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Sanvers First Time

Prompt from @beatbot8 – “Alex and Maggie use a strap for the first time and Alex is convinced that she’ll hate it because she never liked sex with men, but Maggie makes her literally see stars.  Bonus points if Alex gives it a whirl, too”

You asked for it. I’d like to note that I get all the bonus points, because Alex does indeed give it a whirl.

Hope you enjoy ;)

Alex had never wanted anything like she wanted this, right now.

Her skin had never been on fire, not like this. And that included her unfortunate run-ins with laser guns, Infernian heat vision, and the occasional teenage incident with Kryptonian heat vision.

She’d never moved her body like this before, and god, she’d certainly never screamed like this.

Maggie hissed as Alex’s nails dug into her back, as another scream tore out of her throat, as her legs tightened on either side of Maggie’s hips.

“I’m sorry,” Alex gasped, terrified even through her haze of pure pleasure that she’d hurt Maggie’s back with her nails, ears with voice, hips with her inner thighs.

Maggie just smiled and ran her tongue across Alex’s upper lip. “Shh, babe, it’s all good, that uh…” She nipped at Alex’s neck. Alex moaned and ground her hips up into Maggie’s hand. Maggie swallowed her own groan and shifted her mouth to Alex’s ear. “That was a good sound I made.”

Alex shuddered at the husk in Maggie’s voice, the feel of her breath in her ear; the feeling of Maggie’s three fingers, stilled immediately when Alex apologized, but still buried deep inside of her.

She shifted to look into Maggie’s eyes. “So you like it when I scrape my nails down your back, do you?” Her voice was heady, her voice was low; her voice was confident and her voice was hopeful; her voice was nearly the end of the woman laying on top of her.

“Alex Danvers, I like everything you do.”

Alex blinked away the tears of relief, of bliss, of coming home, by kissing Maggie soundly, and – lost in the feeling of soft lips, hot breath, low moans and flirting tongues – started grinding her hips, again, up into Maggie’s hand, granting the permission she was waiting for to continue her fingers’ exploration of her soaked opening.

And dammit, there was not a surface of Alex’s body that Maggie neglected, her fingers curving into every spot inside her body that Alex never even knew existed, never knew could feel like that, like her entire body was writing, was floating, was fire itself, just because of the persistent ‘come hither’ motion of Maggie’s fingers inside her, the way Maggie’s eyes never once left Alex’s face, unless it was to kiss her mouth, her neck, breathing in Alex’s every response to her every motion so she could memorize exactly which movements, which spots, which angles, made Alex writhe the most, scratch her nails down her back the hardest, scream her name the loudest.

“Maggie. I… I want…” Alex breathed between kisses. Maggie flipped her hair off of her face so she could fully look at Alex again, her eyes hooded with desire, but waiting, expectant.

Alex bit her lip in hesitation.

“What do you want, Alex?” Maggie held her with her voice, and Alex braved her own desires.

“I want… I want more of you. I want…” Maggie bit her lip and breathed in deeply, but silently, using her every last ounce of restraint to make sure she let Alex get out her full thought, her full desire. They’d both started to lose count of how many times they’d done this, but Alex was still a bit bashful about articulating her needs.

She fell into Maggie’s eyes and trusted her enough to finish her thoughts, her bare chest still rising and falling heavily with need.

“I want more of you inside me.”

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