hush tours

Wanted to share a picture from the vault circa 2008 that I stumbled upon. This was from the Panic! At The Disco “Pretty Odd” tour at Amos’ Southend in Charlotte. You can see that iPhones were not even relevant yet. It’s also crazy to think only one of the original members is still in this band and the venue closed last year. Good times, good times.


     Faceless soldiers in gleaming black armor surveyed all who entered, permitting only their most necessary sidearm to accompany them past the door. Within the building’s esteemed halls roamed all forms of Imperial company, illuminated under the compound’s warm interiors. Prestigious voices sang opera over a bed of hushed conversation of tours of duty and official business, while the main carpet was the premiere place to take one’s hand to waltz. Drinks flowed from the various bars in the west and east wing of the establishment, with another overlooking the grand hall on the second floor.

     Advance invitations had been sent all across the galaxy to the officers of the Moff Council as well as The Empire to come and attend both the Eve Of gala, as well as the Naval Parade proper. To all guests the added invitation was extended to meet with the host and newly appointed Commander Moff Braddoc, whose presence was felt in the near one-hundred and fifty armed guards posted amongst the Capital Building’s compound but rarely enjoyed in person by the more mundane guests. 

     The upper level balcony was a lovely place to escape the scene, and it was Braddoc’s go-to for finding a moment of quiet to enjoy the fireworks. Too early in the night had he been dragged into more than a few conversations with more established Moffs. Some with open praise for his accomplishments, but most of course backhanded gloating and passive aggression, always trying to take more then they originally deserve. It had quickly given him need to reflect, perhaps indulge in a stick of tabac. But the night however brought him another sight that crossed his eye evoked a different expression. As he watched a group of uniformed officers leave the rather beautiful dressed woman the Commander quickly pushed up and away to another level of this magnificent building. While the woman wandered about, eventually stopping to look up at the fireworks, Braddoc swam through the crowd to where she stood, appearing with drink in hand at Madam Landry’s flank. 

     “There’s something about them, isn’t it? Fireworks I mean. It is rather… Captivating.

For future interviewers:

here’s a list of questions to ask Little Mix instead of boring questions about 1D/Zerrie wedding:

  • What’s the album title?
  • What’s the new album sound like?
  • What’s Jesy’s favorite song on Rixton’s album?
  • More questions about Leigh’s fashion blog
  • Is Perrie gonna keep the sidepart forever?
  • Who’s going to dye their hair next?
  • Have they kept in touch with Rodney?
  • What’s going on with them video diaries??
  • What does Jordan actually do…..?? Like what’s his career?
  • Why did Aaron play Perrie like that @ the brits this year?
  • What do they think of a pop legend (aka Britney Spears) recording and releasing a song they wrote?
  • Is DNA really going to be continued?
  • Why wasn’t Nothing Feels Like You a single?
  • Will Leigh Anne start getting braids more often?
  • Will Jade ever wear those cute buns she had in the Dreaming Together video again?
  • Some actual questions about Dreaming Together…like that happened why y’all so hush about it?