That’s why I’m coming with you! I could give a blowjob while you’re driving ! ” she chuckled
Mary ignored him and headed outside to the car motioning for him to get in. Negan scoffed, he knew that she’s too bold to agree on letting him go by himself.
“ Stop whining , here, You’ll be my chauffeur! ” she jingled the keys and threw them at him before adding
“Are you ready for your closure adventure! ? Lucille here we come”

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