Recently I noticed an interesting parallel between the Nancy Drew game “Ghost of Thornton Hall” and the classic movie “Hush..Sweet Charlotte”. The movie is based on the short story “What Ever Happened to Aunt Charlotte?” and tells a similar story to “Ghost of Thornton Hall”. Both the game and the movie are about an upstanding southern family that was plunged into ruin by a murder, and they share the cousin turned sister dynamic that ends up being the root of all the problems. With the game it’s Clara and Charlotte, with Clara being the resentful cousin who never felt like part of the family. In the movie it’s Charlotte and Miriam, with Miriam sharing Clara’s role. Even the settings look similar.

 I’m not saying Herinteractive plagiarized or anything; I’m actually very impressed. If this was intentional I applaud the writer for creating a modern version of such a classic story. I rarely see classic movies remade into modern media done very well, so this is very refreshing. Both stories share a mysterious and anguishing sort of feeling, and are so alike, but at the same time, so different. The game feels like it could be about the same family about 40 years down the road. I encourage fans of the game to see the movie and vice-versa!