“We called sniper alley the alley of wolves. We were young and boys and had nicknames for everything, first of all the girls. There was the Nanny, the Epilogue, and the Soulcrusher. We thought these nicknames very clever, breathless with truth. We were thirteen and easily excited. To be killed by a sniper meant to be deathwinked, a verb. I came up with that. I had a minimum understanding of poetry, a maximum amount of fear.”

From “Deathwinked” by Vedran Husić, recommended by Fine Arts Work Center.

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Cover photograph by Suzanna Clarke.

Australia Will Bestow Knighthoods on ‘Extraordinary’ Citizens

Australia will create knights and dames this year for the first time in the 21st century, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced in a surprise move on Tuesday. A staunch monarchist, Abbott plans to name up to four Knights and Dames of the Order of Australia per year, starting with Australia’s outgoing governor-general Quentin Bryce and her replacement Peter Cosgrove (the governor-general is the Queen’s representative in the country). Future bestowments will go to “Australians of extraordinary and preeminent achievement and merit,” according to the plan. 

Australia’s political and media establishment quickly reacted to the unexpected announcement with snark. “Sure as knight follows dame, Tony Abbott’s going to take us back to the good old days,” claimed opposition Labor Party MP Ed Husic. “I think [he] wants to play Marty McFly.” During the prime minister’s question time on Wednesday, opposition leader Bill Shorten and other MPs began audibly humming “Rule Britannia,” angering Abbott. The speaker of the house ejected some MPs from the chamber for disorderly laughter.

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