something i’ve realized over the course of sense8 but which is also noticeable in jupiter ascending is that the wachowskis’ plots are different from any other plots i’ve ever seen because they both obviously think it’s really cool to be a woman. like a lot of stuff happens to and regarding women in wachowski movies that involves things like motherhood and periods and, in the case of nomi, taking hormones. and not obliquely! like, there is an actual shot of nomi taking her estrogen! and the whole thing with riley! and sun’s PMS! and that ridiculous scene in JA where jupiter puts the wrong side of a pad on her boyfriend’s wound, but look, that’s the only time i’ve ever seen a pad in a movie in my life. all this, and women’s bodies aren’t hidden or censored any more than men’s are. we get to see them be schlubby or hot or whatever, because their bodies are just cool bodies to have, conceptually, even when they aren’t hot. we get to see them have periods and have boobs and deal with having babies and not only is none of that ever treated like a reason they’re less tough or smart or complex than any of the men, but it’s never fetishized. it’s just…part of the story. and it never occurred to me, until i saw it presented that way, how fucking weird it is that so much of the experience of being a woman–any type of woman–has never come up in any movie i’ve ever seen before. but the wachowskis are just like, nope, we’re mentioning/showing Lady Stuff now, your body isn’t horrifically weird for some unspoken reason, it just works how it works and we take no issue with that! so thanks lilly & lana for letting jamie clayton do mind-blowing hacking nonsense in a grubby tank top and for mentioning periods more than probably any other filmmaker ever has or will

If I have a daughter she will know all the things my mom never taught me like:

•To always walk with her head up, because mommys got her day in and day out.
•that I’ll forever be her best friend.
•that, that boy she cried over for days at 16, won’t mean anything when she finds true love.
•that growing up, actually fucking sucks but we can do it together.
•that school, the things her teachers and her peers say DONT define who she is.
•that every “flaw” she thinks she has just makes her more her and that’s absolutely perfect.
•that she doesn’t have to be 100 pounds to be happy.
•she will know to never let fear hold her back
•to never give up, ever.
•that she always deserves to smile and be happy, and I’ll help her accomplish that.
•that high school really sucks.
•that it’s okay not to have 100 friends
•but it’s also great if you do.
•stretch marks, cuts and scars don’t make her any less of a person
•nor does being depressed, suicidal ect.
•you’re perfect just how you are and there isn’t any need to change that.
And most importantly
•whenever she feels down ill always be here, always. 5 pm, 3 am, 16 years old 36 years old. She’s my girl.

If I have a son he will grow up to learn and practice these things.
•rape is not okay
•no her bra strap didn’t tell you to rape her, or how she dresses at all, no.
•it’s not fucking acceptable
•Vaginas don’t get “loose” you sound like an idiot
•don’t make fun of the gay kid
•if she says no, then no that’s it.
•treat her like a princess and she will do the same
•tell her you love her
•Stand up for your girlfriend, sister, any girl
•your pants do not sag
•dress to impress
•always use a condom
•it’s okay to cry/show emotion
•hold her hand and by her flowers
•if you like boys, like boys
•flaunt it
•hold his hand
•kiss him in front of those other guys
•if you rather Beyoncé over Kendrick Lamar sing er loud and proud
•you’re mommys boy
•I will always love you
•scar cuts and stretch marks don’t define you
•nor does the things others say about you
•if you wanna cut hair instead of build cars you do it baby
•how to throw a punch
Also, most Importantly
•mama loves you so so much anytime anyday

hushhush-you-brokensoul will be the best mom ever. This is all hers and I can’t wait 10-15 years when she has kids 💜💜🌸☺️😘 she’s a better parent now them most and she’s not even a parents yet.


hey, what if. what if, in homestuck, pesterchum is like skype. is old and kinda trashy and shit, but you use it because you dont wanna lose contacts, and unlike skype, pesterchum has some like, aesthetic appeal.

but then theres also this upstart chat client called STRIFE thats like, it runs a lot better and has a lot more navigable ui, search function, all that.