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love square online gaming AU

“Okay, I quit. Ladybug’s mother likes me more than Ladybug does. How does that work?”

Walking back to her computer, Marinette snorted, wondering if that had anything to do with hearing her mom shout, “She’s AFK, dear,” earlier.

“Because she never has to talk to you, obviously.”

“Meouch. I assure you that your mother and I have had some lovely conversations.”

Marinette, who’d been a party to most of those conversations (which mostly consisted of her mother handing over blackmail material by the bucketload), hurried on, “Anyway, I’m sure you don’t want to hear all about my exciting trip to the bathroom, so—”

Right on queue, her channel partner said, “Wait, what kind of exciting are we talking about? Because—”

“The kind where I stubbed my toe on the cabinet,” she interrupted, choking down a laugh as she booted her character back up, “so hush.”

A rush of notifications from the livesteam chatters let her know that Chat had been ‘yowling like a horny cat’ and that they were glad she was back.

“Oh my god, you guys.”

Looks like Elle’s gonna win the prize,” Chat sang, either oblivious or uncaring of the way their supporters were slandering his name, “If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies—”


Fifteen different variations of, It’s true though! popped up on Marinette’s screen.

You two need to kiss!

“A-huh,” Marinette half-snorted and half-sighed. “If kitty-gamer over there ever wants to move his butt from New York to Paris, I’ll give it a thought.”

All her lines went dead silent, and what followed had to be the strangest silence in Marinette’s Let’s Play career.


Oh my god popped up in the chat window a couple of times, but other than that, no one said a peep.


Chat cleared his throat.

“I, um… I am.”

One second for it to sink in, and then Marinette’s gut flipped inside-out.

“You’re… what?”

Chat cleared his throat again, and Marinette wondered how she could hear the blush. “Moving. To Paris.”


“Not! Of course! That we have to meet or anything if you don’t want to, but I’m not going to be online for like five days in like… two weeks.”

“Oh,” said Marinette, and sank her teeth into her suddenly tingling lips, face hot. “Well, h-how about that.”

‘How about that’ indeed, she thought as Chat laughed on the other side of the line. Three years of shooting down her friend’s ridiculous advances, and now, suddenly, she was faced with the idea that they might not be quite so ridiculous, and…

And, suddenly, all of her was a little warmer — and a little more eager — than she’d like to think about.


“Aaaaaanyway,” she said in her very best Ladybug voice, “we’re burning airtime, people! Let’s move! I want this base conquered by sundown!”


I feel it coming

Request: “Can you do a Dom!Bucky fic with a shy reader who is insecure about sex and Bucky ends up treating her really sweetly but maintaining dominance?”

Pairings: Bucky x Fem!Reader

Warnings; Language, SMUT, oral male and female receiving, penetration, Dom!Bucky, kinky things, a lot of SIN

Your are tipsy. That’s the only explanation for be having a fit of laughter seeing Thor imitate Tony. 

- HA HA very funny, really - Tony is pissed, you can tell, but that only makes the poor interpretation of Thor funnier - Okay hammer man, you win

- Of course I win! - Thor, accepting his victory as humbly as ever

Moments like these, were you all are just enjoying the company of the others are the ones you want to treasure for the rest of your life. After asking for some pizzas and opening some bottles of wine you are all spread over the couchs on Tony’s living room.

Standing up from the couch he was ocuping Tony is the first one of the Avengers who leaves the party and try to find some sleep after a particulary rough mission.

- Would be okay, you two? - with a half smile Steve ask to you and Bucky, the only ones who are in the living room besides him yet.

- Of course, go get some sleep Cap - you assure him

- See you tomorrow morning to run, pal? - Steve asks to his best friend

- Yep, five o’clock downstairs - he responds with a yawn

With a last wave of his hand Steve leaves Bucky and you alone in the big living room of the Stark tower. You play with the hems of your sweater (Bucky’s sweater, in fact) while looking at the handsome profile of your boyfriend. His features are enlighted by the mortecine light of the TV, his blue eyes bright even in half darkness and his arm resting protectively around your waist.

- If you keep staring at me like that I’d blush, doll - he says tearing his eyes away from the tv

- Mmh, sorry - The heat comes to your cheeks. Damn, you are always blushing around him, you can’t help it. Even now that you are officially together you still sometimes feel insecure around him, not that he has told you anything to feel that way but… you just can’t help it. He’s so perfect.

- I didn’t say I mind - he chuckles lowering his head to capture your lips with his

Waves of electricity run through your body at the simple contact of his lips pecking yours, it has always been like that since the first kiss. This man does things to you. 

Later, you will blame it to the alcohol runing through your veins but when Bucky is about to break the kiss you lift your hands onto his cheeks to hold him in place while you deepen the kiss. He seems surprised at first but quickly recovers and corresponds with fearous intensity, moving also his torso to face you. 

You shudder a little when his hands find your knees and force your legs to open wider so he can fit himself in between them. At the same time he bites softly your bottom lip to insert his warm tongue in your mouth, which you accept eagerly. You are slowly falling over the soft cushions of the couch with Bucky on top of you, never breaking the kiss, feeling how his big hands caress the bare skin of your legs. 

You let out a soft moan when he squeeze your ass with the hand his not using to support his weight and it seems to break the spell he was immersed. Suddenly he breaks the kiss looking at you with wide eyes

- Fuck. Sorry doll - he starts to move away from you - I didn’t meant to push… - you cut him grabing his collar and sealing his lips with yours

- Just… - you whisper feeling your cheeks blush again - Keep doing it 

Bucky, hovering over you, stares blanky at you for a solid minute and, when you are mentally deciding to which part of Sibera you are gonna run to hide in embarrassement, a slow wide grin appears on his face. The air in the room changes and all your senses comes to life seeing how his blue eyes spark in anticipation.

- Well well… - he purrs placing a stray lock behind your ear - I think I will be able to satisfy all your wishes, doll

Before you can say a word, Bucky stands up abruptly dragging you with him

- We need more privacy - he winks at you while carrying you until your shared bedroom

Once in there, again on your feet, you feel all your previous daring fade being replazed by shyness. The big figure of Bucky approach slowly to you and, by some reason, the expression on his face makes you feel aroused and afraid at the same time. 

Tenderly, he places his hands at both of your cheeks and ducks his head to capture your lips in the most caring way infunding you new confidence.

- If you are not comfortable or just want to stop anytime - he says above your parted lips - just tell me and I’ll stop immediately, okay doll? - you nod extremelly thankful of having him as a boyfriend. He chuckles - I’m gonna need you to use words Y/N, tell me, are you okay with that? 

- Y-Yeah Bucky - your voice small

- Good girl - he says approvingly and his grave voice makes you shudder - Turn your back to me, darling - his eyes dark with lust

Swalowing with your mouth suddenly dry, you do as command feeling his presence in your back close enough to feel his warm but not enough for him to touch your needy skin.

- Hands on the wall, beatiful - he whispers on your ear sending shivers all over your spine

You do as he told you placing hesitant your hands on the cold wall trying to get a hint of what’s happening behind you. His hands reach your hips while his lips caress the half exposed skin of your collarbone, sucking and biting. You gasp when one of his hands finds the end of your sweatshirt and explores the covered skin of your belly, making his way painfully slow until your breasts.

- Hands up - he growls and your body reacts immediately allowing him to get ride of the garment, as soon as the sweater goes off of you, you put your hands again on the wall. - Such a good girl - he praises you placing his hands in your skin again - Just for that I won’t tease you…not too much, at least - he chuckles darkly and you can’t hold back a moan when his hands massage your breasts over your bra

Setting aside your hair Bucky makes a wet path of kisses all over your nape and neck arriving at your ear lobe and biting softly at it while his fingers make his way under your bra, finding your already hard nipples

- Oh God - you moan when the friction becomes too much. Your back arches desperate for him to do something and your ass rub againts Bucky’s already hard cock earning a deep growl from him - Bucky… please do something

Breathing heavily on your ear he slides a hand trough your abdomen reaching your jeans and unbuttoning them professionaly while his other hand makes placement around your neck, not pressing too hard, just keeping your head steady on his chest. At this point you have given yourself totally to the man behind you and you will willingly pray for him to ease the pain that’s placed in your crotch.

At a turtorious pace his long fingers slide on your underwear massaging around your sensitive spot, but not quiet touchig it.

- Buck…. - you whine and he hushes you not rushing himself at any moment, just enyojing the frustrated sounds he’s making you do. You nearly cry when finally one of his fingers brush your clit making your back to slam againts his cock in need. 

Mercilessly he repeats the action adding more fingers and more friction and taking you to the edge. You gasp for air when his middle finger open your folds and slides over your already soaking wet cunt.

- Holy shit doll! - he grunts - You are so wet, so good - his hips make an unvoluntary pounding movement while he masturbs you, as if imagining himself burying his hard length in to your tight walls.

- Bucky pleaseee - you whine, you need him to do something… anything! But now. Harshly he undo your jeans and free your neck so he can put them out of you. You feel the urge to replace his hand with yours in your suddenly lonely clit -  Hands.On.The.Wall  - but his gruffy voice contains you to do so. You hear the bastard chuckle when you whine.

Kneeled behind you he takes your jeans and panties off of your legs and your head miss the support of his chest when your neck give up feeling his calloused hands making his way though your thighs until your now exposed cunt.

- God, you’re gorgeous - you hear him mutter 

You are not prepared for the overwhelming feeling of his warm tongue licking your clit from behind and your fingers curl over the flat surface of the wall trying to find some support. His wet tongue caress your folds cleaning all your juices  

You tremble when he repeats the action one time, and another, making you a moaning mess, if wasn’t by his hands firmly planted on your hips you would be rocking againts him, too lost in the feeling to be ashamed of your ways.

- Buck I’m gonna…. - you try to warn him that your orgasm is close just for him to tear away from you making you gasp in surprise.  

- You’ll come when I’ll tell you to, doll - you want to protest but it dies on your troath when he rubs his hard cock over your buttocks imititating the love making. 

Bucky gives a last squeeze to your tits before freeing them from your bra and making you turn around. The kiss he gives to you is nearly enough to make you come undone, all teeth and tongue. You can’t help but grab on to his forearms for dear life while he devastates your mouth.

- The things I would do to that mouth… - he growls looking at your parted lips. He stares at you for a second searching for some kind of disapproval and, when he doesn’t find any, he smiles filthly - Come here - You let him guide you to the bed where he sits with his legs wide open - Kneel, princess - he orders. You obey. - I want those sweet lips around my cock - you feel a spur of fire straight to your core at his words

- Yes, Sir - you purr and he moan at your lustful gaze. 

Licking his lips in anticipation he observes how you slowly duck your head until his throbing cock. Licking your own lips to wet them your touch in the most softly way his head making his hips to jerk at the sudden feeling. You bit your inner cheek trying to contain the smile which’s forming on your lips seeing how much you affect him. With renewed confidence you make a long lick to his prominence capturing with your lips as well the pre-cum that goes out of him. 

All his body tense at your action making the veins of his collarbone more prominents and his cheeks to flush, you look up to meet his gaze absolutely focused on your lips, as if they were some kind of new marvelous animal specimen. You repeat the previous action, this time, adding more of his sensitive flesh in to your mouth and Bucky moan loudly grabing a fist full of your hair. 

- FUCK, doll…. Yeah so good… - spurred by his reaction you open your jaw wider and take him in to your mouth completely. Bucky let out a strangled sound and his thighs contracts involuntarily under your palms, who would have guessed that the Winter soldier would be so vocal when receiving an oral? You chuckle innerly.

Bobbing your head you take him on to your mouth one time and another playing also with your tongue, repeating the movement when you discover that caressing the strap big vein on the back of his cock makes him go wild. Bucky stretch your hair a little when you add your hands in to the game, playing with his already contracted testicles. You have even to contain your gagging impulse a couple times when he raise his hips lost in pleasure.

- Stop  - he reaches for your forearms to lift you when he’s about to cross the frontier. You lick your lips, shinny with his precum and he moans filthtly before kissing you eagerly. While kissing he helps your legs surround his waist and you had to bite back a moan when you feel his hard cock pressed againts your abdomen, if he just moves a little… He helps your hips to move rocketing his thighs and you moan on his mouth needy for some kind of real friction.

- Spread for me, doll. I want you on your back, legs wide open - he says

Trembling a little under his intense gaze you do as told and put your back over the matress, covered with soft blakets. You open your legs not quiet secure with showing yourself so much but soon all your worries fade out under the loving look of him. 

- Look at you doll. I could eat you alive and I wouldn’t get enough - he hovers over you, full erect and you gulp nervous. - Hey - he forces your chin so you are looking at him straight to the eyes - Do you remember what I told you, right?

- Yeah  - you nod, blushing

- What I told you princess? - he pecks your lips 

- That, we can stop anytime - he nods smiling

- You want to stop? - asks tenderly

- Fuck, No - you say rotundly and he laugh out loud

- Okay doll - Bucky ducks his head to kiss your bare nipple making you moan - I want you to tell me when you are about to come, okay? - you nod - Don’t come until I told you so - you gulp.

Leaving soft kisses all over your breasts Bucky plays with your nipples before he makes a path until your already sensitive cunt. Your head smash on the matress when his tongue finds again your sweet spot, not giving you any chance to contain the loud moan that scapes your lips.

- GOD, Buck..!! Yes… please - you are a mess while his lips sucks at your clit and his tongue draws fire patterns on your folds. You know how wet he’s making you just by the sounds that are echoing in the room besides your moans and your hard breathing.

Sooner than you are proud of, in your your lower abdomen, forms a heat pool that threaten to send you over the edge any time soon. There’s nothing on this world that you want more than jump through the edge guided by Bucky’s mouth, but you know that you need to ask permission first.

- Bucky I’m gonna….

- No - he says breaking the contact just enough to asnwer

- Buuck - you whine half crying. All your body is screaming you to give up to the pleasure  - I can’t I-I– BUCKY - your hands had made a steel anchor on his brown locks and your legs are squirming uncontrollably under him - I’M GONNA…

You scream when he tears his precious mouth away from you just a second before you reach you big end. He makes his way up to your lips kissing the same path he did when going down on you until reach your mouth and kisses you. You taste yourself on him.

- On your four - his gruff voice says. You turn yourself over quickly. 

You moan when his hands help you find the position by lifting your ass until his cock

- Don’t come until I allow you - he says in your ear and waits

- Yes, sir - you respond weakly

Your mouth makes a perfect “o” shape when his hard member makes his way in to your cunt, burying slowly into you, allowing to everyone of your nerve endings to analize the pleasure.

- Holy shit doll - he groans behind you - You are so tight - with a last whine he buries himself completelly into you and waits for your unspeaked permission to continue, which you give him by moving your hips againts his.

- James! - you scream when you feel the big presence in to you moving in and out of your pussy, wrecking havoc al your common sense - Oh My God, Yes… Yes… - you are a mess on his competent hands.

He is pounding into you at a devastating pace and you know that his fingerprints on your hips are gonna leave you covered for days. The familiar feeling on your abdomen takes place again and you cling on the sheets as a futile trying to contain the pleasure to overcome you.

- Bucky I can’t.. anymore… - you moan, your head spining with pleasure. Your eyes roll back when he ducks his head to bite your neck, then shooting the mark with his tongue. You can feel his strong torso rubing your back while he pounds mercilessly on to you, you are both covered in sweat and panting. 

- Hold on - he orders and you cry reconsidering on giving up. One of his hands leaves your hip to cover your soaked clit and starts to make circles over it. You tremble and whine trying to hold his forearm, it’s too much to hold without coming undone. 

- Come doll, come for me all over my cock - he growls and you don’t have to be told twice. After taking all the air your lungs are able to, you come around his throbing cock moaning his name out loud. The orgasm makes you see white and your ears to buzz and the hand of Bucky on your clit just extends the pleasure making you walls to keep milking him. 

Seeing you melting into his arms seems to be the last spurr Bucky needs because, just behind you, his orgasm waves over him making his hips to pound as deep as they can get and his cock to cover your inner walls in white.

Too tired to support himslef anymore he spins you around laying his back on the matress with you on top of him, breathing heavily. Still panting you surround his chest with your arms and smile softly pressing your cheek to his chest, just above his runaway heart. You feel his hands caress sotly your back trying to calm you down and him, as well. You look up to him

- Do you liked it, doll? - he asks, still out of breath after his orgasm

- Yeah Bucky - you kiss his sweated chest - And yo..?

- Awsome - he says, adoration on his voice. You both laugh feeling completely satisfied and content

After a few seconds of silence Bucky has already regained normal breathing, lucky supersoldier, and he leaves you for a second to reach something to clean up all he holy mess you have done.

Once you are fully cleaned and he has made sure that you are comfortable and happy, he lays again with you on the bed, fully prepared to achieve a night of sleep, free from nightmares as always that you sleep in his arms. You sigh contently cuddling around his chest

- Doll… - you hear him, nearly falling on your slumber

- Hmm? 

- I love you - he says with voice full of love

- I love you too - you use your last forces to kiss his smily lips before falling asleep lulled by the warm of the body of your beloved soldier.

A/N: I loved that request. Thank you

Also, sorry for the grammar mistakes, I’ll fix them later :)

♫Shape of You- Ed Sheeran//Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

Request:  Will you please do a Sirius X Reader based on “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran? ♡

A/N: @fandomtrash-20 here’s the tag you asked for! I hope this is good, I was facing a bit of writer’s block with it, so I might do a different one later on! Enjoy loves xoxox

The Leaky Cauldron is filled with light conversation and eccentrically dressed individuals scattered over the mismatched chairs, their hushed, rushed words filling the room. The air is slightly stuffy, cigarette smoke curling in all corners as occasional yells directed at the barmaid zoom through the dimly lit space.  
Y/N enters, the familiar smell of smoke and aging wood filling her nostrils and bringing a smile to her face. She takes a deep breath and takes four eager strides towards the bar, taking a seat on a shabby, olive coloured stool and giving the bartender a friendly wave. The bald, cheerful man gives her a happy wave before putting a glass of nettle wine in front of another customer and walking towards her.

“Well hello, Y/N! It’s been a while! Where’ve you been hiding?” the familiarity of his voice makes her feel at home as she gives him a grin.

“I do still go to school Tom,” she answers with a small chuckle as she watches him grab a large goblet from the back of a worn cupboard, feeling a slight warmth at the chip that still remains in the thick glass, one she remembers bedecking the glass with at age six. Memories of her father insisting that her pumpkin juice be served in a goblet, just like his firewhiskey, flood her mind, her heart fluttering as the familiar goblet is handed to her over the counter with a wink from Tom, brimming with butterbeer. 

She happily takes a sip and allows her y/e/c eyes to wander around the space, lingering for a second on the back of a dark haired man, but moving straight back to Tom once he began to speak again.

“How’s your last year treating you?” he asks happily, charming a mop to wipe down a freshly washed glass as he leans on the counter.

“It’s definitely not easy,” she says with a roll of her eyes, “but it’s not too bad. I’m finding it quite interesting actu–”

Her answer is interrupted by a familiar, hoarse voice calling Tom over for another shot of rum and prompting her eyes to dart towards the familiar figure. A smile slowly spreads across her face and she leaves her seat, the goblet still comfortable in her hand, Tom giving her a baffled look as she reaches out and lightly taps the shoulder of the dark haired figure he’s handing a small glass of red liquid to. 

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proud of your boy (a lego robin playlist)

“and i already have a catchphrase, ‘tweet tweet on the street!’”

playlist for lego robin because i love him.


friends are family // oh hush! ★ sugar rush // akb48 ★ on top of the world // imagine dragons ★ never gonna give you up // rick astley ★ journey to the past // liz callaway ★ wake me up before you go-go // wham! ★ i lost all my eggs // shawn wasabi ★ shooting star // owl city ★ dancing queen // abba ★ we go together // grease cast ★ razzle dazzle // richard gere ★ try everything // shakira ★ tomorrow // aileen quinn ★ i found you // fraser murray ★ proud of your boy // adam jacobs


8tracks || playmoss || youtube

To know you

Prince!Jimin x Reader

5k of Fluff

Originally posted by yoonmin

“Arranged marriage?!? With Prince Jimin?!” You shouted, your scream echoing off the walls of your room. Your advisor, Seokjin, winced. “They’re insane! They officially lost it!” You snapped. “On the good side, he is cute.” You looked at Seokjin with a flat glare. He frowned. “Your highness, you’re a princess, you knew this was coming.” He told you. “But not so soon!” You huffed, angry. You knew it was inevitable. It was engraved in your mind since the day you could talk. “Your parents gave you three months till you get married. And you won’t meet him till the day before the wedding.” He told me. “Like hell, I won’t.” You mumbled, your voice was gruff.

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To Last Forever.

(A/N: not requested.)
~ Y/N = Your name.
~ C/N = [Your] Crush’s name.
~ E/C = Eye color.
~ H/C = Hair color.
~ … = Time skip.

You cannot wait to walk home today. You exit the doors of your large school, and are immediately enveloped in the sun’s welcoming rays. Spring had just begun. The blossoming buds on the trees are perfectly accompanied by the chatter or birds and the faintest breeze.

You usually walk home alone, but the springtime is different. The mild winds and warm weather always lure people out of their homes. Countless people go on walks and enjoy the outdoors during the span of time you’re outside after school, making you feel a little less isolated on your solo walk home.

You look up to behold the bluest sky you had seen in months. A scattered cloud here and there tied the whole scene together. It was perfect, and nothing could make it better. Well, except…


You stop in your tracks.

“Y/N! Wait up!”

There is no way. Did you forget something? Did someone follow you to return your bag? A textbook? Did you drop something?

You turn around.

Your heart flutters. You see C/N, slowing down his pace and coming to a not-so-graceful stop in front of you. He attempts to catch his breath and explain his sudden sprint, but realizes his untidy appearance has you a bit startled.

His H/C hair was ruffled from his quick dash over to you, and the scattered winds didn’t help this impression. His clumsy halt allows a nervous laugh to escape him, and you shyly smile at the sound of it. He looked down, hiding his sudden bit of embarrassed laughter.

“Sorry, I…” he began, but was interrupted by his own shy laughter yet again. You start to laugh a little too. There was no way that he hadn’t caught his breath by now. Why can’t he speak?

He finally looked up. “Sorry to stop you. I was heading your direction, and saw you in the distance. I was about a minute or so of a walk behind you, but you looked lonely and I thought I could come walk with you,” he laughed, “if that’s alright with you.“

His E/C eyes radiated warmth in the sunlight, in a way that captivated you. You almost couldn’t look away. “It’s no problem at all. I’d love to have someone to walk with,” you smiled. God, his laugh was cute.

You and C/N start walking back in your original direction.

Walking in sync, you talk about school, upcoming tests, your personal lives, your mutual friends, and anything else the two of you could think of. You’d shared one or two classes with C/N, and you two became good friends through your shared friend group. Was it always this easy to talk to him?

“The chemistry test was difficult no doubt, but the hardest part was just focusing on the test in such an immature classroom,” you giggled.

You didn’t usually complain to others about your problems, but C/N has been fully attentive to your words ever since you two started talking. You felt like he was truly listening.

“How so?” he asked.

Your words went on and on, no longer organized in a way that he could keep up with. You talked about the pen-clickers and the foot-tappers and everyone who made the class distracting. C/N began to shyly smile. A soft pink blush danced across his face as you went on about these childish pet peeves of yours. You noticed your ramble had caused this, and had to look down in embarrassment.

“Oh no, I rambled a bit, I’m sorry,” you laughed, nervously.

“Not a problem at all,” he smiled. His harmonious laugh helped drown out your worries.

You smile. “…and don’t get me started on the couple in the back who skipped the class period to go make out. To think, they’ve only been dating for a week!”

“Are you serious?”

“I wish I wasn’t!”

You both laugh. In that instance, his beautiful smile warmed you far more than the sun ever could.

C/N’s bright smile dims for a second. His eyes search the ground, and soften.

“Y/N, how… do you feel about that topic?”

You pause, not fully understanding the question.

“You mean… chemistry…?” you ask, jokingly.

“No, not chemistry class. But I chemistry’s a fun way to put it…” he laughs.

“Are you talking about making out?” You laugh, “If you’re only walking with me to make out, I swear…”

“No…” his eyebrows furrow. You can tell he’s asking a genuine question now, so you set aside your joking tone.

“Then wha-”

“Relationships!” he cuts you off.

His sudden outburst startled you. Aware of the unnecessary scene he had made, he hushed his voice.

“Rushed relationships…” C/N chuckled, “how do you feel about them?”

As lighthearted and childlike as it was, the silly little topic of love caught you off guard.

Before you can respond, he begins to speak.

“I hate people who rush into relationships. They can be so easily bribed by initial attraction, and end up ruining such a beautiful opportunity with another person,” he says. His voice gradually becomes more passionate with every thought he voices. Your shared steps on the uneven sidewalk get bigger, then smaller, then bigger, stop completely, then continue. He walks with his eyes glued to the sidewalk, carefully wording every thought of his. He only looks up to see if you’re still there, listening to him. His brows furrow, his mind looks like each fraction of opinion he speaks is either right or wrong to you, and he’s afraid of being wrong.

You stop for a second. He looks at you. His E/C eyes don’t bring warmth this time. He’s observing you, reading you. You want him to feel comfortable talking to you about this. No matter how many times you chimed his thoughts, he wanted more. You saw color, emotion in his eyes, like he wanted something from you then and there. He looked like he was holding back something else he wanted to say.

“C/N?” you ask.

He looks at you for only a few more seconds, smiles, then shakes his head.

“I’m sorry,” C/N smiled, gazing down, “I wanted to say something else, but I don’t want to rush.”

You feel yourself begin to blush a little. You never knew he could speak so passionately about something, as he had just done. Luckily, he starts walking again, not noticing your tinted cheeks. You shyly follow two steps behind.

You eventually stop at a park.

“I’m sorry, this is where I’ll be leaving. I have practice in an hour,” he says.

The world stops for a second. You’re sad the conversation has to end here. You can tell he’s sad too. His bright, sunshine eyes clouded over, losing the warmth they radiated only seconds ago. You could see his eyes searching, longing for something else, unsatisfied with how you two had to part.

“C/N… can I ask you something before we go?” you say, not only to break the silence, but because you’re desperate to hear his voice and his laugh one last time in this perfect moment.

“Yes?” he smiles, looking up and meeting your gaze once again.

You look down and laugh at the though of your silly question. “What do people rush in relationships that make them so bad?”

He smiles, and an overwhelming laugh that sings sweeter that the springtime birds fills the air like music to your ears.

“Well Y/N, you see…” he says, hesitating for a moment, carefully planning out his next words.

Suddenly, you feel a warm hand against yours. You jump a little, and look up to see C/N’s hand warmly interlocked with yours.

“They go straight into hand holding. More importantly, any kind of physical interaction. It’s unnecessary! Wouldn’t you agree?“

His face grows a bit red, realizing that he may have scared you, but your uncontrollable laugh makes his sudden blush even worse. You eventually control your sudden outburst.

“Right!” you chime. “Just like…”

You take his hand, which was still entwined with yours, and wrap his arm around you.

“…when lovers our age start cuddling in the movies? On the first date?”

He’s nervous now, you can tell. But so are you. You can tell the word “lovers” flustered him a little, but that just makes this little game even more fun.

“True, true,” he laughs, “but what about…”

He quickly pulls you over to a large tree next to the sidewalk. He now holds both of your hands and pins you against the tree.

“…those couples that kiss, anywhere, and-”

“-everywhere,” you both say.

He’s now inches away from your face. You’re both looking into each other’s eyes, daring one another to actually make the move in the heat of the moment. Though it’s the most tempting thing you’ve ever faced, it was also the cheesiest, and you both know it. You both stumble over your own feet and break out into an uncontrollable laugh.

Still holding hands, you both trip over a large root sticking out of the ground from the tree. The fall wasn’t painful at all, and the two of you start to laugh even harder.

The grass is soft. A beautiful green. The park’s lawn had not been mowed yet, so it felt like mother nature’s softest blanket had graced itself upon the moment and wrapped the two of you in pure joy.

As you tried to control your laughter, you realized you couldn’t hear his voice anymore. You turned your head to find his eyes exploring yours. He was looking at you again. In a way he hadn’t before.

The silence was pure. It was nice, not like before. The two of you just laying there under the shade of the tree. It was magic.

You lie there in silence, the two of you looking up and the bright blue sky and the warm green leaves. You listened to people playing in the park, and to nature’s beautiful evening lullaby. You listened to the peaceful world around you, until C/N finally spoke.

“Relationships are nice. Real ones, not rushed ones. Maybe some people can feel initial attraction to someone, a chemical rush whenever they hold hands with their partner, whenever they exchange a kiss, a hug, a smile, anything,” he spoke, “but if you rush these interactions, not waiting for time to build their meaning and their value, it’s not real. People hold hands without holding meaning, people hug without embracing, people kiss without doing it like it’s the last time they’ll ever see their lover again.”

He isn’t flustered when he says the word “lover” there. You almost giggle, but you know it isn’t right. His words are soft, and the spring breeze plays with his H/C hair. His smile is warm.

“People love without loving… and to love, is to want something to last forever.”

His words hit you hard. You looked over at him, finding him staring up at the lone blossomed flower on the tree branch above you. He’s thinking, pondering.

He turns his body to face you. You to face him in response. You didn’t expect you two to be so close, but you are. C/N looks into your E/C eyes.

“You know, this like the cliche movie thing where the two characters get really close and stare into one another’s eyes…”

You laugh, pushing yourself away from the ground to stand up again.

“Hey, Y/N, maybe I should catch up and walk with you more often,” he says, sitting upright after laying in the warm grass for so long.

You turn around and smile at him.

“I would love that.”

He gives a shy smile and starts walking into the park. You turn back onto your path, beaming. The birds serenade your path back to your humble home, the breeze carries all of your bad thoughts away, and you recall every last detail of your encounter.

Your mind raced with questions. Your heart wanted to run back and seal your paradisiac evening with the one thing you didn’t dare do, but craved as you were entranced on the sidewalk in the silence, as you were pinned to the tree, as the two of you layed in the warm sunshine together,

but you silenced those thoughts,

because you weren’t going to rush such a beautiful thing. You wanted it to last forever, so you treasured that time you just had, and excitedly waited for the next.

And so did C/N.

Hello!♡ this is my very first imagine! I hope you enjoyed it! It was so much fun to write, and if you like my writing, feel free to send me a request or an idea, and hopefully I can make it into a beautiful story! I do advice and other things related to crushes (or not related to crushes) as well, so check out my lovely little blog, and have a lovely little day!♡

Let’s try now M.C

Originally posted by 5sos-place

warning: smut

word count: 1900+

summary: Michael wants a baby but y/n isn’t so sure. After some convincing y/n agrees and they try for one.

requested?: yes, hope you like it Anon! This is also dedicated to the other Anon who wanted more Michael smut, I told you Michael smut was coming ;) Don’t forget requests are open and I reply to all!

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suga + "i really appreciate you" fluff?

1,090k - oops 

The sounds of police sirens wail in the distance, and it’s enough to signal that you and Yoongi must not have been as sneaky as you both had assumed.

Your eyes widen when you hear them, your gaze finding Yoongi’s. Eyes staring into his. And he tenses, if just for a moment, but he quickly lets it pass, tries to brush it off in fear of frightening you further.

Yoongi and you always prepare for worst case scenario, you both always have a backup plan. You don’t dare step foot in a house that you didn’t know. You both did your research, you both always made sure that the routine would be quick, simple. You’d break in, usually undetected, get what you both had come for, leave and make love in the front seat of his car high on adrenaline and excitement.

It was ritual.

It was safe.

You both anticipated everything.

Silent alarms.

Someone arriving home early.

Locked windows.

But, you both never anticipated that the Koi’s had a dog.

A German Shepherd at that. One that you were absolutely sure was a retired police dog after the bite it had pressed into your ankle.

Yoongi is carrying you to the backdoor as quickly as he can, knowing that the chance of both of you escaping is decreasing by the second, if the police sirens growing closer to your destination indicated anything at all.

He reaches for the doorknob, unlocks it the quickest he can to his capability before carrying you out to the backyard.

And you’re almost there, almost ready to escape. The panic in your being starts to decrease a considerable amount.

That is until you hear the low, “Fucking shit!” That falls from Yoongi’s lips, causing you to look up from his chest, and–

your hopes of getting out of there uncaught are now diminishing, dissipating into thin air before your very eyes.

Because in the midst of you being bit by the dog, you both had somehow forgotten about the tall fence that surrounded the Koi’s yard.

Your heart starts to race quicker, panic resettling inside of your being.

And Yoongi’s then carrying you over to the next thing he sees: a patio table.

“Give me a second, Y/N. I’ll get us out of here, don’t worry.”

And then he’s rushing to the gate door, messing with the lock and when he doesn’t open it, your panic only starts to raise.

“Yoongi?” You sound a moment later, extending your wounded foot to the ground, you had barely applied any pressure, but it was still enough to make you whimper.

The whimper causes his attention to fall back onto you, and then he’s rushing over. “Baby, baby, stop, okay?” He rushes out hushed, the police sirens had silenced, making it known that they were now somewhere in the house.

“I’m sorry Yoongi.” You say, tears starting to fill your eyes. “It’s because of me that we’re gonna get caug–” He interrupts you then, his lips pressing into yours quickly, and for a moment you forget about the impending doom you both are about to face.

The kiss is enough to calm you, enough to make your eyes close, enough to remind you that everything was going to be okay. That you both were going to be okay, whether your parents found about your extra curriculum activities or not.

And it was going to be okay, because he was Min Yoongi, and he was yours. And he loved you.

You loved each other.

He breaks the kiss a moment later, his hand moving to your cheek, palm pressing against the skin, the pad of his thumb moves to wipe away the tears that had fallen from your eyes.

And he stares directly into your eyes when he speaks next.

“I really appreciate you.” He says, “You know that right?” His other hand moves to a long strand of your brunette hair that had fallen from your pony tail at some point in the night. You nod your head, not quite understanding why he’s speaking what he is. He tucks the hair behind your ear slowly, taking a step backwards.

“And I love you.” He says softly, the tip of his nose pressing to the tip of yours. “I love you so much, you mean the absolute world to me.”

“Yoongi–” you interrupt, suddenly growing uneasy, because his words – they are starting to sound like a goodbye. “Why– why are you say–” And as he takes a step backwards, it dawns on you.

Your eyes stare directly into his as he takes another step backwards, your hands falling from where they had been intertwined with his own.

By now you can hear the muffled movement coming from the inside of the house.

They were going to be here anytime.

“Yoongi?” You question, because the idea of him leaving you there was just so preposterous.

But he doesn’t reply as he takes another step backwards, growing closer to the fence.

And it’s then that you realize he wasn’t heading in the direction of the gate, but rather the fence itself. Meaning, the gate hadn’t opened, and he knew that if he wanted to escape without being caught, he’d have to escape alone.

Even if it meant leaving you behind.

“Yoongi.” You state, as tears start to fill your eyes, and if the hysteria you feel wasn’t evident in your voice, then you’re positive it was in your facial features, because he looks down, ripping his eyes from yours, as if the sight of you crying hurts him.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I hope you can forgive me someday. I-” he hesitates. “I love you so fucking much.”

And then he’s turning around, running to the fence as he starts to climb it.

And he’s leaving you.

Doing the one thing he promised he’d never do.

And you’re left screaming his name, screaming your frustrations out, because you were going to get caught anyway, it didn’t matter if you were loud in that very moment or not. You watch as he climbs the fence, as he doesn’t dare give you another glance as he jumps to the ground on the other side, and you can hear the brush of the bushes moving as he runs away.

As he leaves you sitting there, unable to move because of the pain coming from your foot.

Which was certainly broken.

But the pain coming from your broken foot was no match for the pain coming from your now broken heart.


A/N- This was certainly not very fluffy, I’m sorry but it’s what came to mind! Let me know if anyone wants me to expand on this or something! Also, I did not edit this at all, so I apologize for any mistakes!!

Maybe This Wasn’t a Bad Match

Summary: I just found ur blog and was so fucking excited! (I’m so excited I just can’t hide it)…Anyway can I have a Roanxreader where she is from Skaikru and they form an alliance by marriage & it’s their wedding, he doesn’t force anything on her till she comfortable & a month or so she is ready and smut and fluff. Plz and thx
- Hey, I’ve read all your Roan imagines! I love the “Hunting Skai-Renegades” imagine the most. I was hoping you could do an imagine where the reader is Kane’s Daughter and, to make an alliance with Ice Nation, the commander arranges for the reader and Roan to get married. Please!! Your writing is amazing!!!

(A/N): And I’m back, baby! I’m sorry it took so long for me to get back in the groove of things but, I’m starting up my writing, finally. Also there will be a part 2 to this imagine. It was just already so long and you guys know how I like to leave you on cliffhangers! Also the song of this one-shot is Gangsta(orchestra version)- by kehlani. I love you guys so much and part two will be up in two or three days, mark my words!
(Word Count: 1853)

You couldn’t believe you were actually going through with this! It was one thing to agree to such a dangerous alliance but, it was an entirely different thing to go through it. You couldn’t back out now though. It would be too dangerous to make fools out of the ground clans and the Commander and, especially after hearing what the Ice Nation was cable of. Azgeda knows no mercy and, you weren’t about to test that theory by running away from this betrothal to the prince of Azgeda. Besides, he seemed decent enough considering how he and his people had been raised when it came to Azgeda standards of parenting. You had spoken to him on several different occasions that, of course, had be supervised by both Azgeda warriors and Skaikru soldiers.

You had always been a loveable person and, that had never been more in your favor when it can to the royal crown of Azgeda. Even the queen herself liked you. though that had more to do with your act of bravery in front of both your people and, the grounders when your father, Marcus Kane, stepped forward to object to the commander deeming you fit to marry the prince. The Ice Queen was skeptical at first, mistaking your sweet nature and diplomacy as weakness but the more she observed you she realized that even if you were sweet by nature it was your charisma and exceedingly pleasant manners that made people trust you more easily than they would most. Getting people to act against their nature was what you seemed to do best whether you were trying to or not. Even if your intentions were pure of heart she could see if she looked very, VERY hard that there was a deliberate and strong way of how you talked and acted when you were representing your people and, she liked that very much.

She could tell the more she watched you, the more she was certain that you were born to be a queen. You had the mindset and the personality to be a successful queen and you already had the hearts of each and every one of your people. You had easily managed working your way into the heart of the Trikru chief, Indra, and in doing so, won the favor of Trikru as a whole and, you had charmed the commander herself into letting Skaikru join the coalition. She could plainly see that you already had Roan’s heart. The Ice queen knew it was only a matter of time till you won over the hearts and minds of her people as well.

You couldn’t stop now. Not after how far you and your people had come since landing on the ground. Besides you would have quite a lot of Skaikru soldiers and Trikru warriors, as well, to protect you at all cost once you were settled into the Azgeda Royal Castle and home. You weren’t as surprised as your people when Indra offered warriors up, to protect and listen to me in Azgeda. Indra had always favored you. More so than even your best friend Octavia. Which said a lot.

You vividly remembered when the commander announced that it was you that she believed could make an arranged marriage between Skaikru and Azgeda work. You vividly remember your father and Abby’s horrified faces when those words came from Lexa’s mouth and your father’s furious and desperate attempt at getting Lexa to change her mind. Even Indra disagreed and she never questions her commander’s decisions.


All the clans Ambassadors of the coalition had been summoned to the Commander’s throne room to hear what the commander had to say about the alliance between Skaikru and Azgeda. She was sitting on her throne as everyone filed into the room. Both the ice Queen and the prince were there with their royal guard. You stood behind Marcus and Abby, beside Clarke and Bellamy as the commander finally spoke.

“I’ve called you here today to discuss the matter of creating an alliance between Skaikru and Azgeda.” Lexa began, “I have decided upon who I see fit to marry the prince of Azgeda. I think it was all rather obvious to everyone, who would be capable of making this arranged marriage work and, quite frankly, she is the only one I fully trust to see this through.” murmuring erupted among the small crowd for a minute until Lexa raised her hand to demand silence before her eyes landed on you. “(Y/N) Kane, I have chosen you.”

Many gasps were heard through the crowd as all eyes were on you, especially the ice queen and her son’s eyes. Luckily, your father trained you well in never giving away your thoughts and feeling through reactions to situations. For your father though, all that flew out the window as he jumped, viciously, to your defense. “ Commander! Please reconsider your decision on this. There are many young women in Skaikru to choose from. I could help-” he was cut off by the commander, who had stood up during your father’s rant.

“While that may be true, those young women don’t have the necessary skills to see this through like your daughter does and, as I said before, she is the only one I trust to handle this position properly and successfully.” The Commander spoken with finality in her voice. Your father went to argue more before you stopped him by placing a small gentle hand on his shoulder. He whipped around and looked at you desperately. You were shocked for a moment at the state that your father was in. He had never lost control of himself in a high-tension situation like this before.

“Father, it’s alright. I can do this. For Skaikru.” You said, gently and smiled at him. He stuttered for a moment until you spoke again. “A wise man once told me, We leaders bare the burdens of the decisions we make, so our people don’t have too. I didn’t truly understand the heavy weight and truth that those words meant before. but I do now.” Your father was at a loss of words as he shook his head. “Survival requires sacrifice. This is how our people will survive.” You say.

The grounders were staring at you in admiration as you finished speaking but, that didn’t matter to you at the moment. Your father stare at you in wonder and desperation before he finally let out a sigh and his shoulders slumped. He shook his head again and gave you a proud look. “I think I taught you a little too well on what it takes to be a great leader.” He chuckled, halfheartedly as you giggled.

“I have to do this, father.” You say, “and you have to let me. I can’t be your little girl forever.” He nods his head before he takes a deep breath and turns to face the commander. Bellamy and Clarke grip each of your hands as your father spoke to the commander.

“We accepted the terms of this alliance.”

*Present day*

You had nervous jitters and were pacing the room while Clarke, Octavia, Lincoln, Indra, dad, Abby and Bellamy were with you, trying to help soothe your nerves. Indra finally approached you and gently took you by the shoulders and looked you in the eyes.

“(Y/N), you don’t have to do this. We can find another way to make all this work out.” she said, softly, so only you could hear her. You shook your head, furiously and, spoke in a hushed and rushed voice.

“I have to do this, Indra. We both know there is no other option. This is it. This is the only way Skaikru will ever be truly accepted by all the clans. I can do this, I’m just having pre-wedding jitters.” You say, “Everyone has those, right?” she smiles, gently and nods.

“Yes, people do. You, however, have more reason than most do, though.” she says, “But, I know you. You can do this. Your brave. Braver than all of clans combine.” she says, soothingly and with certainty, before she pulls be in a motherly hug.

I smile before there’s a knock at the door. Bellamy gets up to answer the door before freezing. He steps aside to let the person in before looking at me with wide eyes. The Ice Queen herself was standing in my bedroom, courtesy of the commander. The Queen gives a tiny smile in your direction before she speaks to everyone in the room.

“I just came to see how my future daughter-in-law is fairing.” You give her a bright smile of your own, not missing a step to make her feel welcome.

“I’m doing wonderful, thank you for coming to see how I was.” You say, sweetly. “Just preparing and spending quality time with my family before the long day of festivities. I keep hearing that royal weddings are a very big deal and usually last all day and well into the night.”

“Yes, they do.” She agrees, “I was wondering if I might possibly have a word with you privately.”

You could tell your friends and dad were about to deny this request but, you beat them to it, “Absolutely. We can speak out on the balcony.” you say, before making your way to the giant arch way leading to the balcony.

I turn to her as she comes to stand beside me to look out of Polis and wait for her to speak. “You know, I was unsure of Lexa’s decision when it came to her deeming you fit to the task of marrying my son.” she began, “ but, the more I observed you the more I realized what Lexa saw in you. The commander and I hardly ever see eye to eye but, I can absolutely agree with her decision on this matter. Upon learning, more about you I have decided I couldn’t ask for a better woman for my son.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “Queen Nia, I’m speechless. I assumed that because I was Skaikru you would never approve of me.” You confess.

She smiled and turned to you, “ Yes, it is true. I have my opinions about Skaikru, however, my opinions on you are entirely different. I’ve come to respect you. You think like a true leader of your people and your willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the survival of your people. I saw that the day you accepted to the marriage with hesitation. All to protect your people.”

“Thank you, Queen Nia.” You smile, “You have no idea how much I’m want this marriage to work out. For both our people.”

“I understand completely and, please call me Nia.” She says, smiling. “You will be my daughter-in-law soon enough.”

Maybe this marriage won’t so bad. Though you still have to get to know roan more. Being in a supervised formal setting and being a full fledge married couple. Though if you and the Ice Queen can get along then maybe you and Roan could get along.

Blare Of The Beasts

                                                   -Shikha Singh

Even the soothing echo of rain

Couldn’t calm these dreadful thoughts

Instilled in my subconscious

By horrific dreams

Which never seem to stop


Even my mother’s melodious voice

Humming to me a lullaby so sweet

Remains powerless against those

Howling noises

Which I can not defeat


Even the music of rushing winds

Couldn’t hush me back to ease

Held captive forever by these


Which never let me sleep


Even the crickets at night

And their lovely soulful croon

Fell silent to those

Screaming beasts

Which thrum their nasty tunes


to write about love
is cliched of all
i put my pen to paper
to write a tale
of obsession
of lust
of admiration
of mystery
of deliberate attempts
rushed and hushed
of chances grabbed
and opportunities lost
of everything
that made you
hold me
each time I fell
for you uncontrollably.
—  Asha Seth
I love Independent Women! {Peter Quill X Reader}

Originally posted by collegepsychexperiment

Fandom:Marvel,Guardians Of The Galaxy

Characters:Peter Quill

Word Count:304


Peter Quill drabble where the reader is really kick-ass, and she keeps rejecting Peter until one day she catches him off guard and kisses him?

“BOOM HEAD SHOT!” You shout in joy,as you mow down a group of enemies with your pair of trusty pistols.The floor was being coated in crimson the further down you went into the enemy base.You and Peter were on a mission to infiltrate the ship and obtain some rare artefact,and you were supposed to be stealthy about it.

“This is so not stealthy!” Peter begins to panic,you were given quite clear orders,but you chose to disobey them anyway.

Another guard comes to halt your progress,which results in a bullet between the eyes.”I’m not finished yet!” You heckle the opposing crew,finding delight in their misery.

“God you’re a badass…” Peter compliments you in awe,but you are way out of his league.

“Bite me,Quill” You interject before he got too attached.You gave him a fierce glare too,so he knew his place.

You and Peter progressed through the halls of the ship until you came to the objective point,a large empty room (except from the artefact in the middle of it).It was clearly a trap.

You take off your hat and throw it towards the centre,setting off the laser and alert traps.”Oh no,Peter!” You put on an act as you push Peter close to a door so he could ambush oncoming troops.

“Badass…” He whispers to you,winking.

“I’ll push you in the lasers if you carry on!” You yell at him in a hushed voice.But rush to the offensive for the oncoming enemies.They’re hoarding near the entrance,prime targets for a barrage of bullets.In a matter of seconds the groups nothing but a pile of corpses.

“A little help!” Peter shrieks,being overwhelmed.You quickly dispatch his crowd and stroll up to him.

“Yes I am a badass” You kiss him on the cheek,completely catching him off guard.”Now hurry up and let’s take this artefact back” You order the giddy fellow.

Decisions, Decisions

Second installment of the Demetri Volturi imagine “Seeker,” requested by a great many of you. Details supplied by fandoms4llife. “I was originally thinking something where he gets the venom out, she wakes up in a hospital or something and it’s like the scene where Bella wakes up in the hospital.” This request has been cut to keep future details secret. Hope you like it!

All past and future installments of this series can be found on the “The Story Continues…”page.

The air was stagnant and reeking of antiseptic, a harsh and biting scent that burned the insides of your nostrils like acid with every laboured inhale. You were only slightly aware of your body, of the leaden limbs that rested at your sides like a corpse on display in a funeral parlour, the needle piercing your skin at the crease of your elbow, and the smooth, icy weight of someone’s hand closed gently around your own. Your chest expanded and deflated with your breath, the noise hardly distilling the quiet of the room, a low beep monitoring your heart rate somewhere above you. Your focus immediately honed-in on his silken voice, his one-sided conversation filtering through the air like frost. Through the mist that veiled your consciousness, you found yourself straining to listen as Demetri spoke.

“No, Felix, they weren’t hunting. They’re hostile. One of the bastards bit Y/n because she was traveling with a Volturi guard. Of course I wasn’t with her, or I would have- yes, I’m with her now. The hospital. She was down to a quart of blood by the time she was clean. Yes. No, Felix. Bring thirty,” he paused, the marble perfection of his thumb tracing over the backside of your hand, caressing your skin as delicately as if you were spun from glass. “Hell, bring forty. Ask Renata if she can be spared. Someone needs to be with Y/n while we’re… yes. Tell Jane I will personally hand-deliver her meals for the next decade if she’s heavy-handed. No, they don’t deserve Alec. They need to suffer for what they’ve done. I want them burned by the end of the week and screaming for death until then.” His voice, which had raised a fraction in volume, returned to its careful hush, his breath rushing from his lungs as he collapsed in on himself, his steady exhales ghosting gently against your hand as he bowed his face over your body. “No, yes, she’s had a transfusion. She smells horrible- well, different. Wrong. This isn’t a joke, Felix. She could be dead.” Another pause, Demetri’s tension present in his baited breath, his next words darted from between clenched teeth like blades. “What was I supposed to do, let her turn? Watch his venom… his venom, Felix? Stop, I can’t do this now. Please, just… relay the information to Aro and get here as soon as you can. I can’t track them until Renata is guarding Y/n. Why would I leave her alone? Felix, she was just attacked. Just… be quick. Ciao.” The electronic end to his conversation was the last distinct sound to come from Demetri, his hand moving over yours in slow, soothing patterns, your dark world fading to colour as you dreamed. When next you woke, your eyes still closed to the world, Demetri’s hand had left yours in the care of a much smaller, slender hand, exiting with a simple “Renata,” and the near unintelligible disturbance in the air as he raced off to hunt the men who had nearly cost you your life.

Her voice was a gentle hum that lulled you easily to sleep, her hands never once departing from your body, her focus entirely absorbed in keeping you safe from any who might wish you harm. Her icy fingertips grazed lazily along the inside of your wrist, meandering along the thin line of your vein until she had reached the innermost part of your elbow. Again and again she made this simple, sensitive journey, humming along absentmindedly to near-ancient Italian lullabies you’d only ever heard from her lips. This was not the first time you had been locked in the steely embrace of her protective company, and her eerily quiet and wordless presence had grown almost comforting. As you faded in and out of consciousness, occasionally opening your eyes to glimpse the fair olive-toned complexion of the alarmingly beautiful woman by your bedside, your mind was wrapped around a single, disturbing thought. It racked your brain like steel over soil and tormented your mind, fizzled in your fingertips and tensed in the joints of your toes. You couldn’t help but notice the steady thrumming of your own heart within your chest, an electronic echo bouncing about the room from the monitor by your bed. The chill of Renata’s touch had not been altered since last you had seen her, and the constant dripping of fluids seeping into your all too vulnerable veins was as clear a sign as any; you were still human. Demetri had damn near bled you dry trying to remove the Romanians’ venom from your system, allowing your life to dangle on a weakened and frayed silk thread rather than listen to the words that had come shrieking from between your lips as your body burnt from within.

He had ignored your plea to change.

You faded in and out of consciousness over the course of many days, your eyelids occasionally fluttering open to drug-swirled images of half-familiar faces and a million mottled sounds filtering through the hospital room’s still air. As the days passed, Renata became more and more anxious to leave. She could never be far from Aro for very long without worrying about his safety. As if anyone would make an attempt on his life, regardless of her presence. The man was a god, and untouchable for countless other reasons. You assumed Alec’s company would be more than enough to ward off the reckless. The days and nights faded into one unsightly blur of intravenous needles pressed deep into veins and hospital bed sheets stirring stiffly as they were changed around your slumbering body. Immobile as your body was and slurred though your mind had become, you were aware of the shift in size as one pair of hands, so delicate and frail, were replaced by the wide, smooth expanse of Demetri’s palm. He spoke her name, a promise of returning to Volterra as soon as you were well dancing from his lips, and she was gone with a sliver of an almost inaudible sigh. Your eyes opened, your vision clearer now that the heavier medicines had run their course and been removed from your daily cocktail, Demetri’s violent crimson irises coming into view, his hand deftly clasping over your own. His gaze fell to meet your eye, his skin glowing strangely beneath the fluorescent lighting despite the obvious flush his recent hunts (both vampire and human) had caused to blossom in the swell of his lips and the apples of his cheeks. He parted his lips to speak, but your voice, uneven and crackling from lack of use, overthrew the silence that had stagnated within the room.

“What did you do?” you accused, your eyes burning with livid tears, watching Demetri’s expression fall to one of extreme guilt. He spoke your name, a beginning to a long-winded lecture, but you overpowered him once more, your hand retracting from beneath his hold, abandoning the company of his palm. “Why? Who gave you the right, and after you asked me! You can’t just take liberties with someone’s life like that, with my life, Demetri! It was my choice, you even said so yourself, and you deliberately-” His voice fluttered to an understandable volume, his tone working to hush his words from the possible intrusion of an eavesdropping nurse.

“I had to. You don’t understand, you couldn’t possibly understand… if you had seen yourself as I had seen you, writhing on the ground, your blood saturating the soil…” he paused briefly, aware of your desire to interrupt him, his jaw clenching with the painful extent of his memory. “I couldn’t watch you go through that, not in that way. I couldn’t bear it.” You scoffed, your throat scratching painfully. It had been quite some time since water had entered your body through any mode outside of a tube, and your throat was suffering for it.

“What, are you going to pretend it was because you couldn’t bear to see a human in pain? Did your diet change in the, what, ten minutes you were gone? And I thought you didn’t like the Cullens, Demetri. Count me surprised.” You hissed, watching your lover’s features twist and contort with frustration as you all but bit into him with your words. His eyes, which had lowered during your speech, snapped up to meet your own, his irises hardened into sinister garnets, though the emotion behind his eyes remained pained and broken. His lips pursed into a thin, aggravated line, his words seething through clenched teeth.

“It isn’t about that. You know it isn’t about that, it never was. It’s-” You jumped in, your volume raising by clicks as Demetri continued to refuse to admit his guilt and wrongdoing. If you had to work hours to milk an apology out of him, you would. You had considerably less time than you would have had if the venom had spread, but Hell, you had time.

“What is it, then? Did you not want me to turn? Did you forget that Aro is all but chomping through the bit to lock-down my immortality or turn me into a buffet, or were you too absorbed in the fact that you don’t want me around? Those are the signals you’re broadcasting, Demetri, so pick one out for me so I can think about something else.” You paused, watching his expression soften as the pain so potent within your chest leaked into the windows of your eyes. “I love you, Demetri. I won’t ever love anyone more than I love you. My heart is already full to bursting, so I can’t imagine there ever being someone else that makes me… why isn’t that enough for you? How am I not enough?” Demetri’s hand closed over your own. You retracted once, weakly, and relaxed into his hold when he refused to allow movement. He held your hand until you met his eye once more, his frigid fingertip extending to catch a falling tear cascading over the plane of your cheekbone, his voice soft and honeyed in your ear.

“It is enough. It’s more than enough. Yn, it’s-” You rolled your eyes as he fought to talk circles around your inquisition, his voice pained, his brow knotted with sympathetic heartbreak.

“It’s what?” you cried, your tear-bleary eyes struggling to focus on his face, his response voicing itself a mere second after your interruption.

“It’s the venom! I couldn’t have you… I… I wanted it to be my own. I needed it to be mine. It isn’t about immortality or Aro or seeing you burning on the ground with blood coursing from your skin like a running faucet. It has nothing to do with how much you love me or how ardently I adore you,” his hand, wet still from your tears, moved to cup your cheek, cradling your face as he spoke, his eyes as honest as you had ever witnessed them. “I couldn’t have your heart stop because of them. I couldn’t watch your skin harden from Romanian venom, feel your fingers freeze because they decided to attack you. There are a thousand reasons why it was wrong to allow it, but it’s not about that. Hell, it isn’t even about the practicality of my venom on you or the strength of your pull being amplified. I couldn’t care less. It’s about me, and it’s about you, and it’s about the bloody venom. It isn’t some everyday occurrence, biting someone. It’s… it’s intimate. It’s something you and I need to do, not anyone else.” Your teeth ground against each other wearily, your jaw clenching in muted anger.

“So it comes down to possession, then?” Demetri lowered his head in exhausted defeat, rising only after expelling the air from his lungs in an exasperated sigh.

“Y/n, if it was about possession, I would have bitten you when you first walked into the city. I could have wrapped a bow around your throat and offered you to Aro as a gift. I don’t want to possess you, and I don’t want Aro to possess you, and I certainly don’t want some fallen Romanian count thinking he’s got a claim over your immortal soul. It’s about us. It’s a bonding experience, darling. I don’t want someone else taking that from us.” You were quiet then, your heart hammering all too noticeably within your chest. His eyes begged for a response, his hand smoothing gently from your cheekbone down to your throat, running over the expanse of your collarbones.

“You’re telling me the truth?” You inquired, watching Demetri bob his head in agreement, his honesty scribed across his alabaster features, his crimson eyes burning brightly with the intensity of his oath.

“Absolutely. There’s nothing I would keep from you.” You weighed your words carefully, tipping scaled within your mind, hyper-aware of Demetri’s prying eyes watching the wheels turning in your head.

“That’s how you feel?” you pressed, his brow knotting in suspicious confusion, his voice shielded, but honest. He could read you like a book, as clever as he was, but he was drawing a blank as to what you were brewing behind your brow.

“Yes, Y/n, that’s how I feel.” He was asking a thousand questions without voicing a single one of them, his eyes straining to decipher exactly what you were concocting behind closed doors. You inhaled slowly, your words projected by your breath as it rushed from your lungs.

“Then do it now.”

I’d Rather Not Get Arrested, Thanks

Summary: It’s midnight, just a few weeks before Phil Lester’s birthday, and his boyfriend is stressing out about making the perfect gift. Phil decides to take Dan out for a night to cheer him up, and… maybe that means doing some illegal things. (Or, a punk!au in which they do graffiti)

Warnings: Okay, yikes. Fear of death, panic attacks, lotsa swearing, mentions of homophobia and other gross disapproving shit. I think that’s it 

Disclaimer: The panic attack mention in this story is based on my experiences only. Panic attacks aren’t like that for everyone; mine just make me freeze up, snap at people, and give me trouble breathing.

Word Count: 6,815

Look at me, I’m finally posting something. (If there’s mistakes, lemme know, I’m just tired of reading this lmao)

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A Moment Dashed

trees draped in white sleeves, fluffed up
water, cooled, coating each branch,

sun still hikes up this mountain,
wheezing through hushed pines to top

rush to pause, record beauty,

one moment of light glinting,
white snow like fragmented moon,
blue sky like afterglow smiles

before sun flirts, vows warmth
trees dropping snow in wet clumps
pockmarking the snow below

so much beauty dashed,
nothing lasts,
what am I to make of that?