Some quiet moments for your ships
  • Reading together. Gently running their fingers through the other’s hair as they read to them in a soft voice. Silently listening to the other as their voice slowly falls into a natural rhythm and they are immersed in the story they’re bringing to life. 
  • Walking together. Interwoven fingers and shoulders brushing together as they walk. Not even needing to speak, because a simple look or the slightest change in body language is already a conversation. 
  • Sleeping together. Hushed breathing and feather-light touches when one wakes before the other. Rolling over and unconsciously curling closer into each other because even when they sleep, they are in love.
  • Watching TV together. Volume turned up just enough to be heard without dominating the atmosphere. Absentminded little touches, gentle fingers slowly running over the other’s arm or thigh without realizing it.
  • Stargazing together. Infinite space spread out above them, little pinpoints of light shining overhead. Hands resting close together, shared body heat warding off the night’s chill. Silent wishes being made in between soft whispers to each other. 
Little McCall -Isaac Lahey Smut-

Isaac lahey 😍
Y/N bit her lower lip as she watched the lacrosse team finishing up practice.Her eyes flickering between ,Isaac and her brother,Scott.“Y/N!“Lydia exclaimed and she turned her head to look at the girl. “Yes Lyd?"She asked,Lydia rolling her eyes a bit."You need to stop eyefucking Lahey and do the real thing."She says and Y/N blushed a dark shade of pink before hearing the whistle sounding that they were finally done practice. "Go get him!"Lydia yelled and Y/N jogged off before hugging onto her brother."Good job Scotty."She murmured and he pulled away,telling her that he was going to Kira’s and that mom was working. She nodded and held her house key up before she walked over to where Isaac was. "Little McCall, did you enjoy the show?"Isaac teased and Y/N playfully rolled her eyes."Oh hush up Lahey,let’s go back to my house. Scott’s going to Kira’s and I love it when you bend me over the table and just pound into me."She murmured into his ear, lightly biting his earlobe before she pulled out the carkeys from his short pocket,grazing her hands over his cock a few times before giving him an innocent smile. She headed to the car and climbed in on the passenger side, turning the car on as she awaited for Isaac to get his stuff in the car and get in his side. Once he began driving,Y/N trailed her fingers over his torso lightly and gripped at his lacrosse shorts with a giggle."Y/N I swear to g-"He couldn’t finish the sentence considering Y/N had his pants off and was palming him throughout his boxers. "Can I please get a little taste? I love the taste of you on my tongue."She pouted and he squeezed the steering wheel tighter before he nodded."Just s little."He growled and continued to try keeping his eyes on the road. She giggled and pulled his cock from out of his boxers.licking her lips at the sight. "Mmm Isaac."She murmured and leaned over,kitten licking at the tip. She smirked as she felt one hand move to rest on the back of her head."You’re gonna fucking kill us."He snarled and she began bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of his length. She gagged a bit when he pushed against her head so that her nose ended up pressed against his skin, the cock hitting the back of her throat. She felt the car turning rather sharply and she continued to bob her head, moving in a slow and agonizing pace as she felt Isaac speeding up. She moved her lips off of his tip and glanced around,seeing as they were stopped in a random parking lot."You take those damn bottoms off right now unless you want them to be ripped off."He snarled and she nodded,sliding her legs down her legs followed by her thong. "You better climb onto my lap and take this big fucking cock. You’ll get a punishment as soon as we get home."He growled and Y/N bit her lip before she did as he said,moving to sit in his lap. She took a hold of his cock and slowly guided it to her entrance,gasping a bit as he yanked her down on him, his length slamming into her. He gave her no chance to adjust to him before he began thrusting his hips up rapidly. He smirked as he heard Y/N’s cries of his name and curse words."You’re so fucking beautiful Y/N."He snarled as he began marking her up. He thrusted up into her while slamming her down against his cock. "F-Fuck me Isaac!"Y/N screamed out, nails digging into his shoulder lightly."Let’s go princess, I want you to cum all over his fucking cock."He snarled into her ear before her pussy tightened around his length, cumming before she felt him filling her up. "Let’s go home and this time, I’ll be eating you.”


“Why are you being such a dick?” You asked Stiles in a hushed tone, the two of you were staying late in the library to study for an upcoming final. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Stiles said in the same quiet tone as you. 

“Don’t give me that bull Stilinski, you know you’ve been acting like a jerk, why?” You asked squinting your eyes at him. “I haven’t been a jerk, at least not to anyone who doesn’t deserve it.” He added the last part so quietly you almost hadn’t heard it. “And Isaac somehow deserves it?” You asked disbelievingly. 

He mentally cursed, he hadn’t wanted you to hear that. “Maybe.” He said simply. “What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked louder than you’d intended, the librarian hushed you and you rolled your eyes but nodded politely. “It means I don’t like you getting up close and personal with the enemy.” He said.

You rolled your eyes. “He’s a werewolf.” You said “In Derek’s pack.” He added. “Derek isn’t the enemy either.” You said too loudly, once again attracting the librarian’s attention, she held up two fingers signifying that this was your second strike, you smiled and nodded.

“Well we’re not exactly best buddies.” He said sarcastically. “Oh get off of your high horse Stilinski.” You said the librarian cleared her throat grabbing your attention. “What?!” You snapped at her. “Is there a problem Miss. (Y/L/N)?” She asked you looked at Stiles and suddenly it hit you.

“Not anymore Mrs. White.” You told her as you picked up your stuff. “When you stop being a jealous ass, come visit me.” You told Stiles harshly as you marched out of the school.

Requested by Anon

It was a fragile thing, this moment, and Hawke, his gaze soft and sleep still clinging to the peripherals of his awareness, wasn’t even entirely sure it was real even as he struggled not to think of the thousand and one ways it could go so wrong so very easily.

Across the room, Fenris must have thought something similar, for when he turned from the stove to find Hawke’s eyes on him he grew so still and so quiet that he reminded Hawke of a deer startled in the woods, ready for flight. His eyes were on Hawke’s eyes, but the mage would be damned if he could read what those depths contained, half-obscured by a wild tuft of bed hair and gleaming so mysteriously over his fine, expressionless face.

“Hi,” Hawke said at last.

“Hi,” Fenris said, the deep roll of his voice hushed, hesitant. “I borrowed your shirt.”

“I see that,” Hawke said.

Fenris stared at him a moment longer, then blinked, looking back to the stove. “I’m – making eggs. Attempting to make eggs. I can’t recall how you like yours, but these seem to be…”

Hawke couldn’t stand another moment. It was a new day – a new world. Danarius was dead, and last night – last night –

He was across the room in three strides, and when Fenris turned to glance at him again, he was caught up in Hawke’s large arms, whatever words that had been on his lips cup off with a sound of surprise as Hawke’s mouth covered his own.

There was no flicker of blue, no fist through the chest. Fenris’s hand came up to grasp Hawke’s shoulder as he pushed up on his toes, meeting him softly, almost shyly, but with a smile on his lips.

“You stayed,” Hawke breathed.

“It’s my house,” Fenris pointed out.

Hawke only nodded, and his lips found the elf’s again.

“ – burnt,” Fenris said, drawing back, and Hawke followed as he drew himself up onto a counter, the elf’s arms twining around him, pulling him close. “Your eggs seem to be burnt.”

“My favorite,” Hawke said, covering his mouth once more.

Jealous- Derek Hale/ Stiles Stilinski

A/N: So i’m sorry that i haven’t posted in forever but i have rehearsal exams etc going on and i’m super busy and stressed, but i hope you guys understand and good luck to anyone else that’s also taking exams etc if you ever want to message me on my personal tumblr or just want a chat here’s a the link @onemorebeautifulnightmare

Requested by Anonymous: Can you do an imagine where you’re dating Stiles but Derek likes you and is jealous ?

You watched as Stiles walked into the canteen and slid into the space next to you

“So tonight” He said in a low whisper as he intertwined his fingers in yours but was quickly cut off by Scott’s announcement

“Pack meeting tonight guys” He said in a hushed voice and you saw Stiles roll his eyes in frustration

“We can do something afterwards” You smiled at him, gently squeezing his hand

He shot you a weak smile and then began on his lunch.

It was the end of the school day and as you walked out of the front doors you Stiles perched against the side of his jeep, waiting for you.

“Hey” You said as you got nearer to him and he gave you one of his dorky smiles which also made you grin

“How was your day?” He asked as you both climbed into the jeep

“Alright” You shrugged with a sigh “I wish we didn’t have a pack meeting tonight though” You groaned and Stiles did too

Stiles came to collect you from yours after you’d had time to shower and change and the pair of you headed for the loft. You swung open the door to see everyone was already there.

“Sorry we’re late” You said sheepishly as Stiles pulled the door shut behind you

“Nice of you to join us” Kira said, a smile toying on her lips

“I can’t think why they’d be late” Liam smirked and Derek shot him an unimpressed glare

“Anyway” Derek said clearing his throat

You and Stiles both sat down next to each other and tried to catch up on whatever they’d been discussing. You were trying your best to focus but Stiles kept toying with your fingers, something you found very distracting and he knew it.

“Stiles” You whispered through gritted teeth and nudged him in the ribs, to which he smiled smugly

“Do you two have to play footsy under the table or whatever it is your doing?” Lydia asked with an annoyed tone

You and Stiles exchanged glances before murmuring “sorry”

You tried to regain focus on what Scott was talking about but you were distracted by Derek this time, you glanced over to see his gaze already on you, you furrowed your eyebrows at him in a confused manner and his eyes instantly dropped to the table.

“What’s up with Derek?” Stiles whispered into your ear “He’s been staring at you this whole meeting”

“I don’t know” You shrugged back and tried your best to ignore it.

After a while you and the girls had retired to the sofa whilst the boys remained at the table.

“Stiles hasn’t exactly been in the best mood” Lydia said, motioning her head towards Stiles who was sat glumly at the table

“Yeah I thought that too” Kira said “What’s up with him?”

“He’s just annoyed because we were going to do something tonight” You sighed and leant back into the soft couch

“How sweet” Lydia said propping herself forward “What did you have planned?” She asked, her and Kira both staring at you intently

“Nothing really” You shrugged “Maybe a movie? Sometimes we go for a drive, I don’t really know”

“Sorry to have ruined your plans” Derek said as he walked across the living are to pull out something from the bookshelf

“Well if you’d been listening, you’d know that we didn’t actually have plans” You retorted, sitting forward in your seat

“I did listen” He stated “You were going to watch a movie” He told you, almost snorting the last part

“Have you got a problem with that?” You asked him, folding your arms over your chest

“Yes actually” He began but quickly stopped himself

You looked at him, eyebrows raised, waiting for him to continue

“Well go on, tell me why you have a problem with me watching a movie with my boyfriend” You said aggressively

“I don’t” He snapped and you quickly rose form your seat

“Well then you won’t mind if we go then will you” You said and with that Stiles got up to and followed you to the door

“Thanks for having us” You said sarcastically as you closed the door shut behind you and headed for the car

“Why does he always have to act like that?” You asked angrily as you got into the jeep

“Because he’s jealous” Stiles said nonchalantly, a slight smirk tugging at his lips.

leave all your love and your longing behind

Harmony Saxon woke up at six am on the dot, as she always did, and put the kettle on for tea. Emperor, as usual, began yowling for her attention immediately. She knelt down to pet the cat, rolling her eyes. “Hush now,” she told him, scooping up a plastic bowl from the floor and peeling back the lid of some fishy-smelling pate. Harmony dumped it into the bowl unceremoniously and set it back down before attending to Shadow, Bella, and Jake in turn. By the time she was finished that, the water was hot, and she made herself a nice pot of tea which she would steadily make her way through before she went into the lab for work at nine.

It was an exceedingly normal day, and she was happy.

She glanced at her phone - a text, from a woman she’d met at a bar. Harmony didn’t think she’d answer it. It had seemed like fun at the time, but she felt as if she were looking for something specific, and the woman just wasn’t it. Apart from that curious missing spot in her life, though, she was still quite happy. Her work in locating a planet fit for human survival was going well, and she had high hopes that she could make a meaningful contribution towards solving the overpopulation problem. Perhaps she would even be among the first human colonists on whatever distant planet she hoped to discover!

All in all, Harmony Saxon was happy, and she did not even notice the blue police box parked outside of the lab where she worked on that exceedingly normal, happy morning.

Mile High Nap

It was only about thirty minutes into the four hour plane flight and Kit was very glad no one recognized him. About to fall asleep himself, he opened his eyes when he felt weight on his shoulder. It was the girl beside him. She was extremely cute and her breath was rolling over his neck. Kit thought about it before deciding against waking her up. He just enjoyed her and let himself be her pillow.

The seat on the other side of him was his manager and older sister. She pointed to the girl, “Did you drug her??” She joked. Kit rolled his eyes and hushed her


Hayes Grier Imagine

|Hoodie- Hayes Grier Imagine|

“You are coming right?” Hayes says me as I close my locker and look at him, smiling.

“But its going to be cold.” You whine to him. He just laughs and fixes his hair.

“Please, for me?” He says almost begging

“Okay, okay. Fine I will come but if I freeze my butt of its all your fault Hayes.” You say laughing as you walk off to your last class of the day.

“You won’t freeze. I promise” he shouts to you but gets hushed by the near by teachers. You just rolled your eyes at them.

As the last bell rings you collect all your items and head toward your locker.

Its finally the weekend. You have been waiting all week for this day. On Monday Hayes asked you to come to the football game for him. He also said he needed to talk to you. Now if it was any other boy you would have said no but since its Hayes you said yes. The only reason you said yes is because you have a crush on Hayes, he just doesn’t know it.

As you open your locker you put all your books in there and at the very bottom of your locker you see a hoodie. It looks like a school hoodie. The one all the football players wear. You pick it up and it has the number 7 on it and the last name Grier. Its Hayes’s. You unfold it all the way and a note falls out onto the cold ground.

It read:

So someone as beautiful as you won’t freeze your butt off I’m letting you wear my hoodie tonight. I hope it keeps you warm. It keeps me warm. Meet me by the entrance when the game ends. I want to talk to you. ~Hayes

anonymous asked:

omg does Kylo discover a lactation kink after Hux has his fox babies?


Hux gives birth to twins, two gorgeous little babies, one with fox ears like his Mama and one without like her Papa.

But it’s Hux’s body that continues to amazed Kylo. When his fox is lying on his side on their bed, one of their kits latched onto his swelled chest, Kylo has trouble keeping himself calm. Hux’s chest looks so full, his breath heavy as the pressure is eliviated.

Kylo makes a quick move to his fox once the twins are settled, sliding his palms up Hux’s soft tummy and to his chest, fingertips glazing over his perked nipples.

“Ren,” Hux breathes, arching his back into Kylo’s hands, craving more, craving to be milked. “T-touch me. Please.”

“Ssh,” Kylo hushes, rolling Hux’s nipple between his fingers, coaxing his fox’s milk from him. “I’m gonna take care of you, sweetheart.”

like you

                                              something i wrote in between requests. there’s something about pregnant sakura and hesitant dad sasuke that i love writing about, so here’s some more late night talks if i haven’t written enough already

“i hope she looks like you” Sakura whispers in a hush, rolling under the covers to face Sasuke, quietly, almost like a secret. 

it’s compulsive, how he straightens his back, presses his lips in a hard line, a facade so cool and collected he almost forgets he’s in bed, with his wife, not delegating orders, or preparing for a mission. he relaxes into her warmth, remaining hand running smooth strokes along her forearm, comforted by her presence. their legs intertwine lazily, and he doesn’t mind the heavy heat under the sheets, hidden under the cloak of a cold night, watching his wife watching him and relaxing to the steady cadence of her light breathing, cheeks flush against her pillow.


he nudges closer, as close as their bodies allow with Sakura’s belly heavy with child between the two. his fingers move to brush against her navel gently, protectively, tracing the stretching lines like rivers along her belly, remarking how she practically glowed these days, how motherhood treated her so well.

“hmm” Sakura sighed “yeah, I found out today. we’re having a girl Sasuke-kun, our little princess.”

the night gets a little warmer. even the wind blowing restlessly against the window pane slows to a gentle breeze as Sakura smiles, small, but bright, so heavenly bright, and he can’t help twining their fingers together. her nails are painted vibrant green, a poor match to the stunning colour of her eyes, shining even now in the dark of night.

“we’re having a little girl Sasuke-kun” Sakura repeats like a prayer, still disbelieving and on the brink of tears.

her mood swings were not the least bit tolerable; for a kunoichi who could snap him in half he’s glad to say he survived. but times like these, where she’s so overwhelmingly happy, like her belly’s filled with sunshine and rainbows instead of their growing daughter, that he enjoys the most. he wipes away the stray tear with his thumb, smiling, despite the fact she can’t see it, at his silly, silly, wife. his silly, wonderfully, truly amazing wife; he’s so undeserving of her, of everything she gives him, but the words are stuck in his throat, the cold fingers of anxiety gripping him tight.

“Sasuke-kun” her fingers brush against his cheek soothingly, brushing stray locks from his face, away from his eyes now peering distantly across the room.

his eyes stay locked, fixed on some imaginary point over her shoulder, 

“Sakura, is this-”

he searches for the words, because he loves her, he truly does, but he keeps thinking back, back, and back further, to the misfortunes of the Uchiha, their cursed clan, a heavy cross to bear for a child. 

his child, not even born yet.

“our little girl. what happened to my family, she’s gonna have to live with that. that’s the legacy i’m passing onto her, from the moment she’s born, I’ve already fucked up her life Sakura.” his tone implies anger, at himself most of all, laced with poisons she has no cure for; self-loathing, worry, and most of all, fear.

his foot taps incessantly at the edge of the bed, and his hands are warm, his fingers stretching and winding around hers, a nervous habit that betrays the still mask of his face.

“Sasuke-kun, remember when we were young and I was head over heels for you?”

she receives silence, so she continues.

“i would waste all my time worrying about what i looked like, about ways to make you like me, and gosh, when i was put on your team, that was the best moment of my life.”

“but you know what? it made me realise how weak i was. and when you left, that just about broke me. i would have gone with you, to the ends of the earth and back, i would follow you anywhere Sasuke-kun.” 

“but then Tsunade-sama took me as her apprentice, and for once in my life, i felt strong.” her demeanour changes, embarrassed to headstrong, a hint of a prideful smile gracing her cheeks.

he calms, soothed by her words, intrigued by her, wondering which fork in the road they’d venture down.

“i held onto the idea that the next time i saw you, i was gonna punch you in the face Sasuke-kun.” again, another smile, but her eyes dart away from his, from watching him watching her, and down across the sheets, the nostalgia hitting like a flood.

“Tsunade-sama taught me how to break mountains, and stitch and mend bones. i could kill you without spilling a drop of blood, poison you, or sever your tendons. but when i saw you, when i first saw you again after all those years, after we chased you down, and you were looking down on us from way way up high.”

“all i could do was stare, Sasuke-kun. all i could do was look at you, look at how you’d grown. and i felt weak again, weak in the knees, like i was gonna fall at any second.”

“and then, during the war, when we fought side by side again, you made me feel so strong, so invincible. it was a rush. you made me a better person, Sasuke-kun.” 

“you make me weak, you make me powerful. you made me a mother, and a wife, and you made me proud, so proud.”

“I make you destructive, Sakura” he disagrees, but not harshly.

“I don’t need you to make me destructive.”

she’s right, like she normally is.

so he closes the small space between them, cradling her in his arm, head resting against her short crop of hair, an ear to the night’s ambience.

he spies the crib, filled with mountains of plush toys, books, blankets, and pillows sitting in the corner of the room. he couldn’t believe he, or anyone else could have ever been that tiny, so insignificantly small and vulnerable. and now, even now he sits in disbelief, when he feels a slight kick from her belly.

“looks like she’s ready to come out” he says, Sakura humming in agreement.

‘i hope she’s brave, and smart like you’, he thinks to tell her. 

‘i hope she can love like you, and fight like you.’

“i hope she’s destructive like you” he whispers to the night air as Sakura lays cradled against his chest, asleep.

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I think what it all comes down to is that I have a (possibly irrational) dislike of “___core” terminology, even stronger than my automatic eye-rolling response to “___punk” labels. (Hush, steampunks, dieselpunks, seapunks, whatever punks. I still love you, but I’m pretty sure you understand what I’m getting at here.)

normcore, mormcore, momcore, funeralcore – yep, they all make me grit my teeth. Soooo I suspect this all can be filed under old goth yells at clouds

At least I own my ridiculousness?

These Broken Stars

Summary: What might have happened had Harry been with Sirius the night the Potters had been killed? How ever can Sirius tell his godson about his parents when all the stars seem to do is fall.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what might have happened had James knew what was coming for them and he’d left Harry with Sirius. Thus preventing him from going after Peter, everything changes. Remus is on a order mission, probably just discovering the death of his best friends, poor bugger.


Halloween Night, 1961

I’m terribly sorry, Sirius

Sirius felt like he was going to be sick, his stomach rolled uncomfortably as McGonagall spoke in a hushed voice, as if to spare him the tragedy. “We’re still working on locating Remus,” She said, gently resting her hand on top of his hand, gently giving his fingers a squeeze. “Do you wish for me to tell Harry?”

His knees buckled at the stark reminder of his godson, sleeping silently in the next room, whom was now orphaned. Sirius dropped his head between his legs, biting into his hand to conceal the painful sobs that rocked his body. Harry.

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"well, damn." | maknae line

maknae line drabble where their cheekiness has your phone flying at the wall

enjoy xx

good-natured, easygoing, not easily angered - that’s what people know you as. but everyone has a breaking point, so when someone actually manages to drive you up the wall, you can really, really, lose it.

a subtle beam grows across your face when the message pops up on the screen of your phone and immediately, your fingers start tapping a reply.

“(Y/N)’s got that goofy smile on her face again, I bet it’s hobi-hyung she’s texting,” a not-so-hushed voice whispers, eliciting some chuckles from the two other boys beside.

you roll your eyes, much too engrossed in your texting rather than to be provoked by your three very annoying best friends. although you love them as much as they love you, sometimes you want to be left alone and not be pestered by them. the maknaes eagerly clamber up onto the sofa next to you, jungkook on your left, jimin and taehyung on your right. they’re not satisfied by your tiny reaction, and they’ll go to all extents to get your attention away from your phone and on them instead. they move in closer so that you’re literally sandwiched in between, trying to peer over your shoulder at your screen.

“what the hell, dudes,” you huff, still only half-heartedly paying attention to them as you shift positions.

“I bet (Y/N) has a huge crush on hobi-hyung, that’s why she’s always blushing when he’s around,” jungkook mutters.

“mhmm,” taehyung hums. “but let’s face it, we all know she doesn’t stand a chance, just look at her.”

“kim taehyung!” you exclaim.

woah, (Y/N)!” jimin turns your head to look at his and you notice his eyes skim across your chest. “you’re really growing up. guys look, she even has boobs now!”

this time you stop texting, and shoot him an indignant glare as all three of them start snickering mischievously.

“aww, is our (Y/N) embarrassed?” jungkook smirks as he starts to ruffle your hair.

breathe in, breathe out.

“she’s so cute, she’s blushing even more!” taehyung reaches over to pinch at your cheeks.

inhale, exhale.

“don’t worry babe, even if hobi rejects you, you’ll always have the three of us!” jimin coos mockingly while slinging his arm around your shoulders.

count to ten…

“exactly! and we can do all sorts of things together forever, like-”

“braid each other’s hair! like, (Y/N) totally needs a new hairstyle.”

“and shopping! (Y/N) has absolutely zero fashion sense.”

“we should all help her set up some blind dates too-”


a splintering sound echoes across the room and all four pairs of eyes are glued to the wall in front, where your phone had been hurled across at and was now sitting miserably on the floor. yep, you had just thrown your phone across the room.

“oh man holy shit,” jungkook coughs out.

“(Y/N) isn’t that the iPhone 6 you just got? that shit’s expensive, you should take care of your stuff with more responsibility…” jimin chides.

“yeah and-” taehyung’s about to chime in when you get up from your seat and glare at them square in the eyes.

“if you boys have any sense of self-preservation, you. will. scram.

that’s all it takes for the trio to be up and out of the room, shutting the door behind them to leave you at peace because when their beloved (Y/N) gets angry, she’s really really angry.

while leaning against the door, they shoot each other nervous glances, considering it a miracle they even made it out alive as they heave to regain their breaths. “well, damn.”


it’s all @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight’s fault

bc they (I think she?) are a cinnamon roll and their/her AU is beautiful

hush child don’t think about the slightly disproportionate/odd anatomy just look at the fish dude petting the cute tiger shhhhhh look at them

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A Very Strange Land

Never actually feeling like I belonged
almost yet somehow not quite fitting in
still when I was hurting you were there
saying enter, there is room at this inn

When lost and blind you took my hand  
as I stumbled you said let’s take it slow  
and now I feel strangely as if I’m home
I love you and just wanted you to know 

“I’ve got my hush-puppies on,
I guess I never was meant for
Glitter rock and roll.”
Jimmy Buffett - Come Monday

An old rhyming poet named Mike in a very strange land says thank you for all the love you’ve shown to and shared with me.