Hushabye Baby: Liam Dunbar

Sorry for the crappiness guys

I always sucked at video games. There was too many buttons and things going on at the same time that I just gave up. Except Mario Kart, I am the master of Mario Kart.

I walk into Liam’s house, naturally letting myself in with the key under the doormat, assuming that Liam was too engrossed in his game to notice other human beings. Or my hammering on the front door.

I bounded up the stairs, pausing outside Liam’s door to hear the usual shouts of complaint at the TV. Once I even heard him giving a pep talk to his men before sending them out to play in the world championships.

But I couldn’t hear anything, until a few whimpers escaped through the closed doors.

Frowning, I lean forward and twist the handle, slowly pushing it opened.

The only light was coming from Liam’s bedside lamp, the curtains firmly shut blocking out the sunlight. The TV was on but muted so the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S were bumbling around like a bunch of very confused mimes.

There was a big ball of covers and blankets in the middle of Liam’s bed, which Liam was curled under, whimpering.

“Liam?” I whispered, scared of almost disturbing the quietness.

The mountain of covers shifted slightly, and I caught a glimpse of Liam’s face.

I walked right up to him, crouching down next to him. Most of his face was hidden beneath a blanket except his forehead. I placed one of my hands on it and immediately jumped. It was scorching hot.

“Liam?” I said again, and this time the blanket was pulled away and I saw his big blue eyes, feverishly bright.

“Aww sweetie.” I cooed, pulling him up into a sitting position.

He groaned again, holding his stomach and I slowly massaged the back of his neck.

He shifted over slightly, pulling off more of the covers and I saw the sweat glistening off his bare back. I slipped in beside him and he nestled his sticky forehead into the crook of my neck.

“Go to sleep.” I hushed, gently running my fingers through his hair as he mumbled into my hair.

It wasn’t long until he dropped off, muttering every now and then in his sleep.

Carefully I eased my way out the bed, fumbling around for my phone. I slipped out the room, dialling Scott’s number as I walked downstairs to the kitchen.

He picked up on the third ring, while I tapped my foot impatiently.

“Hi!” Scott picked up, sounding happy. I almost didn’t want to spoil his good mood but my baby was hurt so, I’m sure he’ll live.

“Scott there’s something wrong with Liam.” I began explaining.

I was only half way done when I heard a shout from upstairs. Frowning I move to the foot of the stairs. Until I suddenly heard a loud piercing scream.

Hanging up on the phone I bound up the stairs two at a time, bursting through the door as another roar is emitted from the room.

Liam was thrashing around on his bed, screaming like crazy as his legs kicked out frenziedly.

“Liam!” I cry, flinging myself at him and shaking him desperately. His eyes snapped open, a bright glowing beta yellow.

“Y/N!” He shouted, grabbing onto me.

“Shhh, shhh its okay. Shhh.” I soothe, pulling him into my chest.

His whole body was shaking and he sobbed into my neck.

“You-you-“Liam started choking, “You died, in my arms.”

“I’m here, I’m okay.” I reassure, rubbing his back.

“Nothing can happen to you.” Liam cried, “I couldn’t live with myself if anything did.” He broke off, reburying his face into my hair, my shirt damp with his tears.

I love you Y/N.” I heard him whisper, so softly that I knew I wasn’t supposed to.

Pulling back slightly, I look at his tear stained face, into his gorgeous baby blue eyes and I smile. Leaning down I press my lips softly against his.

“Love you too.”

Creepypasta #695: Hushabye

Hushabye baby close your eyes,

Go to sleep ‘til the sun does rise,

Dream of toys, and cookies and pie,

But go to sleep and hushabye.

Rest your head on your pillow tonight,

Try not to think that the monsters might bite,

Dream of sunshine and playing I Spy,

But go to sleep and hushabye.

Don’t be awake when midnight draws near,

Try to pretend that there’s nothing to fear,

Don’t have nightmares, try not to cry,

Go to sleep and hushabye.

If you stay up when the moon’s in the sky,

You may fall victim to the Hushabye.

Eyes that are empty, hair that’s like snakes,

The children awake are the ones that she takes.

So, hushaby baby, please go to sleep,

Or mommy and daddy will have reason to weep,

When we open your door to find you not there,

And the Hushabye’s taken you to we don’t know where.

Credits to: HTFA