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with the weather getting warmer I wanted to address something that a lot of people don’t know. if you have a german shepherd, husky, pomeranian, corgi, collie or any breed with a double coat, DO NOT SHAVE THEM DOWN

so many people shave their double coated dogs thinking it will keep them cool in the summer but this couldn’t be more wrong!!! the undercoat actually helps keep them cool!!! by shaving them down you are actually doing more harm than good. without the protection of the undercoat, your dog can easily become sunburned and will feel the heat much more than they would with the undercoat. shaving them removes their ability to cool themselves down


With lots of peanut butter, encouragement and appropriate use of a clicker, Inu’s muzzle training is coming along really well! We have even developed a verbal cue for him to stick his nose right in. This one is made by Baskerville. It is light and allows him to pant, drink water and take (lots of) treats! When he is more comfortable wearing it, trips to places like the vet will be much safer for him and everyone involved. 🙂
I am a firm believer that since any dog can bite, every dog should be able to wear a muzzle without stress in case it becomes necessary.

House of Elrond + Dogs*

*all images taken off of google, i do not own

Elrond - Siberian Husky

A female named Hithui (“Misty”). She’s great with Estel and most definitely does not sleep in her master’s bed.

Erestor - Corgi

A male named Parf (“Book”). He sits in the library and is trained to put books back on the shelves.

Glorfindel - Greyhound

A male named Faron (“Hunter”). Purely a working dog, and has saved his master’s life on more than one occasion.

Lindir - Dachshund

A female named Taen (“Long and Thin”). She follows him everywhere and didn’t like to share him at first.

Elrohir - Newfoundland

A male named Cirion (“Seaman” - mostly cause I’m a history nerd). 150lbs of loyal fluff, trained to give kisses and attack people.

Elladan - Rottweiler

A male named Bôr (“Steadfast/Trusty Man”). Devoted to the members of the house, but suspicious of strangers. Banned from diplomatic missions abroad or meetings at home.

Arwen - Beagle

A female named Caeloen (“Soaking Wet Earth”). An escape artist, especially after heavy rain, but she loves her elleth.

Estel - Golden Retriever

A female named Mîl (“Love”). A gift from Elladan and Elrohir, named by them. Trained as a babysitter and as a hunter/retriever.