hush chip

Thursday, May 18, 2017

5:45 Woke by alarm; woke Adam
6:00 20oz coffee with 1 tsp turbinado sugar
6:30 Start load of laundry; take out garbage
7:00 County Market - Milk for Pies by Inge; 2 scoops Vegan Smart nutritional shake mix with 16oz almond milk; vit D3; vit B12; 65mg iron; multivitamin
7:30 Workout with Melissa - Trail running 6 miles
9:30 Shower
10:00 Season 3 Episode 13 - Father Brown; leftover spaghetti and home made marinara
11:00 Shopping - Sam’s Club, Meijer, Walmart, GFS; 1L water; 2 bananas
13:45 Drop off my groceries at home
14:00 Drop off groceries at Brown Bag - potato chips and hush puppies
15:00 Season 3 Episode 14 - Father Brown; dried mangoes; 20oz green tea with 1 tbsp clover honey; toasted blueberry bagel with marmite and extra sharp cheddar cheese spread
16:00 Episode of Young & Hungry
16:30 Pick up Adam fron day care
16:45 More episodes of Young & Hungry
17:20 Visit Leslie and go over pet care instructions
18:00 2 more episodes of Young & Hungry
19:00 Season 3 Episode 15 - Father Brown
20:10 Season 4 Episode 1 - Father Brown
21:00 Sleep


*Most* people generally associate the fist pump or the airplane when it comes to Alex Morgan and her goal celebrations. It’s the first thing that comes to mind. But for me personally, these are the ones that I fondly remember. I love them because you don’t necessarily expect someone with her demeanor to have this type of low-key swag in them and she doesn’t do these often so it’s always fun when she does. Especially when she put the entire German crowd on hush mode after chipping Nadine Angerer in 2013. You don’t just shush a whole country like that without kinda thinking you da baddest chick on the pitch.

Don’t let her kindheartedness off the field make you think for one second that girl won’t remind everybody who 13 is on the field at a moment’s notice. She isn’t the type of player who talks trash before, during, or after a game, but if you slip up and let her put one in the back of the net, she gonna let you know.

(P.S. It was absolutely 100% me watching the hush mode celebration live on ESPN that year which made me realize I had to go spend some coin and buy this woman’s jersey)

some fandoms have ships with a huge fanbase with tons of cute art and writing and cosplay and the ship isn’t even canon and then we have the tina and jimmy junior shippers who scavenge for art and fanfics regularly and we consists of 4 people and a bag of corn chips 

people from the southern US: literally dying in the winter when temperatures reach below average because our homes, businesses, and cities are not at all prepared to handle it

people from northern US: omg stop complaining put on a sweater