hush tours

For future interviewers:

here’s a list of questions to ask Little Mix instead of boring questions about 1D/Zerrie wedding:

  • What’s the album title?
  • What’s the new album sound like?
  • What’s Jesy’s favorite song on Rixton’s album?
  • More questions about Leigh’s fashion blog
  • Is Perrie gonna keep the sidepart forever?
  • Who’s going to dye their hair next?
  • Have they kept in touch with Rodney?
  • What’s going on with them video diaries??
  • What does Jordan actually do…..?? Like what’s his career?
  • Why did Aaron play Perrie like that @ the brits this year?
  • What do they think of a pop legend (aka Britney Spears) recording and releasing a song they wrote?
  • Is DNA really going to be continued?
  • Why wasn’t Nothing Feels Like You a single?
  • Will Leigh Anne start getting braids more often?
  • Will Jade ever wear those cute buns she had in the Dreaming Together video again?
  • Some actual questions about Dreaming Together…like that happened why y’all so hush about it?