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Lise Rønne and Conchita Wurst in the Green Room during the second semi-final.

(I know the hug in particular has already been turned into a GIF, but I haven’t seen a more complete set and I wanted one, so I made one.)

Here’s the next installment on How Much of a Phantom Nerd Is Valt?
The answer is: a pretty big nerd.

I wasn’t that smart when I was younger because then I would have masks for all my Phantoms, but I figured it out eventually. Now, bear with me since at least one of them is a signature of someone who has never been cast as the Phantom, but I will explain.

Top row:

  • Scott Davies (UK) - also the mask I wore the second time I did Phantom (also, more on my time with Scott Davies later)
  • Ted Keegan (US Tour) - he is my fave, hush
  • Earl Carpenter (UK)
  • Thomas Schumaker (US Tour standby?) - I hope he was a standby, ugh


  • Michael Crawford - this is the mask I wore when I did Phantom my first time, so this one is really an uber-big-deal to me

Second Row:

  • John Cudia (US Tour)
  • Howard McGillin (Broadway) – not a fan, he was very rude to me
  • Roger Rees – Great actor, not an ALW Phantom, so why? Because you don’t know how much I bloody love RR and I owe my adoration of him due to (prepare to vomit) the Phantom of Manhattan audiobook. So he gets a mask. Hey, it’s how I roll.
  • Hugh Panaro (Broadway) – I never got to see him, sadly, but one of my friends was friends with him, and she asked him to sign a mask for my collection, which was REALLY SWEET. (Thank you, Hugh! You’re in good company)

Not pictured:

  • Mark Campbell (US Restaged Tour) – this one is in my RI storage