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♫Shape of You- Ed Sheeran//Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

Request:  Will you please do a Sirius X Reader based on “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran? ♡

A/N: @fandomtrash-20 here’s the tag you asked for! I hope this is good, I was facing a bit of writer’s block with it, so I might do a different one later on! Enjoy loves xoxox

The Leaky Cauldron is filled with light conversation and eccentrically dressed individuals scattered over the mismatched chairs, their hushed, rushed words filling the room. The air is slightly stuffy, cigarette smoke curling in all corners as occasional yells directed at the barmaid zoom through the dimly lit space.  
Y/N enters, the familiar smell of smoke and aging wood filling her nostrils and bringing a smile to her face. She takes a deep breath and takes four eager strides towards the bar, taking a seat on a shabby, olive coloured stool and giving the bartender a friendly wave. The bald, cheerful man gives her a happy wave before putting a glass of nettle wine in front of another customer and walking towards her.

“Well hello, Y/N! It’s been a while! Where’ve you been hiding?” the familiarity of his voice makes her feel at home as she gives him a grin.

“I do still go to school Tom,” she answers with a small chuckle as she watches him grab a large goblet from the back of a worn cupboard, feeling a slight warmth at the chip that still remains in the thick glass, one she remembers bedecking the glass with at age six. Memories of her father insisting that her pumpkin juice be served in a goblet, just like his firewhiskey, flood her mind, her heart fluttering as the familiar goblet is handed to her over the counter with a wink from Tom, brimming with butterbeer. 

She happily takes a sip and allows her y/e/c eyes to wander around the space, lingering for a second on the back of a dark haired man, but moving straight back to Tom once he began to speak again.

“How’s your last year treating you?” he asks happily, charming a mop to wipe down a freshly washed glass as he leans on the counter.

“It’s definitely not easy,” she says with a roll of her eyes, “but it’s not too bad. I’m finding it quite interesting actu–”

Her answer is interrupted by a familiar, hoarse voice calling Tom over for another shot of rum and prompting her eyes to dart towards the familiar figure. A smile slowly spreads across her face and she leaves her seat, the goblet still comfortable in her hand, Tom giving her a baffled look as she reaches out and lightly taps the shoulder of the dark haired figure he’s handing a small glass of red liquid to. 

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proud of your boy (a lego robin playlist)

“and i already have a catchphrase, ‘tweet tweet on the street!’”

playlist for lego robin because i love him.


friends are family // oh hush! ★ sugar rush // akb48 ★ on top of the world // imagine dragons ★ never gonna give you up // rick astley ★ journey to the past // liz callaway ★ wake me up before you go-go // wham! ★ temmie village // toby fox ★ shooting star // owl city ★ dancing queen // abba ★ we go together // grease cast ★ razzle dazzle // richard gere ★ try everything // shakira ★ tomorrow // aileen quinn ★ i found you // fraser murray ★ proud of your boy // adam jacobs


playmoss || youtube

At your service

I rustle
I’m hustled
Hushed, rushed out
To get
My coat left me cold
I left it
But it’s warmer up there
Up are the stars
And they glitter
I accidentally slipped an eye on you
I snitched a moment of looking
At you
And then
We talked
Out the window
On the windowsill
We sat still
We talked
I laughed
You had to go
You were
Behind the bar
We looked in the eyes
Locked eyes
You’ve got great eyes
I never ordered anything
We were both

A Moment Dashed

trees draped in white sleeves, fluffed up
water, cooled, coating each branch,

sun still hikes up this mountain,
wheezing through hushed pines to top

rush to pause, record beauty,

one moment of light glinting,
white snow like fragmented moon,
blue sky like afterglow smiles

before sun flirts, vows warmth
trees dropping snow in wet clumps
pockmarking the snow below

so much beauty dashed,
nothing lasts,
what am I to make of that?


Tumblr Fic: Hallucinations Part 2

Part 1 here: 

The second time she met her hallucination almost three weeks later, Rey fought the surge of fear that it wasn’t a hallucination but a ghost. One of those ghosts the elders – the old ones with ragged feet and broken eyes that sparkled with dust – talked about in Niima Outpost around the campfires at night. It was a Graveyard after all, they said solemnly to make the scraps of children shiver, and not without reason. She rarely stayed for the stories, rarely stayed anywhere after dark if she could help it, but the hushed whispers rushed back into her mind the minute she spotted the shrouded figure lurking on the edge of her field of vision.

Rey jerked her head up, eyes rolling white, and the hallucination stayed in place. It looked like a thin humanoid, all cloaked and faintly transparent like it was made of shimmering water. A mirage, Rey thought in relief. After all, it was on the horizon, on the top of the same dune overlooking the Graveyard, looking at her. At least it was keeping its distance this time.

“I’m not superstitious,” she muttered. Terrified. After all, she was only a fourteen year old girl (she thought). Someone could cut her a little slack for taking those stories to heart, especially when she stood alone in such a desolate place where ghosts seemed more likely than the living.

Rey plucked up her courage and waved her hands in front of her face. It stayed there, on the ridge, unmoving, so she gathered her scavenged items, packed them up, and headed home a little early. No use tempting fate.

She wasn’t crazy, but she did wonder what her hallucination would do if she tried to talk to it.

Rey barked a dry and brittle laugh. As if.

Sex doesn’t start with a physical touch, it starts with your mind flooding. Your skin aches and your senses run wild and your mouth dances. Finger tip to finger tip, and you begin to make a wordless conversation. The kiss on your forehead is as much as the grab of your hips. You find a quiet moment to look and lay back, and speak again hushed. There’s no rush, no movement, just the quiet moment. It can’t stay because neither of you can contain the laughter rumbling in your belly. Lips touch every part, no inch unloved. You find the ears soft, the shoulder smooth, the small of the back perfect for your hands. Hairs rise, eyelids flutter. Legs knot and unknot. Has it been hours or moments? You find another quiet pause to talk and laugh about something you two heard today. Entire bodies entwined, then separate, then entwined. There’s no wrong connection. Each place of heat is magnetic no matter which of yours seeks it out. It’s like magic, it’s ancient. 

 We’re not machines, it’s beautiful.

Hush Girl, Don’t Rush Girl, Just Bat Your Eyes - Luke Hemmings 

It was late, Halloween night, and here I was, wondering the cold streets of the city. Why? My friends took me to a party, and after one too many hours spent there, I decided on walking home. It wasn’t as creepy as you’d think, it wasn’t pitch black, walking dangerously. The street lamps aided in my safety and eyesight.

My phone was in my pocket, I didn’t want to get it out and have someone catch me off guard. So I made my way, bored, walking in my way too high heels all the way home. The road was empty, as I walked along the just as empty sidewalk. Dressed in my little zombie school girl outfit, with dishevelled makeup.

I turned around, halting my movement. Something in the atmosphere making me feel like turning around, checking to see if someone was watching me, following me. Nothing there, I turned back around, weary of my surroundings. I took a few more steps before I saw something. A shadow.

I stepped closer, bending to take off my shoes just in case I needed to make a run for it. The shadow was tall, looking like a person, I thought about crossing the road and walking past him that way. Stepping a little closer, before moving to the side of the road. He was about 20 metres from me, far enough that it didn’t seem like Ii was purposely avoiding him.

Stepping into the road, a hand wrapped around my arm, pulling me back into a body. My thoughts being the person I thought was following me as I let out a scream. A hand encasing my mouth, didn’t help the panic surging through my body. Just as I was forced to step back onto the concrete, a car without headlights went speeding past. If I wasn’t pulled by whom ever was behind me I’d be surely dead.

I turned in the mans arms, pushing him backwards. He managed to let go of me and just stood in front of me. His face was dark, a black hoodie pulled over his head. “Who are you and what do you want?”
“Luke, and don’t I get a thank you? I just saved your life Y/N,”
“I- How do you know my name?”
“No thank you?”
“Thank you, but how do you know my name?”
“Secret.” He whispered and put a finger up to where his lips should be.

He turned and began to walk off, I noticed the shadow I was avoiding before was gone, and that it had the same body as this ‘Luke’ guy. My main question was now, how did he move so fast?
“Hey! Who are you?!” I shouted at Luke and grabbed his hand in mine, stopping him from moving any further away from me.
“I told you, I’m Luke,”
“Then my next question is, what are you?” I reached up, pushing his hoodie off his head to see his face. I was shocked at what I saw, a loud gasp leaving my lips.

Luke pulled the hoodie back over his head, enclosing his face in darkness again. His eyes were black, half of his face wasn’t even a face, but a skull. “What are you?!”
“Baby, you don’t want to know,”
“Why not?”
“You won’t be able to sleep for a month,”
“Tell me,” he let out a deep sigh before answering.
“A demon.”

“A- A demon?”
“Yes, a demon,”
“I- Aren’t you supposed to be evil, why did you save me?”
“Demons are fallen angels babe, I’m good at heart,”
“If you were good you wouldn’t be a fallen angel, would you?”
“I’m good for the ones I care about, the ones I love.”

“So why save me?”
“Haven’t you felt a little strange lately?”
“I know, I’ve been watching you,”
“That makes me feel way better.” Sarcasm thick through my words.
“I’ve been watching over you, making sure you stay safe, stay alive,”
“But why?”
“I’m drawn to you,”

Luke ended up walking me all the way home, and I made sure my door was locked and all my windows, making sure no one could see in, I finally thought it safe to sleep. But my mind kept wondering to Luke, and why me.

*not my picture. also i just wanted to do something since its halloween and this was not planned or my best. also my outfit (for a 4 hour job) is so great, even though someones gonna get a flash of my bum yolo

Chapter 3 - What Happens in Vegas?

A Richonne FanFic Series

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

“YOU DID WHAT?” Andrea yells.

“Hush!” Michonne says rushing towards her office doors, she glances outside into the hallway before pushing the door shut and turning to face Andrea.


“Don’t yell at me.”

“Wait… wait… I am trying to understand this… you went to Vegas and did the most cliché thing anyone could possible do.”

“I know… I know,” Michonne says plopping down in one of the two arm chairs situated in front of her desk. She leans her head back against the seat and looks up at the ceiling with her arms spray across the arms of the chair.

“Michonne… I don’t get it. You are one of the most sensible…intelligent… pragmatic person I know. I mean… this is some shit I would do.”

“I know… I know.”

“This is really fucking irresponsible as well as fucking stupid and –”

“I KNOW!” Michonne snaps, sitting straight up in the chair. Andrea looks at her, eyes wide but says nothing. Michonne sighs, her shoulders slump against the chair as she looks back up to the ceiling. “I’m sorry…. It’s just…”

Andrea move towards Michonne, taking a seat in the chair next to hers then leans toward her friend placing a gentle hand on her bare knee.

“I already heard it all from Maggie and I am pretty sure Sasha will say the same thing so please… please just spare me the lecture.”

“Maggie didn’t take it well huh?”

“You… you should understand. You’ve been around –”

“Hey!” Andrea cuts her off as she playfully hits her best friend on her knee.

“You know what I mean. Maggie is such a southern bell and so traditional which is not a bad thing but she… I don’t ever think I heard Maggie drop so many f-bombs in one sitting, hell in one breath. You would have been impressed.”

“Fuckin’ A,” Andrea says with a chuckle.

“I just thought you would be more understanding.”

“I am… I understand… it is just I am surprised, I never expected something like this from you… this is more my style.”

“I know,” Michonne says softly chortle, “Imagine my surprise when I saw the ring on my hand. I swear I almost had a panic attack then I got angry and was ready to cuss his ass out but…”

“You ended up fucking him?”

“Multiply. Times.”

“Fuckin’ A,” Andrea says clapping and laughing. She sobers up and leans close to Michonne as is she’s telling her a secret, “So how was it?”


“The sex… how was the sex?”

Michonne toss her head back and groans.

“That bad?” Andrea asks.

“Bad?” She repeats, sitting up again and looking into her friend’s blue eyes, “That good. That great… the fucking best.”

“Better than –”

“The. Fucking. Best.”

“Fucking shit.” Andrea says with wide eyes and matching smile. After a silent moment, Andrea speaks up again, “Can I see it?”


“The ring.”

Michonne bits her lower lip. On her return flight to Atlanta, she realized she still wore the ring. She should have left it with him, with Rick when she snuck out the room during the early hours of dawn but she forgot. It wasn’t until this morning, riding up in the elevator that she realized she never took it off. It felt so natural having the ring on, it seemed as if it always been on her finger. Once she realize she didn’t want to spend all day explaining the ring, when the entire office knew she was single, Michonne regrettable took it off.

Pushing herself to her feet, she ambles toward the back of her desk. Pulling one of the drawers open, she takes out her purse, and removes her wallet. Zipping her wallet open she removes the ring and holds it out to Andrea.

“HOLY FUCKING SHIT!” Andrea shouts, her eyes goes wide as she takes the ring from her hand. Michonne’s heart aches as it starts race at an uneven pace while watching Andrea with her ring.

“Did you help him pick it out?”

She shakes her head no. “We were Cartier in Caesar Place, I was looking at watches to buy for my father’s birthday and I guess he was looking at rings.”

“He did a great fucking job. Fuckin’ wow… this must be worth at least ten thousand.”

“Ten thousand dollars?” Michonne gasps.

“A two and a half carat diamond ring from Cartier… yes at least ten thousand dollars,” Andrea comments examining the ring, “What does he do? Is he rich?”

“I don’t think so… he’s a sheriff in a small town about an hour away.”

“Fuck he must be loaded because… fuck… this ring is amazeballs.”

“Shit… give it back… I don’t want anything to happen, especially if I am going to give it back to him.”

Andrea hands Michonne the ring back and the ache in her heart ease a little as the racing beat slows to a normal pace. Michonne fights the urge to put the ring back on her finger, instead she slides it into her wallet and then into her purse.

“You’re giving it back?”

“Of course… I can’t keep it.”

“Says fucking who?”

Michonne only gives Andrea an incredulous stare. Andrea rolls her eyes as she plops down in the guest chair of Michonne’s office.

“When did this even happen? Was it just the two of you? Where was I? Fuck, I would have paid good money to have been at that wedding.”

“Yes, it was just the two of us,” Michonne murmurs, the image of their impromptu wedding flashes across her memory. Her short simply white dress, his crisp white shirt with the blue tie that caused his eyes to glow. Their vows and promises: ‘for better or worse’, ‘forever and always’.

She shakes away the memories, “It happened Saturday night and I if recall properly you were busy yourself buried under Shane.”

A slow smile creeps across Andrea’s face, she nods her head and licks her lips as she recalls her own eventful weekend, “Yea…Shane… He buried his-”

“Please! Spare me the details!” Michonne says holding up her hand. Andrea chuckles pushing herself to her feet, she moves to stand next to Michonne at her desk.

“So what’s the plan?”

“I am going to get an annulment. It is the sensible thing to do. This… this was a mistake,” Michonne says trying her to believe the words coming from her lips.


Shane couldn’t stop laughing. Abraham couldn’t stop cursing. Daryl sat quietly watching the two men and Rick’s distress. He’s not surprise at his friends response to his news of marrying Michonne in Las Vegas. He just wish they would be more supportive.

“You are a stupid fuck,” Abraham says as he ends his tirade.

“I just… I… I just didn’t expect this… this is… this is some shit…” Shane can barely speak over his eruption of laughter.

“Shit you would normally do?” Daryl finish for him.

He sobers at the thought, “Actually fuckin’ yea.”

Abraham shakes his head as he starts on another tirade, Shane continues his laughter.

“You don’t have anything to add to this?” Rick asks Daryl.

“Nah, man,” Daryl says, after a few seconds he adds, “I think it’s romantic.”

Rick grins at Daryl’s confession, “Really?”

“Yea… y’all been in the same state…what two… maybe three counties from each other for most of y’all lives. Even work with law enforcement, may have even crossed paths a coupla times and it takes y’all to travel across the country to finally meet. I think it’s romantic.”

Rick smiles wider. He didn’t think of it like that, he just knows Michonne is the one for him and that somehow they are meant to be together.

“Fuckin’ Dixon. Didn’t peg you for a romantic,” Shane comments his laughter subsiding.

“I’m just saying maybe this is kismet,” he replies with a quiet shrug.

“You are a stupid fuck,” Abraham repeats, “You really want to do the entire marriage thing again, especially after the cluster fuck of Lori? After what that bitch did?”

“Hey…respect her, she’s still the mother of my children.”

“Rick, the brute has a point,” Shane says, “Why put yourself through that again?”

“She’s not Lori… she… this… this is different.”

“I don’t care how good the pussy may be… After Rosita…. I ain’t never getting married again.”

“If I recall you were ready to marry that girl from Sapphire,” Daryl comments.

A deep blush crosses Abraham’s face before his brows draw together in an angry scowl.

“Yea… but I didn’t because I ain’t a fucktard who got pussy drunk and decided to marry a woman after knowin’ her fo a day!” Abraham spats.

“We actually didn’t have sex until after we got married,” Rick confess.

“No fucking way… You’re such a good ol’ boy… I fuckin’ can’t with you…” Shane says as he starts to roar with laughter again. He bends over and holds his stomach as tears leak from his eyes from the force of his laughter. The ruckus he makes causes several men to curiously look in their direction.

“You’re a fuckin’ idiot when this shit bends you over and fucks you like a goat up the ass don’t say I didn’t tell you so,” Abraham says digging out two twenties from his wallet and tossing it onto the table. He finishes his beer, slams down the mug, and leaves the table without another word.

“What’s his problem?” Daryl mumble.

“He’s still… still butt hurt over the ass… the ass fucking he got from Rosita during the divorce,” Shane is able to get out during his fits of laughter.

Daryl only shakes his head but adds nothing. Rick sips his beer, undeterred by Abraham’s unwarranted anger and Shane’s laughter. He has made his decision.

“Well Michonne ain’t Rosita or Lori,” Rick says with conviction.

“So you gonna try to make it work?” Daryl asks.


“Really?” Shane asks, his stream of laughter dying down.

“Yeah,” Rick says with a nod, “I wish I could better describe it to you all but like I said, this… she is different.”

“What if she doesn’t want to make it work?” Shane asks a question that Rick’s been fearing may be true since he woke up with her gone.

“Then I’m gonna fight for the both of us until she realizes what I already know.”

“Remembering her… this may be a long ass battle,” Shane comments.

“I’m ready for it.”

“Well… I’m with you man. Just tell me what you need,” Daryl adds.

“Same here man… we got ya back,” Shane agrees and then adds with a chuckle, “And if this shit doesn’t pan out, at least you’ll have a good ass story to tell Carl about the woes of Las Vegas.”

Rick is thankful for his friends. He gives each man a head nod as they clink the beer bottle together. The thought of what if Michonne doesn’t want him creeps into his mind giving him doubts but he remember what Daryl said, they are kismet.