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Hello~ I was wondering if we could get a scenario where Katsuki's crush has young Izuku in her arms (due to a quirk accident Deku is now a child) and he wants to talk to her but she thinks he's trying to bully Izuku so she is very cautious of his presence but in the end Katsuki is holding young Izuku in his arms and his crush is very soft spoken and he realizes how much more he wants to be with her so he confesses?

I can do a headcanon for this, hopefully this will suffice. Apologizes. - Mod Honey

Bakugou Katsuki

  • It starts out with Bakugou wearing a newly purchase graphic t-shirt, something that he overheard his crush was interested in; internally excited to get his crush’s attention
  • With a smirk on his face he approaches his crush with swagger in his step, but once he sees a child that resembles Izuku he can’t help but feel irritated
  • “What the fuck is that thing in your arms?” He asks his crush with disdain and slight disgust, especially when his crush furrows their brow at him and explain to him it’s Izuku
  • Child Izuku will definitely start to cry at the sight of Bakugou and his crush starts to look around for something, he is too focused on glaring at the loud child
  • They’ll thrust Izuku into his arms as Izuku cries, he has no choice to hold the freckled kid and he holds child Izuku arms length away
  • As his crush looks for something in their they say “Be nice to him!” He holds his tongue and grits his teeth and forces a smile at the child
  • Doesn’t want to scare his crush away and he says things like “Shut—H-Hush up little shi—shine…!”
  • His crush takes the kid back and coos and calms with a stuff animal in their hand and he just stands there with his arms enraptured by the sight of them
  • Bakugou sees their soft expression and quickly gets jealous. He wants them to look at them like that and he angrily confesses “Why don’t you look at me like that!? Go out with me already!”
  • It’s just pure silence, kid stops crying, crush stares at him, and he stares with angry eyes and his mouth open
  • “O-Okay?” his crush says and Izuku cries, and he’s too relieved to give a shit about the crying child