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I'm so glad to see Jill Trent getting much-deserved attention. I'd submit for the anthology but I don't tend to do test pages anymore and I have other projects that need attention. But I hope it will expose many to the wonderfulness that is Jill Trent, Science Sleuth! It's amazing how many of her inventions later came to become actual things in the world.

Thanks so much for writing. I hope so, too! Lady scientists are awesome.

I’m actually working on a list of Jill Trent’s inventions, to be published in the near future!

(We’re making a new comic about Jill Trent, Science Sleuth! Call for submissions is here!)

{Message Recieved}
Readout: I-
Readout: I thank you for your kind message.
Readout: However, I believe that your request would become inconvenient for both of us…
Readout: Perhaps a single short one instead?

{Message Received}
Readout: Certainly! 
Readout: I am happy to be of service.

{Message Received}
Readout: A…
Readout: ‘Weird catperson’?
Readout: I have neither encountered nor read about a being matching that description.
Readout: …
Readout: I would be happy to comply with your request. 
Readout: And may I perhaps request a biological scan for data collection purposes?

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My god, that's terrible. I'm so sorry someone decided that would be funny or okay at all. :( Thanks for clearing it up. I actually had no idea about that comment and I was just very confused. I appreciate you taking the time to explain.

It’s cool! Honestly it’s one of my favorite insults I’ve ever gotten, ha ha.

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I also would like to ask if I may borrow Vern, as I will take very good care of him and feed him and wash him and so forth, and he will not have to wear a sailor outfit! I may give him cute hats though


just make sure he’s home before his curfew.

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I'm trying not to assume the worst here, and I don't have all the context I probably need to appreciate the exchange, but...what is up with the aids thing? Like, I don't really think it's ever funny or appropriate to try and make a joke out of aids or any other serious disease, but maybe I'm missing something here? Help me out? I don't want to go on the assumption train but that is one thing that always makes me seriously uncomfortable.

It was almost word-for-word an insult someone said about me on Brad’s site. The wording really made me laugh.

Today’s special sketch is Prince Galaxy!

This is one I just got on a name prompt, so all of his appearance was entirely from my own imagination.

He wears bracelets that can bring forth a tremendous galactic power once per day if he brings them together. His belt and tiara are made of the same stellar gold metal, which is amongst the most precious in the universe.

He carries a laser rapier with him.

The secret colour of his family is a shade of cobalt blue, a blue-purple that is embodied in a special jewel that is exceedingly rare. Prince Galaxy wears two such jewels: one in his tiara, and one in the planet shape that is his symbol, as an earring in his right ear. His left ear has a star-shaped earring made of stellar gold.

He also wears a codpiece with his tights, though this is rarely seen; it bears the same planet symbol as on the shirt he wears under his tunic. His tights also have a star on the front of each hip.

Prince Galaxy strives to stop his foes from evil acts and protect the good and those who cannot help themselves.